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    A baby Enclave

    Next gen Antara. I read Opel wants it on their platform. (So They can Build it) http://www.autonews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20110226/ANE/110229886/1193
  2. I thought the convert was Astra based? Was there an article Buick was Getting the Astra GTC and Conv? I don't much care for the Gran Turismo concept. It was built on a G6 coupe. I prefer the Riv and Avant designs. There is an epsilon II convertible design for Opel and presumably Buick floating around out there on someone's hard drive. Came across this this morning. Holden Design is penning one of three new aspirational models to debut under Opel badges in Europe So there will be three Aspirational Vehicles. A 2+2 Coupe Cabriolet designed by Holden? Sized Between Astra and Insignia? The 107 wb EPII would produce a Coupe Cabriolet at about 185-6 inches. About the size of this.
  3. came across this this morning. Holden Design is penning one of three new aspirational models to debut under Opel badges in Europe
  4. It seemed that Saturn's product plan got tacked on to Buick. While a few Opel Designs is ok, I'd hate to see the whole Saturn plan welded on to Buick.(not that they are bad cars) Gm was going in a direction with Enclave and lacrosse, I would like to see continue. Soon there will be more Opel Designs then Buicks. I'd hope after Regal,Verano,and GTC, we'll get a couple Buicks. And I hope Nesbitt isn't going to China to further Opelize Buick's design future.
  5. Hmm Nesbit just got shifted to Shanghai. http://www.goauto.com.au/mellor/mellor.nsf/story2/0D10D210B78114E9CA25789C0016C5AE Not a huge Nesbit fan.
  6. I like the Regal, and I would even add the Wagon to Buick. But to me it doesn't have the Fine details Lacrosse and Enclave have. The Regal design has much more in common with Saturns. I also think GME has there own thing going on. While Buick is central to GMAP. I am a huge fan of The Lacrosse design. And the 2 main designers Justin Thompson, and Richard Duff are with GMAP now. Duff With Patac,and Thompson back at Holden. And Gmap has done some really nice Buick concepts. The IMO Gorgeous Riv concept GMAP also has Both RWD/AWD and FWD/AWD platforms to build on. Either with an on demand AWD option would work. Where do you think would produce a Better, more truly Buick design GM AsiaPacific or GMEurope?
  7. I looked up Robert Melville he is senior designer at Mclaren now. Melville did both sketches.
  8. I thought the convert was Astra based? Was there an article Buick was Getting the Astra GTC and Conv? I don't much care for the Gran Turismo concept. It was built on a G6 coupe. I prefer the Riv and Avant designs.
  9. Beyond the aluminum, I expect as much as possible will be shared with the new EPII, and Delta platforms. Everything that isn't rear drive specific. From wiper motors,to brakes,switches...... The VF Commodore should have as many parts as possible shared with EPII and Delta II (?) That would lower the vehicle cost, I think.
  10. I do like both designs in this thread (I think they are different). I like the B pillar door handle. As for platform I think gm has everything they need in EPII (112 in wb) for a grand Touring 2+2 coupe, and convert. Riviera and Velite. They have the Platform, powertrain (w/Haldex awd),Global brand and design talent to make it happen.
  11. I quite like that little detail on the hood. The c pillar and the shape of the rear window. Hopefully the Riv is a standout design. More then just a 2 door regal.
  12. Would someone be interested in putting Lacrosse headlights,and side mirrors on the Riv concept? http://img.get1car.com/buick/821/2007-buick-riviera-concept-coupe-1600x1200-image-2.jpg Then adding Silver accents to the tail lights and a Buck lacrosse type accent bar on the trunk. http://www.automobilesreview.com/img/buick-riviera-coupe-concept/slides/buick-riviera-concept-coupe-2007-08.jpg The second request would be to turn the above concept into a convertible. http://wallpapers.net/walls/buick_riviera_concept_2009_side-wide.jpg using the design style of the Saab 9-x air. Has a pseudo targa look. http://www.cars-wallpapers.net/wp-content/uploads/2008/09/2008-saab-9-x-air-concept-2.jpg
  13. Ghost Dog

