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  1. I was told back in January that the Invicta being released in China will be the new LaCrosse.
  2. From what I was told the production model looks like a dressed up Acura TL with an Enclave nose. I also heard they are going to release this car in China first as the Invicta
  3. I really don't know how quickly they're getting built but it's been ridiculous trying to get them. I had a dealer call me 2 weeks ago call me willing to pay sticker for a Cocca Metallic CXL that someone actually drove 5 hours to buy. It seems like the ones we get in for stock are usually gone in about 48 hours and the most we've had at one time has been 2. So far this has been the most succesful launch of a product I've seen in the 8 years I've been around the Buick business and I hope they keep the good work up.
  4. From the standpoint of our color selection being too dark overall yes I think they should bring back colors like Silver-blue ice metallic or the Sapphire blue, but my hat off to them for bringing a lighter red to the Lacrosse. I think the Dark Mocha is a great color on the right car. I have yet to see it on an Lacrosse Super yet but hopefully our first one will arrive next week. We have a Lucerne CXL with it and it's not bad looking it but it looks great on a CXS with the extra chrome. The Gold Mist to me is the best shade of beige we've ever had it's been a great seller so far.
  5. Now all they need to do is build more faster. I'm down to 2 stock units and I think the next 5 I got coming are sold orders...not to mention I think we're only getting 3 production slots this month.
  6. The only problem with adding vented portholes to the vehicle is in the present location of where the portholes are there's a second layer of sheetmetal about 3/4 of an inch apart from the outside layer
  7. You're correct they don't go through they're a totally solid piece
  8. Oh that's not the total amount of orders we've taken that's just all we've recieved so far.
  9. No one ever really knows in advance what the incentives are going to be but I agree with carbiz on what he was saying. But if you're wanting to finance a Lucerne I'd say jump on it when they do 0% because I seriously doubt seeing them coming out with a big enough rebate to equal the savings.
  10. I was thinking the same thing. I just head something about it this morning before I got that envelope.
  11. Sure can, this was on a GM Goodwrench envelope so I don't know if it's goodwrench only or GM-wide.
  12. Has anyone else seen GM's new logo? I wasn't sure if this is old news or not....
  13. In the 4 days I worked during the sale I sold 4 Buicks and 6 GMC's. Considering the fact we just became a GMC dealer in May and only have about 35 GMC's in stock...no complaints here
  14. Stoopsbuick

    Used Solstii

    I know our sister store has a silver one used...I think they're asking $26,000 for it...

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