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  1. At first glance, you might be wondering why a spy photographer took photos of what appears to be a standard Bentley Continental GT. But then why would this particular Continental GT have two fuel doors, one on each fender? The one on the right is the for fuel. The one on the left is most likely a charging port - leading to many thinking this is a mule for a plug-in hybrid variant of the Continental GT. What is most likely under the skin is a reworked version of Porsche’s hybrid system which is comprised of a turbocharged V6 and an electric motor. Bentley will be using a variant for the upcoming Bentayga Hybrid, although power figures are being kept quiet. Considering the undisguised state of this mule, we're thinking Bentley could reveal a production version sometime next year. Source: Autoblog, Motor1
  2. It has been some time since we last reported on spy shots of the mid-engine Corvette. Buy a new set of spy photos have come out this week and give us our best look at the next-generation model. The particular vehicle seen in the photos was being tested on Nürburgring and wasn't wearing as much camouflage as previous photos - hinting that development work is finishing up. The front end reminds us of the La Ferrari with a pointed nose, along with a fair amount of coolers behind the bumper. Large side air scoops provide cooling for whatever engine - likely a V8 of some kind. Towards the back, the Corvette retains the fastback shape and what appears to be a separate engine cover - possibly glass. The heavily covered-up interior was also photographed. We can make out a screen of some sort, possibly navigation. There also appears to be a paddle behind the steering wheel, hinting the particular model is an automatic/dual-clutch transmission. We're expecting to see the mid-engine Corvette debut sometime next year. Source: Autoweek, Car and Driver
  3. Ford isn't being too discrete with the upcoming Police Interceptor Utility as these new set of spy shots reveal. It confirms some of the key details we reported on a couple months back such as the evolutionary design, rear-wheel drive proportions, and a tapered roofline. The picture also brings out some new details such as a new front end with a trapezoidal grille, slightly more squared rear end, and new taillights. We still don't know any concrete details on the hybrid system that will be used on the Police Interceptor Utility aside from it returning a combined figure of 24 mpg. Expect the Police Interceptor Utility and its sister model, the Explorer to debut sometime later this year. Source: Autoblog, Motor1
  4. A fresh set of spy shots have come, revealing Cadillac's upcoming CT4 sedan. This will be replacement for the slow-selling ATS. But you might be thinking this is the larger CT5, the replacement for the CTS. Both vehicles are dressed up in similar-looking camouflage and have the same overall shape. We'll admit that we were confused when we first laid eyes on the photos, but Autoblog has come to rescue to by having spy shots of both the CT4 and CT5 to help point out differences. The key difference between the two models is in the back. If the cutout for license plate is at the bumper and a slightly rounded trunk lid, that's the CT4. If the cutout is higher and the trundled is slightly flatter, that's the CT5. There are some other tells such as the CT4's greenhouse ending closer to centerline of the rear wheels, and the size of side-view mirrors. One item that is similar on both models is the influence of the Escala concept in the front - large grille and slim headlights. Both sedans are expected to use an updated version of the Alpha RWD platform. Expect to see the CT4 debut sometime towards the end of 2019. Source: Autoblog
  5. Yesterday, we brought forth some spy photos of a new GMC subcompact crossover. At the time, we couldn't be certain to this as the two mules caught were under a lot of camouflage. But today we are confident in this as a fresh set of spy photos have come in revealing next Buick Encore and Chevrolet Trax. Both of the mules seen in the photos were caught testing on General Motors' proving grounds outside of Detroit. The Encore appears to be taking the evolutionary approach with its redesign. There is still the rounded shape and rising glass on the rear doors. A similar grille design to the Regal is up front. Chevrolet is taking a more drastic approach with the next Trax. The frumpy styling of the current model is out and a design inspired by the new Blazer is in. We can make out the split headlight arrangement and a large grille for the front. Other details that jump out include a wide hood and sharp corners. Its unclear whether or not both models will still use Gamma-2 or transition to the VSS-S architecture. Source: Autoblog, Motor1
