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  1. OCcarnut

    2008 MKS Spy Pics

    Hertz of course..then we can all listen to the PR spin about the awesome sales numbers...
  2. OCcarnut

    Toyota Tops GM in 1Q Global Auto Sales

    I rest my case. Trust me...if GM could work the "angle" that Toyota is working to with the same degree of success they would. I hope GM can hang on to number 2. Nothing you said is going to save GM or makes Toyota the bad guy. The name of the game is adapting to the rules that exist...if you can't your history. The general buying public does not care about legacy costs or the poor me scenario...too many people face similar competitive challenges in other industries every day at work. Some survive, others cannot adapt and fade away.
  3. OCcarnut

    Toyota Tops GM in 1Q Global Auto Sales

    And who created this mis-perception that GM suffers from?? Did it just materialize form out of nowwhere?
  4. OCcarnut

    Toyota Tops GM in 1Q Global Auto Sales

    I cannot believe some of the posts on here...Toyota arrogant?? Arrogance is what got GM into this situation. Legacy costs benefit local communities?? If the company goes out of business because they are not competitive with competitors and there are no salaries to pay guess what...NO money goes to the community. If anybody on this site found a way to make a product cheaper and better than the biggest competitor and make a fortune doing it...you would do it...but now Toyota is the bad guy for doing just that. I would say that some of the people posting on here who are blaming the media, blaming Toyota, blaming the US buying public should probably realize that they are part of the reason GM just lost #1..that is arrogance. Go ahead..start calling me names...
  5. OCcarnut

    2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee

    i am glad to see that the whip antenna made it through the freshining...I was worried they might move to a more moden, attractive, roof mounted design...the fact that they left that on tells me all i need to know about all of the other corners that were probably cut...
  6. OCcarnut

    LeSabre& Century

    Another key issue is that there are simply not that many good names left. Most good names are already trademarked for use by other manufacturers, or companies within the automotive "industry". That is the reason that we see so many alpha-numerics. When Suzuki launched the new Grand Vitara (I know, I know), they contemplated calling it GV6..not a bad name...almost immediately that was dropped becasuse of its similarity to the Pontiac G6 and GM would have balked. Similar situation with Audi...the Q7 created an issue with Infinity because they have the Q56. So, not alot of good actual "names" are available and even the alpha-numeric names are getting tight.
  7. OCcarnut

    Official 2008 Mercedes-Benz C-Class images

    I'll take the new CTS thanks.
  8. OCcarnut

    Ford Five Hundred to Taurus - Mulally

    I guess Mulally is finally figuring out what a bunch of idiots are calling the shots at ford...it takes somebody from the airline industry to get people at Ford talking about how bad they F@#*ed up the Taurus...I feel bad for all of the Ford employees who work hard to get the job done with no authority to change anything and then have to sit by and watch the train wreck, but FoMoCo deserves the spanking that it is going to get. Sell your stock. Oh wait, no, there is that hot new Lincoln concept...now just give us a few years to "build a business case" and "test consumer reaction".
  9. OCcarnut

    RWD Lincoln Flagship in 2008

    I say that we should ALL IGNORE THIS THING...hot or not. Lincoln has done nothing but tease with concept cars that have no shot at production, nor the slightest hint of "trickle down" of any of the design elements...talk about failure to launch...all they are doing is trying to get people to show up at their otherwise lame ass booths on the auto show circuits....what have they put out?? the MKX, MKZ, the "revised" Navigator L...it is all spin..where is the V8 MKS, oh yeah..all of a sudden the V8 is too expensive, but let's put it in the "first ever" V8 Volvo..makes sense... and everybody, especially the media should ignore it...let them sink until the REALLY build something. who has done less with more than Lincoln? Okay...I am done bitching now.
  10. OCcarnut

    The O.C. Finally Shoots His CTS....!

    What a PILE! Just kidding bud. Nice ride...nice pics.
  11. OCcarnut

    Edge, MKX Shipped Out

    No kidding, the units on display at the LA Auto Show were totally unimpresive...the Lincoln was a bit better, but a both were a let down.The Acadia and Outlook on the otherhand totally impressed me...those were the biggest surprises.
  12. I am a huge Seinfeld fan...my best friend, now deceased, and I always watched it together...so I always had fond memories when I watch Seinfeld..now I am bummed out by the latest events...hard to laugh at it now...
  13. OCcarnut

    Buick Wants to Bring in the Black Guys

    I say build a hot car with a nicely styled exterior, a quality interior, a choice of good powerplant, RWD, a decent residual value so that people want to lease or buy it and the rest will probably take care of itself...no matter if you are white, black, asian, gay, straight, man, woman, etc. If you need a marketing "angle" your goods probably don't stack up on their own merrit...would Madonna ever have sold millions and millions of CD's based soley on the talent of her singing ability? Hell no, she needed an angle and image. Celine Dion, never mind the elderly husband and bad Vegas show, does not need an angle..she has a voice...if you like her music or not.
  14. OCcarnut

    "Take our cars, please!": Aspen/Compass Incentives

    Actually, for DCX the sky is falling. Ditto for Ford.
  15. OCcarnut

    Mark Fields Costs Ford $70k/Week to Fly Home

    I am sure that he is not the only one with this deal. Detroit is not the easiest place to get talent to live, especially when a lot of money is involved...if you are a very marketable auto exec who can command big bucks and don't need to worry how much your house costs, which would you pick...Munich, So. Cal or Detroit?

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    Cars, cars, and oh yeah, cars.

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