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  1. 1 hour ago, trinacriabob said:

    Tomorrow, June 4, is National Donut Day.

    Mark your calendars, gents, and scour your local deals.

    I'm surprised my Dunkin Donuts app hasn't been blowing up

  2. 14 hours ago, smk4565 said:

    The tri-motor Cybertruck tows 14,000 lbs and has 3500 lb payload.  Lightning tows 10,000 lbs and payload of 2,000.  And Cybertruck does 0-60 faster than a Ford GT.

    The Lightning tows 10,000 lbs standard. Meaning there is no need to spend $100k just to get that tow rating. 

    Beyond "brisk", truck buyers don't care about 0-60 or else they wouldn't be buying diesels. 

    No one is going to buy a Cypertruck to tow their horse trailer. A large Airstream maxes out at 10,000 lbs, but the most common ones are just under 8,000.  A car trailer only weighs about 1,200 lbs plus the vehicle on the trailer... so a Lightning could tow another Lightning on a trailer. 

    Try to get some perspective of how much 10,000 lbs is and what people are going to be pulling around.  Someone needing 13,000 lbs. regularly is probably going to get a 250/2500 series truck.

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  3. On 5/20/2021 at 3:36 PM, Robert Hall said:

    Length and wheelbase look similar, the new one looks taller--mostly wheel/tire size, I'd assume..though the nose looks taller. 

    The nose is taller on the new truck as a mechanical design decision. I spoke with a GM rep pretty high up when the current trucks came out.  The height of the nose was done like that for two reasons. 1. It allowed them to move more of the dirty bits forward away from the cab to improve cab interior room. It also allowed for doing this with longer/taller I-6 engines. 

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  4. 57 minutes ago, David said:

    Really liking this Anti-Matter Blue Paint Job.

    2022 Ford® F-150 Lightning Electric Truck |All Electric and All F-150


    That would be the color I get.

    16 minutes ago, smk4565 said:

    To non- pick up buyers the Tesla name crushes Ford.  The Ford badge means something to people that already have an F150.   But to people that weren’t already going to buy a Ford or don’t already have an F150, Tesla still has “it” factor.  And the Cybertruck tri motor is faster, has more range and tows more.  The Cybertruck is even faster than the Ford GT.

    A lot of EV’s have a 6,000 lb gvwr because the batteries are so heavy.  

    Ford sells nearly a million f-series a year. They just covered their flank from Tesla with this vehicle. Baring any technical issues, Ford has nothing to worry about from Tesla in this market segment.

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  5. 52 minutes ago, ccap41 said:

    "Of course, that capability won't be available on the $41,699 base truck. You'll need to spring for the extended range model and its dual onboard charger system that can cram electrons into the (larger) battery pack at a rate of 19.2 kW. (Ford claims this system is an industry first.) Buyers will also then need to own a home into which an 80-amp Ford Charge Station Pro bi-directional charger can be installed."


    Cool! I upgraded my service to 200 amp a few years ago with the anticipation of this eventuality. I don’t think I need the full 80 amp charger though. A regular level 2 would be enough for my needs.

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  6. 6 minutes ago, Robert Hall said:

    I like how normal it looks for an EV...looks better in the details than the regular F150, IMO.   They did do some fancy detailing like the front and rear lighting, but they didn't go aggressively weird like other automakers do with their EV models.

    This. I like how you can pretty much tell that it's an EV, but that it also looks "normal"..... certainly doesn't hurt that it looks handsome too. I like this significantly better than the current gasser F-150 in appearance. The latest F-150 refresh made it look awkward and ugly up front even though it was a fairly minor change. There aren't really any trucks that I find super attractive right now, and this one is by far the best of the bunch lookswise.

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  7. On 5/13/2021 at 5:55 PM, smk4565 said:

    The Tesla brand image is 10 times better than Ford’s.  No Ford product past, present or Future could sell for even money with a Tesla.  