  6. "To me, there is more room for SUVs in the GMC stable. An obvious place for GMC to be if it expands is that small SUV segment," said Duncan Aldred, head of Buick and GMC last August. It seems GMC planning such an expansion if new spy shots are to be believed. It is difficult to tell whether or not this is a GMC as the two test mules are under numerous layers of camouflage. But we can make out the brand's slotted grille in the front. For some time, we had been hearing murmurs about GMC possibly building a Jeep Wrangler fighter. But judging from these photos, it seems that it will be a subcompact crossover to compete against the Jeep Renegade and Ford EcoSport. According to Automotive News, the new model could be called Granite and use the Gamma-2 architecture that underpins the Buick Encore and Chevrolet Trax. Production of this new model is expected to begin in 2020. Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required), Motor1
  7. There have been some rumors floating around for the past couple of years that BMW was planning to offer a 3-Series with a fully electric powertrain. Some new spy shots reveal that may come to fruition. At first glance, this looks like a normal 3-Series sedan. But on the front doors, there is a label that reads "Electric Test Vehicle". BMW has also tried to disguise the fact this is an electric by attaching tailpipes, but the spy photographer says its a pure EV. Not much is known about the electric powertrain or batteries. This mule was seen testing with a Tesla Model 3, suggesting that BMW sees it a direct competitor to the 3-Series EV. To do that, the model would need a range of over 200 miles. But sources at BMW tell Motor Trend that the range could be as close to 300 miles. We do know the next 3-Series will transition the CLAR platform that uses a combination of steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber. It also looks like that the design will not change that much from the current model. The next 3-Series is expected to debut at the Paris Motor Show in October. Whether we see the EV version is unclear. Source: Motor Trend
  8. The lengths that automakers go to with camouflaging vehicles continues to amaze us. Case in point, the first spy photos of the next-generation Chevrolet Suburban has hit the internet. General Motors has covered up every surface, including the underside. That's because the new Suburban appears to be ditching the solid rear axle for an independent setup. We know this as a spy photographer found the right spot where there was minimal camouflage and captured it. Why is Chevrolet switching to an IRS setup? It might have to do with the new Ford Expedition which moved to independent rear suspension. A source told Autoblog that Chevrolet wouldn't have fit IRS because it was expensive, but plans changed when the Expedition made a big splash with it. Of course, IRS could have been in the cards for some time. Nevertheless, this setup will help improve ride quality significantly. Engines are expected to mirror the new Silverado, which might include the new turbocharged 2.7 four-cylinder. Source: Autoblog, CarScoops
  9. The Escape is an important model for Ford. Last year, the company moved 308,296 Escapes off dealer lots. But with the announcement last week that Ford will be focusing more on trucks and utility models in the coming years, the Escape will be playing a bigger role. Car and Driver obtained the first spy shots of the next-generation Escape, expected sometime next year as 2020 model. Due to the extensive use of camouflage on the mule, we can't tell much about the design. We're guessing the front end might look similar to the EcoSport partly due to the flat shape. The lone shot of the interior reveals an interior layout similar to the EcoSport and Focus with the infotainment system sitting on top of the center stack. The next-generation Escape is expected to move from the C1 platform to yet, an unnamed global platform that underpins the next Focus. This will address two shortcomings of the current Escape - poor crash test scores and not being able to fit a hybrid/plug-in hybrid powertrain. Powertrains are expected to include the 1.5 and 2.0 EcoBoost four-cylinders, and a hybrid powertrain. We wouldn't be surprised if a plug-in is also available. Source: Car and Driver
