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  1. I love it! I wish they would have kept the opera lamp on the c-pillar though. I can't wait to see it in other colors and the CXS version.
  2. So they can work out the bugs. Gotta keep that Buick quality!
  3. Yep. We ask for a tilt/telescope wheel and they give us a heated wheel. I just don't understand these people. And still no navi in the Lacrosse.
  4. I just saw an Aura convoy today here in Milwaukee by the airport...very strange. There were probably 8-10 of them in a row being escorted by the police. They all had Michigan manufacturer plates on them. I was shocked at first, but quickly pulled along the side of them to check them out. I must say, not being much of a Saturn fan, these cars had a classy, crisp, clean look to them...they'll do well for sure. I thought the sides really looked good...like it had a classy upscale look. Anybody have any idea what they were doing here? And I noticed one with the saddle interior...it really stood out!
  5. That fender repeater lamp assembly looks like it could be popped out and replaced with the Lucerne's portholes. Could this really be the foundation for the next big Buick?
  6. I don't think it'll fit in the w-body, but I heard it might get GM's new 3-speed auto.
  7. I have a feeling this is going to be a very early 2008. Perhaps '08 Lacrosse production will begin in early '07 so Buick can get a full two or three years out of the improvements. Remember the '97 Lesabre refresh? It came out so early in '96 that they legally couldn't even sell them! I'm really looking forward to seeing this car. Maybe it'll be my first new car in over seven years! Now one has to wonder if there will be a Lucerne Super. How can the top-of-the-line car have a 275hp V-8 while the little Lacrosse has 303hp?
  8. What's the point of having it there if it's just going to be covered up? Are they ever going to show it?
  9. BuickEight

    Lucerne 2006

    And no more tuxedo blue/shale interior. Stupid
  10. Have you seen a LaCrosse with the spoiler? It does wonders for that cars plain rear design.
  11. I'd say because of quality. The 6-speed is new and will have a few bugs at first. Buick and Caddy score on the top of quality and Pontiac scores on the bottom...let Pontiac have it first.
  12. No S*H*I*T. Now I know you''ll have a hard time doing this, but think really hard about what you just said.
  13. Well guess what buddy...I did in fact spend time in an Avalon. And the motor was in fact noisy. Maybe it had a bad motor.
  14. I recently drove a new Avalon and was completly blown away. I was blown away by how crappy it was...seriously. The suspension was really clunky like a '90 Pontiac Grand Prix with worn struts, and it didn't ride very well either. The Lacrosse I rented was light years ahead in terms of ride quality and just overall solid feel. I'll admit that the V-6 performed very nicely in the Avalon and was fun to rev, but it was quite noisy. It seemed there was little sound insulation and the engine was very "ticky" sounding like an old Oldsmobile V-8 with noisy lifters. The interior absolutley sucked ass with it's poor fit and finish and really nasty materials. The '80's style controls were just really messed up...I was shocked that the climate controls were on both sides of the radio. Just more media bull$h! guys, they control EVERYTHING! They market crappy cars just like they market our crappy president...it's all a freakin' joke.

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