    Not in the F-150 segment Tesla isn't. There isn't a truck out there that has more goodwill than the F-150, only the Silverados, Sierras come close, and from a luxury perspective there is also the Denali and Hummer.

    This F-150 Lightning will absolutely cream the Cybertruck. If my parents weren't on the verge of selling their business and retiring, I could see talking my mom into one of these as her King Ranch is passing 350k miles and just had a transmission rebuild.  Plug it in at home and plug it in at the shop and she'd always have all the range she'd ever need.

    I could see myself buying one of these also in a few years. I like the Rivian (I'd buy the SUV anyway because I'd keep the Avalanche), but this is far more usable as a truck.  Plus, there's the EV tax credit AND because it's over 6,000 lbs GVWR you can write off $25,000 the first year. For businesses (of which I'm starting another), that's a potential $40,000 write-off the first year on a truck that base prices at $39,995!

    @balthazar- that reminds me, check with your accountant about that write-off for your new truck.

    1 hour ago, David said:

    WOW, Just realized I posted the latest videos and updates on the F-150 Ford Lightning truck in the e-transit channel.

    @Drew Dowdell I tried but do not have the ability to move my two comments to this thread. Can you please move them?


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  8. We all have our different likes and dislikes, and our vast difference of opinion, however I know I can count on all of you to join me and as a community spanning nearly 20 years in offering our thoughts and condolences to our friend @Paolino who lost his fiancé suddenly and unexpectedly yesterday. 

    We are all thinking about you Paulie.

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  9. On 4/28/2021 at 1:04 AM, David said:

    Ford has admitted that the last couple of decades were anything but Quality is Job 1 at Ford and with 2021 models having numerous problems, Ford is coming out in talking about how they are changing this to get back to Quality is Job 1 as a reason for customers to buy Ford products and they point to the Mach-E and F-150e truck as the new standard.

    The nightmare of launch for the Lincoln Aviator and Ford Explorer are to be a thing of the past.

    How Ford's making sure quality is Job 1 once again - Roadshow (cnet.com)

    I’ll believe it when I see it

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  10. 2 hours ago, balthazar said:

    This HAS to be a joke. You literally pay for the hardware & software, you OWN it... but it doesn't 'work' unless you pay again. 


    Screen Shot 2021-04-27 at 10.08.48 PM.png

    BMW already tried this with Apple CarPlay, failed, and ended up giving it out for free with the car.... and that arguably might have some merit to it because then you'd be paying for updates etc....    what updates do I need to heated seat software though? It has 4 settings.. high, medium, low, and off. 

    Edit: I Do see merit for charging a subscription for SuperCruise however (and Cadillac does after I think 3 years) because it costs GM an enormous amount of money to keep the LIDAR maps up to date.  I could see GM eventually partnering with another company (Honda for Acura is the first to come to mind) to sell the LIDAR data for other autonomous systems. 

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  11. 16 minutes ago, balthazar said:

    Probably go with 3.29% / 72 months due to also getting the $5K purchase allowance. That lowers the finance amount / total financed. I can get 0% /72 but lose the 5 grand (and the monthly therefore is slightly higher). Same case with 1.9% / 84 month {shudder}- lower finance charge but higher total payments (due to longer loan).

    sales dude said my credit is better than 90% of their customers - nice to hear.

    Pro Tip: Take the $5k at whatever rate and then immediately refinance with DCU.org at 1.49%.  That rate maxes out at 72 months I think, so you'll cut your interest by more than half. 

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  12. 18 hours ago, balthazar said:

    I'm going to be putting 'some cash' down, brings the calculated 72-mnth payment to around $540. I'm not nuts about that because we've never had a car payment over $250 here. 
    When I sell the '04, going to put that money toward the principal on the '21 - don't know if the monthly gets recalculated or the loan just ends sooner. 

    What's your interest rate?

