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  1. Don't forget about sales outside the US...
  2. ZL-1

    Kia News: Kia's Upcoming Rear-Drive Sedan Is Possibly Named

    If I lived in AUS I'd get one when they're available and write a F-you letter to GM for killing the Commodore
  3. They have lots of Auris badges from here; they can just call the Auris its name: Auris
  4. ZL-1

    Chevrolet News:Spying: Chevrolet Bolt Comes Into Focus

    In reply to the c-pillar comment above; it's Opel, not Nissan I think about when I see the Bolt... I see it coming to Europe as an Opel, just needs Opel-ized fascias...
  5. ZL-1

    Buick News: The Reasons Buick Passed On the Avista

    Would a 4-door Avista make a good Regal? Or could it be a Park Avenue instead?
  6. ZL-1

    Fiat News: Spying: Fiat 124 Spider W/O Camouflage

    If it's priced like the MX-5, I might risk divorce and get one
  7. ZL-1

    Mazda News: Spy Photos: Mazda CX-9 Makes Its Debut

    Maybe that concept is for the CX-7?
  8. ZL-1

    Fiat News: Rumorpile: Fiat 500X Getting an Abarth Version

    Make it rally-car like and it's a really cool thing to have
  9. ZL-1

    Buick News: Buick Envision: To Import or Not Import?

    What I read on the other GM forum was that the new Opel CUV (NG Opel Antara) was supposed to be the "Opel-ified" Envision, but it was apparently cancelled and sent back to the drawing board... I don't know if that means the US will skip this generation of the Envision, or if it will be imported from China just to add a few sales and have a presence in the segment until a NG appears...
  10. ZL-1

    First Drive: 2016 Scion iA

    I really like the Mazda 2 (we get the hatch only over here), so I'm really surprised that Toyota could have uglyfied the car to this degree.....
  11. Great! current car is always a pleasant drive whenever I travel to Sweden and get one of those as my rental.
  12. ZL-1

    Buick News: Rumorpile: What's In the Pipeline for Buick

    Omega can eventually underpin the CT5 as it is able to support current CTS sized cars. However, that would mean Alpha can be profitable with 2 or 3 Cadillac models (sedan, coupe/convertible and a crossover or two) plus the Camaro. EDIT - was supposed to quote hyperv6 post #23 above but the quote button didn't work...
  13. ZL-1

    Buick News: Rumorpile: What's In the Pipeline for Buick

    Newer architecture vs the XTS/Lacrosse's older architecture.
  14. ZL-1

    1987 Buick Sommerset promotional video

    So this was basically the Buick Skylark by another name...

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