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  1. Hahaha I remember seeing this earlier this year. Freaking hilarious. Don't we hall have a cousin Ravi with a Civic?
  2. Couple of weekends ago I did the plugs & wires on the Malibu...boo V6 engines and FWD! Back plugs literally took me like 6X longer because of these almost inaccessible clips GM put in to hold the wires. This week and weekend, I took the side skirts off the Bu and went to town sanding down the rust, priming, painting and clearing all of the stuff. Certainly not an amazing job but the best you can do with aerosol cans I think! Next week I'm probably going to work on the right side and if I have time the yearly gas-cap rust because GM doesn't know how to properly drain the rain/water/gas that gets in there!
  3. Well I'd certainly expect the low-level Cruze to do better the that. The ECO has proven in testing that it can go beyond 40 mpg. The automatic should get higher in my opinion. After a tuneup I got 35 mpg on a trip to/from buffalo this past weekend (In the 3100 Malibu)
  4. Maybe it's an assembly line problem? These are the same people that were doing the Cavalier's and Cobalt's
  5. Mike The Canadian

    Hey GM

    My first question is how the hell do you keep it so damned clean? Each winter kills my Malibu a bit haha
  6. holy smokes you certainly have to pay to play. Didn't sound that bad until I read the writeup! Certainly something you do over a period of months or years I suppose
  7. Yeah I'm going to miss them too. There's actually a huge aftermarket for them; They call the 3500 the indestructible motor on there. Although over there they only really touch the non vvt (LX9) models. You'd be surprised what these motors can handle! Personally I see nothing wrong with a low output,high mileage motor that's rock solid reliable. Now you either have a moderately powered 4 cylinder or a very high powered 6 cylinder. It seems that there is no middle ground.
  8. I heard something about the 2.5 (I got in late) Have they mentioned the output?
  9. Isn't this thing supposed to be unveiled today? I've been craving more photos!
  10. No disrespect - but you don't "know"; you have the word a "someone" you brother 'used to work with's say-so. None taken. I said myself that this could be way off or not what the person in question was talking about. No disrespect - but you don't "know"; you have the word a "someone" you brother 'used to work with's say-so. But when my sisters other brothers wifes boyfriend who knows a guy in Jersey that has a cousin in Youngstown who knows a guy at the plant who heard from the union rep that there was an issue it has to be true. It is a little soon to cry the sky is falling. The relation is much closer than that and this is a trusted person in our circle. I already said what I'm saying isn't necessarily a fact; I don't want to go in-depth, this is the internet. I'm just saying GM is a company like any other; I just hope they aren't a company like Toyota with regards to this $h!. I seriously hope its not true personally but who the hell knows
  11. I don't think this is an isolated incident. Someone my brother used to work with told him to stay away from the Cruze because of an "outstanding safety issue". He told my brother to stay away from 1st year Cruze's specifically even though the Cruze's manufatured later don't have the problem. He specifically said there is a safety issue with the car with something that WILL fail. They knew about it, whatever it was. If this wasn't it I can't really imagine what it would be. This is not BS on my part, I don't know if this is what the gentleman was talking about; all I know is that there is (was) something wrong with the car and GM knows. If GM knew about this I'd REALLY lose a lot of respect for the company, somebody could have been killed. I'm not accusing anyone of anything, just stating what I heard and it could easily be false because its he said she said type of garbage. Gm better fix this and better make sure it doesn't happen again. There's a distinct difference between a dash rattle, an engine failure and say...your freaking steering wheel falling off
  12. A quieter sports car makes a better commuter car and long distance road trip car. The horrific seats (or so I've heard) probably limit the ZR-1s daily driver usability. Both are interesting cars, though..wouldn't kick either out of my garage.. I would certainly never own any of these for the purpose of being commuter cars. Nor would I take it on long distance road trips where I get to crap my pants at rock chips beating away at my hood and bumper. I personally can't afford either, one can dream
  13. No offense but who brags about the decibel level a sports car being lower? Have you heard either the 911 or ZR1? I certainly LOVE hearing them, and the more I hear, the happier I am.

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