  10. There has been a lot of talk about Cadillac working on a three-row crossover, but no substance to this. That changed this week as spy photos of the three-row crossover, possibly named the XT6 came out. The test mule is heavily camouflaged, but we can pull some details out. The front end looks somewhat similar to the recently launched XT4 with a large grille. Headlights appear to be off-the-shelf projector units - we're expecting different units on the production model. Around back, the tailgate design is similar to the XT5. As Car and Driver pointed out, the XT6's roofline shape is alike to the Chevrolet Traverse. Underpinning the XT6 is expected to be the long-wheelbase version of the C1XX architecture, which also underpins the Buick Enclave and Chevrolet Traverse. No details on powertrains, but we're guessing the 3.6L V6 found in the Enclave and Traverse will be used for the Cadillac variant. This would be paired with an nine-speed automatic and the choice of front or all-wheel drive. Everyone seems to think that the XT6 will debut at the LA Auto Show in November, with sales to begin next spring. Source: Car and Driver, CarScoops
  11. We've long suspected that the next-generation 60 Series family would look quite similar to the larger 90 series. After seeing the XC60 and upcoming V60 wagon, we seem to be on the money. But what about the upcoming S60? Thanks to Swedish magazine Teknikens Värld, we have gotten our first look. The publication got their hands on a photo showing various Volvo vehicles in a garage, most likely a test center of some kind. Front and center in the picture is the new S60. The overall profile matches up with the S90 sedan, but Volvo's designers have made some changes to make the S60 standout. The window line along the side has been raised slightly towards to the rear to give it a slightly sporty look. The license plate has moved from the bumper to the trunk lid. There are some other details such as the blacked-out wheels and integrated rear spoiler which lead us to think this is some kind of sports package - possibly R-Line. It won't be long before Volvo debuts the new S60. At the moment, the reveal is expected to take place sometime this summer. Source: Teknikens Värld, Motor Trend
  12. Cadillac's infotainment system has been the bane of automotive writers and owners. CUE has been described as being difficult annoying to use, part of this due to the touch-sensitive 'buttons' which doesn't always recognized when pressed. But it seems Cadillac is going back to basics in terms of their infotainment system. Spy photos of the upcoming XT4's interior have made their way onto various sites today. Underneath the infotainment screen, there are rows of physical buttons for the climate control and various safety functions. We can also make out a controller behind the transmission, which may provide another method of controlling the infotainment system. Other details that can be made out include stitching around the touchscreen and paddle shifters behind the wheel. We're expecting to see Cadillac unveil the XT4 next month at the New York Auto Show. Source: Autoblog, Motor1
  13. We've known for some time that Volvo was working on updating their 60 Series models, but haven't seen either one pop up in spy photos. But this week, a spy photographer has given us our first look at the new V60 wagon. Volvo's typical camouflage treatment is on show with a swirly covering and plastic pieces fitted to various body panels. We can tell that the new V60 looks to follow in the footsteps of the larger V90 with a similar profile and front end. It appears this model is a T8 Plug-in Hybrid due to the opening on the left front fender. Some reports say Volvo could debut the new V60 at the Geneva Motor Show in March. We'll keep you posted. Source: Autoblog, Autocar, Motor1
  14. It has finally happened, the first spy shots of the upcoming 2020 Cadillac CT5 have been released. The first item that jumps out is the hood scoop. No, we don't think this will make it into production as it is likely part of the camouflage to disguise the vehicle. Moving past that, the CT5 takes a fair amount of inspiration from the Escala concept. This is evident along the side where there is a fastback design for the roof and extra rear quarter window. We're expecting an engine lineup similar to the CTS - a turbocharged 2.0L four-cylinder, 3.6L V6, and twin-turbo 3.0L V6. The CT5 will replace the ATS, CTS, and XTS when it goes into production in 2019. Source: Autoblog, CarScoops
  15. It has been almost a year since Audi unveiled the Q8 concept at the Detroit Auto Show. The concept was Audi's take on the SUV-coupe that the BMW X6 kicked off. We've known for some time that Audi was planning to bring the Q8 into production and recently, a spy photographer caught one almost uncovered. The production model keeps the coupe-like stance and narrow glass area of the concept. Up front is massive octagonal grille, long and slim headlights, and faux openings in the bumper. The rear hatch is quite rakish and features a unique design for the tailgate. The Q8 is expected to use Audi's MLB platform that underpins the Q7 crossover. We're guessing the base powertrain will be the turbocharged 3.0L V6 offering 354 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque. This will be paired with an eight-speed automatic and quattro AWD. Expect a plug-in hybrid and high-performance RS model to follow. We won't have to wait too long for the Q8 to be revealed. Reports say the Q8 will go into production sometime later this year, meaning we could see the Q8 debut at Geneva or New York. Source: Autoblog, Autocar, Motor Authority
