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  1. Just heard the other day that the plant was going to shut down in early Feb. Then the production of the denali was to start. Dont know how much sense it makes or how true came from a sales manager at the dealer. I know we usually know more but this guy breaks the mole... He knew about the 2010 acadia rear power shade getting deleted!!!! No one else knew there was even a shade.. Just wanted to pass along this usless info..
  2. Ok I am SORRY. Maybe it was just my timing but it came across sarcastic. Again I am very sorry!!! Thank you for your response
  3. any new updates on the rest of the line? Usually can find it on the web, but so far nothing. Interested in changes on the tahoe
  4. Just read the 2008 STS press release and it is in there also. Both features are going to be available on the 2008 STS. I am guessing by this info that all the 2008 Cadillacs wouls have this available. Just guessing though!!!!
  5. Why wouldn't this be standard on all Cadillacs!!!! Brand new CTS coming out but skipping out on technology. I am a GM fan owning 2 GM's but starting to get a little leary with some of there choices. I am holding out for a 2008 Escalade and a new car. Was thinking of getting new CTS( currently have 2004 cts) but I am getting more and more leary of GM
  6. Mgoblue2


    I have heard a Denali version is planned and going to be released around the time of the Enclave. As to what this adds Ihave no idea. I would guess a bigger engine 5.3 or so and honeycomb grill, and mono color for the exterior body. Those are just guesses. Hopefully GM does make little upgrades here and there to keep these vehicles as top of the class!! (FOR ONCE)
  7. Mgoblue2


    I just read in MT that the 08 had a 40 gig hard drive. I ma guessing if GM put this into the CTS, that all the other complaints like bluetooth, power tele tilt wheel and express windows should all be standard finally. I just hope this spreads to the rest of the caddy line up or gm line up for that matter. Motor trend I think did a very good job on the 2008 CTS!!!
  8. why will it take so long for the denali?? 2009 that means the earliest it would be out is cy Jan 08!! I was hoping for a summer 2007 intro!!! a couple of months after the intial launch. It better be fully loaded 350hp w/ AFM!!
  9. When can we expect to see these at dealerships? This year or next? The Denali version might just be what I am looking for. Is there any news on the Denali version yet? Spec? Equipment?
  10. Before a V series that not really needed. Fix the major complaints first on the regular. Add bluetooth, express windows, power tilt tele wheel, AFM, And maybe fold flat seating. This is some of the biggest complaints I have heard to date. I check every week or so with my local dealer in NJ about updates to the Escalade. I heard on CG a while back to expect updates about 8-9 months after launch. While a V series would be cool, I think they should work on the more important issues right now.
  11. I agree merger is a bad idea, but working together on powertrains and tranny's is a good thing hopefully!! But can you image the waste you would with these two hugh companies merging!! And product overlay, which would last the F150 or Silverado??
  12. Mgoblue2

    New NG CTS Pic

    That looks very well put together. Kind of weird since it's not supposed to be released until late next year.. Maybe we will see a early launch maybe summertime?? Interior looks a hundred times improved Now hopefully they don't leave little things out like in the escalade!!
  13. Does anybody have any new or info on the upgrades? When?

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