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  1. Those attacks really drive me nuts, although I am now where I can filter out the crap and get the club's website back pretty quickly. Not bad for an amatuer, learning on the fly. We took Tammy's 90 Vette. They show director said they had no C4 Vettes last year and he wanted a good mix. With gas the price it is we decided on just 1 car this year for this show. BTW, our club president told me to take down a couple of pics because they had Fords in them. I guess our show director allowed a couple of Chevy powered Fords in. I figure if they were in the show they go on the gallery. The pics are still up. He's not too happy with me right now.
  2. zhawk

    Z/28 cancelled?

    Well, maybe you don't but there are people out there willing to spend the money and get a faster Camaro.
  3. You still plan on popping over to Reno during Hot August Nights? If so, let me know.
  4. Sorry about that everyone. We had an attack on our website. It took me a couple of hours this morning to fix but the link works now. Enjoy, and let me know if you have any further problems with it. Dan
  5. zhawk


    Sitting at 40, with plenty of experiences to show for it. I'm feeling pretty good about where I am at 40, hey, look at the toys I get to play with!
  6. zhawk

    Hey PCS

    Have faith? If the FBodfather said that I would feel better, coming from you, not so much.
  7. I talked with the owner for about a half hour, very cool guy. He was very proud of his baby and took wonderful care of it. That's one of the best parts of shows like this, meeting the people. Next big one for us, Hot August Nights, classic car overload.
  8. Well, the 08 All Camaro and Chevy show is done and it was a blast. XXX Drive-In in Issaquah is a fun place for a show. Here is the winner of the best of show for Chevys (other than Camaros) Head HERE for more pics. Enjoy
  9. zhawk

    Z/28 cancelled?

    Ask any Camaro enthusiast which he/she would prefer a 69 Z/28 with the DZ302 or a 69 SS with and motor in a SS and guess which one they'll be more likely to choose. The Z/28 was a special option. It was something different. In the words of a man very close to the Camaro program, "Anything can be an SS but only a Camaro can be a Z/28." Don't be fooled by the 4th gens that had the SS as a modified Z28. Look at the history. The Z/28 is still special and will remain so. That's why having the Z/28 being a special edition with more power makes sense, it goes back to the roots and meanings of the Z/28. As for the new 6.2L Supercharged versus the 7.0L, if I remember correctly, the 6.2L is much cheaper to build. Heck, look at buying both engines aftermarket. The 6.2L supercharged is already cheaper than the 7.0L.
  10. Yeah, this is what she does during mu UTAs. She has already informed me that she willl be taking the kids to a show on my unit's "Family Day." Oh well, can't say that I blame her. She told me that she caught some grief by a know-it-all who kept asking her why she was trying to pass our Skylark off as a GSX. The show entry said "Skylark Custom" but he couldn't read, I guess. I just can't wait for HAN, that's classic car overload, and a whole week of it!
  11. zhawk


    Very much worth the effort to find and check out that video, right Camino?
  12. zhawk


    Gotta agree that the Formula is the top pick. You can still get tires like that. Coker tires makes whitewall tires for just about ever classic, vintage, and antique car or truck out there.
  13. You and Kim are in my prayers. Hold on and be strong.
  14. If any comes to damage my cars they'll leave in a lot of pain, if they leave under their own power at all. I have had the "why do you drive a gas guzzler" conversation at work, only to prove that my Vette got better mileage than what they were driving. When one of the guys pointed out that I could only fit two people in my Vette, I asked them how many rode in their car to work. Of course, the answer was one. I get about 28MPG in my Vette and the longest I am up to 50MPH or above is about 6 miles, that's in a 27 mile commute. We average about 23 right now in the 95 Z/28. We haven't had Tammy's new Vette long enough to know what kind of mileage it will get in the long run. The 1st tank averaged about 22MPH (that included a bunch of having fun and Tammy learning shift points, both for economy and power). I don't think that it will get as bad as your dream Cort, unless gas shoots up to $10/gal incredibly fast, like this year or next, and the economy falls into a real depression. Even then, most of us enthusiasts will turn to more economic vehicles for our daily drivers. Our 'toys' will become a reminder of better days. As for choices in living locations, I am pretty happy where I am. Most of this area has a zoning rule of 1 house per 5 acres for new construction. Our place has a rule of no subdividing and all of the plots are around 1 acre. We have 1.1 acres ourselves. I know that zoning laws can change but even the eco-freaks don't want it more crowded out here. This way there are lots of trees and green zones. It makes for a nice balance and living conditions. Personally, I could not live comfortably in the city or in any of the new housing developments I see springing up around Tacoma and Seattle, the houses are too close together. Might as well build condos with excellent common facilities.
  15. I'm not going to go into right or wrong on the rant that started this all, I'll just say this about it. Everyone needs to let off steam once in a while and as long as they don't let it turn into long lasting blind hatred then give people the benefit of the doubt and let them return to reason as they cool down. As for the financial comments posted though, I have been somewhat on both sides of the coin here. I grew up in a household that knew what it was like to wonder where the next meal would come from or if it would come at all. Both of my parents worked, and worked hard, to try to make ends meet. Now, I make enough to ensure that won't happen to my kids (and I am very grateful) and with Tammy working, together we earn pretty close to 6 figures. I have worked hard to get where I am at and spend quite a few nights working hard still. Being an Aircraft mechanic pays pretty decent, even working for the government (Civilian working for the Air Force), but I earn my pay. All of this means that I can understand the frustration known by those who have little or nothing, as well as know how it feels to be somewhat comfortable financially. Everyone, hating (or holding a grudge) against those who have made themselves a decent life is worthless, it may be hard but most anyone can improve their lot in life. I am pretty decent proof of that. Take care all.

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