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  1. If I lived in AUS I'd get one when they're available and write a F-you letter to GM for killing the Commodore
  2. They have lots of Auris badges from here; they can just call the Auris its name: Auris
  3. In reply to the c-pillar comment above; it's Opel, not Nissan I think about when I see the Bolt... I see it coming to Europe as an Opel, just needs Opel-ized fascias...
  4. Would a 4-door Avista make a good Regal? Or could it be a Park Avenue instead?
  5. If it's priced like the MX-5, I might risk divorce and get one
  6. Make it rally-car like and it's a really cool thing to have
  7. What I read on the other GM forum was that the new Opel CUV (NG Opel Antara) was supposed to be the "Opel-ified" Envision, but it was apparently cancelled and sent back to the drawing board... I don't know if that means the US will skip this generation of the Envision, or if it will be imported from China just to add a few sales and have a presence in the segment until a NG appears...
  8. I really like the Mazda 2 (we get the hatch only over here), so I'm really surprised that Toyota could have uglyfied the car to this degree.....
  9. Great! current car is always a pleasant drive whenever I travel to Sweden and get one of those as my rental.
  10. Omega can eventually underpin the CT5 as it is able to support current CTS sized cars. However, that would mean Alpha can be profitable with 2 or 3 Cadillac models (sedan, coupe/convertible and a crossover or two) plus the Camaro. EDIT - was supposed to quote hyperv6 post #23 above but the quote button didn't work...
  11. Newer architecture vs the XTS/Lacrosse's older architecture.
  12. So this was basically the Buick Skylark by another name...

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