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  1. September 2010 Sales: Ford

    I bought a Ford Fusion SE in August. I am 100% on board with the new face of Ford. They have excellent products now and Fusion deserves every sale it gets.
  2. I personally find the front of the Camaro to be really ugly. The profile and back are ok but that front is kind of hideous.
  3. GM Shutting Down 1,100 Dealers

    it might apply to pickup trucks because this is Louisiana, and this is more specifically Lafayette Louisiana. It serves about 500k people and is known as the hub city of the South. It has the largest Academy store in the country and also osme of the largest Ford/Chrysler/Ddge dealers so I wouldnt be surprised if it really was. People down here still buy like there is no recession. I think our unemployment stands at just 3.9%. All I know is, that place and the Ford place move a LOT of product.
  4. GM Shutting Down 1,100 Dealers

    I know for sure that our Chevy dealer isnt going anywhere. It is the #1 selling dealer in the country (in a town of 114k people no less) There are a couple nearby Chrysler dealers getting the axe though, mainly in small towns about 30 minutes away.
  5. GM HQ may leave Detroit

    when you are talking about losses in the multi-billions, a 660m$ hit to buy the center really wasnt much.
  6. how is that right wing, not to mention delusionary? I know plenty of left wingers stocking up on guns and ammo. Its just a hobby, relax.
  7. Fusion vs. Mazda 6, Accord

    One of my friends has Sync in her new Focus. Its a nifty feature, and I can see why consumers like it. It isnt a ford product per se, but it is a cooperative between Microsoft and Ford, similar to many other automotive technologies. that is the best way to spread the cost and make the technology affordable. You can buy a lot of extras for just about any car that will do what the manufacturer offers or better, but having it as an option under the warranty is what helps a feature like this to sell. Its backed by Ford itself.
  8. Fusion vs. Mazda 6, Accord

    ok. My mother bought a 2009 Honda Accord 4 banger on my recommendation (tried to get her to buy an 08 Fusion but she didnt like the styling) and frankly, its not world apart from the rest in this segment. Maybe the upper level trim might be, but my mother had one of the lower end models and while it is definitely an eager, good handling car, its not in a class of its own by any means. I think the upgraded fusion will easily compete with it. And the Fusion also doesnt have much worse of an interior than the Accord. the accord in fact, has several hard strangely textured pieces in it as well, so thats pretty much subjective. I would easily consider either the Accord or the Fusion if I were in the market for a sporty sedan. Now that my mother has an Accord, I can see first hand that the Japanese brands are really not that far ahead of the game at this point, if at all. Its still somewhat noisy, the ride is firm, and the seats can be uncomfortable. Hardly a world beater. But I like Honda regardless. Its a fun car to drive. My heart belongs to the fusion though. Also, I want to add that we also tested the 4 cylinder Malibu and hyundai Sonata. In actuality any one of these cars is ideal for a family sedan. I didnt really see or feel much of a difference amongst them. It would certainly be a VERY close comparison test between midsize sedans now. There is really not a clearly inferior product in the segment now that it is so competitive.
  9. RWD Lincoln Flagship in 2008

    ok, be realistic here. Theres no way the future Lincoln will look like the MKR concept and if it did, nobody would buy it. Its nowhere near practical. that said, I love the MKR and wouldl ike to see elements of it in a new Lincoln lineup.
  10. Ford Five Hundred to become "Taurus"

    I think Taurus is a good name. It has am ixed cachet really. the formerly 500 is a very very nice car, made even better with some suble styling changes and of course that brand new much needed 265 HP V6. This should sell well.
  11. Ford reports record net loss of $12.7 billion in 2006

    theyll bounce back from this better than ever.
  12. Is Ford just junk ? Ford resorts to desperate

    WTF? Ford cars are the best theyve EVER been. Even the oldest models are dated but certainly not junk. the fusion and 500 are NOT junk at all whatsoever.
  13. In Depth: 2008 Ford Super Duty

    This is the best domestic truck in looks and ability. Its just badass. I really like how they lowered the headlights so it doesnt blind people in small cars. All trucks should have really low mounted healdights to keep them at a normal level.
  14. Chapperel GTS

    chaparral is a famous classic racing marque

    1. Altima 2. Fusion 3. Milan 4. Mazda 6 5. Accord 6. Sonata 7. Legacy 8. Verona 9. Passat 10. Impala 11. G6 12. Malibu 13. Lacrosse 14. Grand Prix 15. Optima 16. Sebring 17. Galant 18. Cam- wait.... ... ... ... ... ... Second to last: Chinese cars......Chery last: Camry

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