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    Chevy Volt Revealed!

    Dumb question : Is there an "industry standard" for the recharging infrastructure?? Toyota is installing 100 recharging points in London in a JV with EDF - will the be able to recharge GM's cars as well? someone better check up on this sharpish
  2. SimonDavid

    Chevy Volt Revealed!

    Toyota already working on EV recharging infrastructure in Europe..... http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/8b163e1c-7f8c-11...0077b07658.html
  3. The first Lotus Cortina was 1964 wasn't it? 16 valves 4 cylinder Personally Id love to see Triumph come back but not sure what's in it for BMW - how would it stretch their range? Who would buy a TR who wouldnt buy a "Z2"?
  4. SimonDavid

    GM maverick manager John Rock dies

    John Rock was at Holden in the 70s There's a famous story of him addressing a dealer convention, and telling them he likes cars that "perform like a woman who could suck the chrome off a tow-ball"
  5. SimonDavid

    SPY SHOTS! 2010 Cadillac BRX

    Could be useful in Europe Over here the RX hybrid is something like half of Lexus's total volume - that's what has really driven there development, expanded their dealer network
  6. SimonDavid

    Up Close with the Chevy Volt National Tour

    Really dumb question What about all us people (like 90% of people here in Europe) who live in an apartment or terrace house with no allocated parking and end up parking down the street wherever they can find space? Very Long extension cord needed....
  7. And in Europe everyone thought that Ford Mondeo sales would suffer because it's French slang for "my deoderant"
  8. So No Delta 2 production in North America (except for the Volt) - makes sense if theyre building them in Korea + Mexico + 4 plants in europe No GMT355 in NA - Thailand? Mexico? No obvious sign of Pontiac post 2013 Large Chevy built in Kansas in 2010 - stretched Epsilon FWD Impala replacement?
  9. SimonDavid

    GM's Saab cuts targets on way to break even

    I think SAAB after the next generation of models will be the Audi to Opel/Saturn's VW 9/3 and 9/5 share ep2 with the Opel Insignia and a future 9/1 shares with Astra plus 9-4x and you have a neat lineup.
  10. SimonDavid

    Ford to sell PAG: CNN

    It's been reported in all the serious financial press here in London. And Jaguar / LandRover are not included in the mortgage security for Ford's recent refinancing. I would assume it's going to happen.
  11. SimonDavid

    Saturn mulling Diesel-propelled future

    In Europe diesels more than retain their value premium in the resale market. In some European markets it's got to the point where a second hand petrol car is difficult to sell. So that 1000 dollars is not costing you anything in reality, and the fuel savings start on day 1.
  12. SimonDavid

    Cadillac to Debut GM's Powerful New V6 Clean Diesel

    The 5 grand is only a penalty if you don't get it back at resale time, which in Europe at least you do. Anyway what's wrong with simply building it to demand, if youre selling it in europe anyway? Let the market decide
  13. Im thinking the main point of Torana would be to give Cadillac a global RWD 3 series competitor, replacing the BLS. You could also do a cheaper Pontiac version as well (probably a clone of the Holden) to help make the business case, but what Id be most excited about would be the chance to really attack the global million unit a year 3 series / C-class market.
  14. SimonDavid

    HHR Swims Across the Pond

    with a diesel engine, that car will definitely sell in Europe
  15. SimonDavid

    HHR Swims Across the Pond

    Its not that much of a joke Ford sell quite a few Rangers here in London The wide boys south of the river pimp 'em out and get the whole post-mad max urban warrior look happening

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