  16. Back at the Shanghai Auto Show in April, Jeep introduced the Yuntu SUV concept. Designed for the Chinese market, the Yuntu features 3-rows and a plug-in hybrid powertrain. Jeep is going forward with bringing the Yuntu to production as evidenced by a new set of spy photos. Despite the camouflage, there is no mistaking this is a Jeep thanks to the seven-slot grille. The overall shape matches up with a design trademark filing made last year in China with a boxy profile and a rear end similar to the Dodge Durango. It appears the design of the headlights and taillights carry over. A source tells Motor1 the Yuntu provides a preview of what Jeep has in store for their new flagship, the Wagoneer/Grand Wagoneer. The design hasn't been finalized, so there could be some changes in store. The source also says Jeep is planning to offer two wheelbase lengths for the Wagoneer. It is unclear what platform underpins the Yuntu - speculation has it on a unibody platform, likely Cherokee. We have heard that the Wagoneer will be using platform that underpins the Ram 1500. We'll keep you updated if we hear any new details. Source: Autoblog, Motor1
  17. In a couple of weeks, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles will roll out the 2019 Ram 1500 at the Detroit Auto Show. Before this, a fresh stack of spy photos have made their way online revealing the front end. The biggest change is Ram dropping the oversize, rectangular grille that has been a key part of their trucks for a number of years. In its place is a hexagonal grille with a narrow bar and 'RAM' name. We're thinking this could be one of a range of different grille inserts for the truck. There are square headlights featuring some sort of LED lighting. The rest of the front looks to be an evolution of the current model. From a previous report, we're possibly expecting some sort of split tailgate for the rear, along with the return of the RamBox storage system. Source: Autoblog, Motor1
  18. Hyundai's big showing for the Detroit Auto Show next month will be the redesigned 2019 Veloster. Thanks to a spy photographer, we have gotten our first look at it without the camo. The pictures were captured during a shoot for a commercial or a video that might be shown during the unveiling. Despite the blurriness of the pictures, we can make out a number of details. For one, this looks to be the high-performance 'Turbo' model due to large, round, center exhaust tips and faux diffuser. The front end features a smaller mesh grille and aggressive bumper with deep cuts. One report says the roofline is lowered, though we can't really see that in the pictures. We're expecting the turbocharged 1.6L four-cylinder from the Elantra Sport and Elantra GT Sport to be on offer, along with another engine. A hotter N version is in the works as well, but we're expecting that to debut at a later time. Source: Autoblog, AutoGuide
  19. The previous sets of Cadillac XT4 spy shots haven't revealed much aside from the basic shape. But finally, a spy photographer was able to catch a group of them with a fair amount of camouflage removed. We can see the front end has a lot of influence from the Escala concept with a similar grille shape. The front headlights appear to stretch into the front fenders, but don't drop as far down on the fascia. Moving to the side, shares a similar profile to the XT5. The only difference between the two is a lack of window behind the rear doors. Cadillac has the Germans in its sight with the XT5. According to the spy photographer, a BMW X3 and Mercedes-Benz GLC were being tested alongside the XT4. We'll hopefully learn more about the XT4 in the near future as Cadillac plans on launching it sometime next year. Source: Motor1
  20. A few years ago, reports popped up about a patent filed by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. It was a tailgate that could be folded down or split open into two swing-out halves. That patent has now become reality as a new set of spy photos reveals a next-generation Ram 1500 sporting one. Compared to the original patent filing which showed a 50/50 split, the one shown in the spy photos appears to be a 70/30 split. We're assuming this to allow Ram to use the same handle mechanism on this and a standard tailgate. The one item the spy photos don't tell us is how you open the split tailgate. There might be handle on the top of the tailgate, but we're speculating here. There were some other Ram 1500 mules capture who had their tailgates covered up. But they did reveal that the RamBox storage system would be making a return. Source: Autoblog, AutoGuide