    Buick Velite

    [img]http://www.carzwallz.com/images/cars/thumbnails/Buick_Velite_Concept_03.jpg[/img] [size="4"][b]I think the time is right for the Riv and Velite to be built. Velite should be a sister to the Riv. Build Both on the 112 wb EPII, with optional AWD. I would like to see a targa look, with GM europes softop mechanism. Like on the Saab 9x air concept [/b][/size]. [img]http://itwildcats.net/wp-content/uploads/2008/09/saab-9x-air-141.jpg[/img] [img]http://cdn-www.rsportscars.com/images/saab/saab-9x-air-e85-hybrid-concept/saab-9x-air-concept-profile-blue-skies_w800.jpg[/img]
  14. I love the curves,the roofline,the beltline, the reardeck. I really think this should be the size and body of the Riv if it's built. Has anyone chopped a production version? headlamps,side mirrors...
  15. A really huge lineup with a few small volume imports. (My thoughts) 1 Verano 2 Verano GTC (Astra GTC Coupe) 3 Verano 5 (Astra 5 door) 4 Regal 5 Regal TourSport (Insignia sport wagon,optional AWD) 6 Encore (compact Astra based Crossover) 7 Lacrosse 8 Velite (soft top coupe,epII Lacrosse wheelbase,187-190 in length optional AWD) 9 Riviera (coupe epII Lacrosse wheelbase,187-190 in length optional AWD) 10 Enclave 11? Lucerne? I'm 50/50 on if a larger then lacrosse sedan is needed.
  16. Ghost Dog

    A baby Enclave

    2 spy shots, and a photochop http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/news/autoexpressnews/263338/astra_suv_takes_its_first_steps.html
  17. Ghost Dog

    A baby Enclave

    2 spy shots, and a photochop Astra based crossover. http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/news/autoexpressnews/263338/astra_suv_takes_its_first_steps.html
  18. I really like where Buick is at right now. Years a ago when I was a regular (Sonic Reducer) it seemed Buick was the one to die. It looks like Buick has 5 solid vehicles for the near future. With 2 spots in the proposed 7 vehicle lineup open. Options? 1 A Holden based Riviera? 2 An Astra or Insignia sports tourer based Electra. 3 an Astra based 3 0r 5 door.
  19. It's not my cup of tea, but I think Holden would still like to Build the coupe 60. I could see it with Holden's Buick Fascia. It's really a ready to build car, that's been on hold. http://concept.holdencampaign.com.au/ I think the unconfirmed Insignia Coupe would likely be a better fit. GTC Concept With Saab out of the Fold, Thoughts on the Insignia Sport Tourer?
  20. Is there a place for Future Global niche Vehicles at Buick? With the addition of the Insignia, and a future Theta (Centieme?) Buick looks to have strong lineup coming. My question what potential is there for niche vehicles? (Likely small volume imports) An Insignia sports tourer based Electra? An insignia coupe?
  21. The Car on the end looks like it is the Insignia. Regal would be a poor choice of name. It's to old school. Every other vehicle in the Lineup is new school. I wouldn't object to bringing back the Reatta model name though.
  22. I banged heads on this board back in the day for GM to go this way instead of Zeta. I like this car! It just needs a start stop hybrid system.
  23. The Saab Bio Power Hybrid(Both Versions), And The Astra Hybrid showed the Vision Needed. I Think raising cafe is okay. But I would like a DOE/EPA run Fund to Bring advanced Technologies to market. An Automaker would go to the Fund Board present a case for an advanced Technologie. The Board would examine the Merits, and either approve or reject a grant. Its a Win Win. Creates jobs,Brings advanced technologie to market, lowers Fuel consumption,and Guides Automakers in a positive direction. However since the People would be funding a Large chunk. Markups should by law be minimal. All said Technologies would have to be built and sold here.
  24. GM has been on record trashing the Hydraulic hybrid system as "Noisey" and "Prone To Leaks".

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