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    Other than long walks on the beach, fine dining, & getting caught in the rain? Is there anything else?
  1. jcgable

    Video of Buick Invicta Concept

    The eerie silence makes me think there might be something to this...
  2. jcgable

    I'm going to hell for this...

    Fred Thompson's wife was gorgeous, and Mitt Romney's sons are beautiful. Mitt Romney was really good looking back in the day too.
  3. jcgable

    Good Bye Buick

    This thread is giving me a headache.
  4. jcgable

    losing weight

    Sounds like a reliable healthy plan! Weight loss is great in moderation, and thats what you're doing! No quick fixes!
  5. jcgable

    So incredibly wrong...

    That's awful.
  6. jcgable

    I'm going to hell for this...

    I was bored in Statistics.
  7. jcgable

    Cadillac Gallery

  8. jcgable

    If this keeps up

    Sorry buddy. Luckily, Melatonin is a pretty safe drug. It's one of the few hormones you can actually ingest naturally and achieve the desired effect. I hope things improve!
  9. jcgable

    After a One Week delay...

    He'd murder me! I don't even like it that much! :-D
  10. jcgable

    After a One Week delay...

    Oh, and is that an RS4? My last ex drove one... I agree it handle's beautifully and has amazing power, but I couldn't help but feel like I was driving a supped up Jetta...
  11. jcgable

    After a One Week delay...

    No worries, I'll give you a REALLY BIG light show... all you have to do is ask!And fly 3,000 miles in addition to finding out where I live...
  12. jcgable

    After a One Week delay...

    Oh, and I spent an hour trying to improve the finish of the colors and the metal to no avail. They're not supposed to look so dull and unsaturated.
  13. jcgable

    After a One Week delay...

    Hey there, so last week I was trying to develop my photoshop skills (specifically my ability to create images with a 3-d metallic finish). To do so, I created a modified Saturn logo as practice. Paolino asked me to try my hand at Buick, and after a week of delay (Hey, I had 2 papers and an exam!) I actually finished one this morning. In all honesty, I don't think i like it. It's a little too different, and doesn't exude the classy yet modern that Buick is trying to exude. I'll probably try again, but until then I present to you: "Jon's Official-Unofficial-2008 Buick Logo"! *Cue Generic Pseudo-Electronica AutoShow Debut Music*
  14. jcgable

    Picked up the wifes Aura XR yesterday

    Good, I expect delivery to my front door sometime this week for my 6 month test drive. You wouldn't want to just hand the car over to your wife completely unchecked would you? I'm more than happy to do you the favor! :-D
  15. Nothing is wrong with polygamy given that individuals are old enough to determine that that is the they want to go in. If an individual at the age of 25, after weighing the alternatives, opts to enter a community marriage, then I support it whole heartedly. The difference between that situation and virtually all polygamist sects is that people are brought up in this culture with no education or knowledge of life outside of the community. They are raised in a culture of fear, and forced into these decisions (if you can call it that) well before they have the cognitive ability to do so.

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