  21. A fresh stack of spy shots of the upcoming 2019 Chevrolet Silverado has arrived and we have gotten our first look at the interior. The picture reveals that the blocky dash design of the current truck is sticking around. The center stack design is similar to what you'll find in the GMC Acadia. It appears this mule is running a new version of Chevrolet's MyLink system with a new status bar along the bottom. We also got some new clues on the 2019 Silverado's exterior. It appears Chevrolet is keeping the blocky profile shape. The front end gets new headlights with LEDs and a revised bumper. We still don't know much about powertrains for the 2019 Silverado except that a 10-speed automatic that was jointly developed with Ford will be showing up. Source: Motor Authority
  22. Hyundai has announced that the upcoming Kona crossover would be coming with an electric powertrain and we have gotten our first look at it. A spy photographer caught a Kona EV mule charging up. It looks like your standard Kona with the only difference that there is a charging door on the front. We're assuming this means a solid panel takes the place of the standard grille. Current rumors have Hyundai offering two battery options for the Kona EV - 40 and 64 kWh. The larger battery is projected to have a range of around 210 miles. Expect to see the Kona EV debut sometime next year with sales beginning in late 2018 or 2019. It is unclear whether or not the model will be sold here. Source: AutoGuide, Motor1
  23. We've seen spy shots of the mid-engine Chevrolet Corvette in the snow and at GM's proving grounds. Now, we have a set of spy shots of a mid-engine Corvette at a McDonalds' drive-thru. The pictures were captured by a Motor Trend reader in Cadillac, Michigan (northwest of Detroit). The test mule was undergoing some public road testing and it appears there was a current Corvette and what appears to be a Porsche 911. Despite the heavy amount of camouflage, you can make out some Corvette cues such as similar front-end styling as the current model and hood cutout. The double-bubble roof is present as is a set of new wheels that are presumed to be production ones. We'll find out what Chevrolet has in store sometime next year. Source: Motor Trend
  24. The first spy shots of the production Mission E have made their way onto the internet and those hoping that it would resemble the concept will be pleased if what they see. The photos were taken outside of Porsche's Weissach facility in Germany where a few Mission E mules were driven alongside a Tesla Model S and Model X. Despite Porsche's best efforts of trying to make us think it is something else with paper headlights covering the real ones and fake tailpipes, we can make out various details quite clearly. For one, Porsche is keeping the basic design profile of the concept. The only difference between the concept and this are the lack of the rear suicide doors. The production model will use a new platform known as J1. This electric only platform is different from Audi's C-BEV that is being developed for the e-tron crossover. The powertrain is expected to be similar to the concept - two electric motors producing a total output of 600 horsepower. The battery pack could provide a range of 311 miles on the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC). Reportedly, Porsche is working on giving the production Mission E an 800-Volt charger that allows the vehicle to receive an 80 percent charge in 15 minutes. Various outlets say Porsche will launch the production Mission E either in late 2019 or 2020. Source: CarScoops, Motor Authority, Motor1
  25. A fresh stack of spy photos of the upcoming Hyundai Veloster N have made their way on to the web this week. The photos show the mule losing some of the camo that we have seen in previous spy shots and are able to pull some new details. The most apparent item is a new rear wing mounted the roof. We can also make out a set of large tailpipes and the front grille extending towards the bottom of the bumper, possibly hinting that there is an intercooler hiding behind it. We also got an idea of what is in store for the standard Veloster. Hyundai has decided to drop the split-window liftgate of the current model and go for a regular hatchback. We also note there is coupe-like styling for the roofline. The Veloster N will be the second model from Hyundai's new N performance lineup and the first N model to arrive in the U.S. It is expected that the Veloster N will share the powertrain found in the i30 N - a turbocharged 2.0L four-cylinder 246 horsepower. A performance package bumps power to 270. Source: Automobile, Motor1

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