  13. 2 hours ago, balthazar said:

    Yes; it runs off the center 2bbl. End carbs have no idle circuits/choke, only come online at about 75% throttle.
    'Progressive' opening via mechanical linkage (was originally vacuum actuated, but no one wants that system now).

    A Q-Jet is a 2bbl that adds 2 more bbls. Try-Power is a 2bbl that adds 4 more bbls. 😁 


    A Q-jet is commonly 750 cfm, Buicks, Cadillacs & a handful of hi-po GMs had 800 cfm.
    There was a hyper-uncommon 850 cfm Q-Jet, probably a RA IV or L88 piece.
    This tri-Power is 883 cfm.

    The 800 cfm is all Q-Jets after 1972. But the big difference is that the secondaries are twice the size of the primaries.

    Not that 800 cfm even matters on my engine with tiny valves and manifold.

    Thats interesting that it takes you two additional carbs and four additional barrels to beat an ‘81 e-Qjet in CFM 😉

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  14. 45 minutes ago, balthazar said:

    Tri-P loosely assembled to check fitment and that everything looked correct. Nice, don’tcha think? 


    Choke only on the center?  I've never studied how tri-carb setups even work.  I assume that it opens all three at the same time when you step on the pedal... not progressively opening additional carbs as you give it more pedal like a QuadraJet does.

  15. 3 hours ago, ccap41 said:

    Oh I believe it. It just LOOKS like a high strung bike but, more than likely, it would strictly be a toy to me so there wouldn't be much commuting anywhere with it. There probably are computer settings for "comfort" driving through that would likely soften up the throttle and make it easier or calmer when just commuting. There's probably a "rain" setting that really softens the throttle up. 

    I need to worry about a garage before getting a bike...unfortunately... 

    The 2020+ R nine T has those settings... I do not.  But I think his Ducati is old enough that it also doesn't have those settings... I want to say his is a '15 or '16?  Not sure. 

  16. On 4/15/2021 at 1:39 PM, ccap41 said:

    The Yamaha would be last on my "want" list but I'd have to at least give it a thorough look before actually crossing it off. 

    Yep, anything European is going to be a little pricier to repair/maintain but they just have so much more character than Japanese bikes. I'd sacrifice the money for what the European bikes offer, even if they're slower around a track or in a straight line. I'm not good enough to care about that stuff and I'm not buying a supersport anyway.

    A Streetfighter would be pretty much THE top of the list but I know if I was buying, it wouldn't be that price bracket. Then again, it would be tough to turn down a Speed Triple so I'd have to look at those two closely. the Streetfighter might actually be too sporty than what I'd want. 

    And, in all honesty, your bike would be high on the to-ride list if my price range would be higher as well.  Naked and sporty are my sweet spot.

    I let my friend with the Streetfighter ride the r nine t and now he's considering trading for one.  His issue with the Ducati is that he finds it hard to ride calmly.... he can't just go out and cruise because the bike wants to go fast all the time.  That's a problem if you just want to commute to work on your bike a couple of days a week because it make the commute exhausting.   I've taken the bike to work 4 times now and it's just perfect. It is completely happy just puttering along at moped speeds while we slog our way through suburban rush hour traffic.... and when I want to pull on the throttle it's ready to go fast.

    You can get on my bike at a lower cost, mine only cost what it did because of what I was looking for. But you can get a 2014 R nine T original (lower to the ground, higher end suspension, higher end brakes, more instrumentation, shorter rake) for $8,280. Or you can get a 2018 R nine T Pure (my bike, lower to the ground, shorter rake) for $9,250, but this one has upgrades, including one that I plan to do which costs about $700. Mine was $10,900, but it only had 2,600 miles (hit 3,000 last night) and also has upgrades like the wire wheels, heated grips, and stability control. The seller also threw in the bag + mount, phone mount, and a throttle lock. I feel like I got a fair deal because even though I plan to do upgrades, absolutely none are necessary like that bag + mount would have been had I bought it without. 

    I've had it at speed now that I agree with the reviewers that more higher gears would be good.

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