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  1. That’s a unique way to say “I love you.” Hopefully you’ll be OK with staying just friends.
  2. Fixed your post for you. You're welcome. The H2 is absolutely the reason why Hummer failed. Just because it was initially met with favorable sales — and may have even given some buyers what they thought they wanted initially — does not mean it wasn't responsible for severely damaging the image of the brand in the bigger picture. (See also: Chevy Citation.) Not unlike Jeep, Hummer was a brand that built its image around its military heritage and a reputation for building off-road vehicles that were quality, tough, and maybe even a little innovative. They were also recognized for being
  3. Well, the ads around here are certainly getting... interesting.
  4. Hello everyone. Don’t mind me. Just felt like I should step in here and point out that the owner of an FCA product (that has had, according to NHTSA, six recalls including one that could cause the vehicle to stall out) is making fun of another automaker for quality issues.
  5. Wait... hold up. Hold up a moment there. Your Jeepiat uses a synthetic motor oil, OK sure. But do you think that synthetic motor oils are somehow totally completely free of petroleum and fossil fuels? Because, if so, have I got some news for you! Most synthetic motor oils, like conventional oils, are still derived from crude oil. And that's no assumption, either. Per Mobil Oil's own website: Conventional and synthetic oils both "begin in the ground," in other words, as crude petroleum. The known exception to the rule would be Pennzoil's synthetic oils (branded as Pennzoil Pla
  6. Wait, wait, wait. “I haven’t had to plug it in yet at 37k miles.” What? So energy and resource usage is an indicator of “poor quality” now? Welllll then... In 37,000 miles, you have had at least 7 oil changes and used 38.5 quarts of oil (provided 5,000 mile intervals and the capacity of the engine’s lubrication system, which is 5.5 quarts). You’ve also burned through roughly 99 full tanks of gas (provided an average mpg of 27.5 and the size of the tank, which holds 13.5 gallons). So much petroleum use! Not to mention you’ve spent roughly $3,000 on fuel costs (at a cost of about
  7. Throwing stones from your glass Fiat, I see...
  8. Does a handkerchief come standard in the glovebox with these trucks? A roll of paper towels, at least? Because this truck is gonna drool more than a St. Bernard if it insists on angrily gritting its teeth like that.
  9. lol is that really apples to oranges? deaths (out of the 124 total) caused by driver error in gm ignition switch recall: 0 deaths caused by driver error in toyota's unintended acceleration issue almost ten years ago: probably all of them
  10. how much pot do you have to smoke, how much acid do you have to drop, and how many mushrooms do you have to eat before "network" syncs up with twisted sister? you might want to check into your local emergency room
  11. deaths caused by gm's ignition switches: 124 deaths caused by hyundai's engines: 0 hmmmm....
  12. you are an old man who thinks in terms of nations and peoples. there are no nations. there are no peoples. there are no russians. there are no arabs. there are no third worlds. there is no west. there is only one holistic system of systems; one vast and immane, interwoven, interacting interwoven, interacting, multi-variate, multi-national dominion of dollars. petro-dollars, electro-dollars, multi-dollars, reichmarks, rins, rubles, pounds, and shekels. it is the international system of currency which determines the totality of life on this planet. that is the natural order of things today. tha
  13. if you find that you must flatulate in a used bookstore, and luck should also have it you’re strolling through the horror section, think quick and grab the nearest copy of stephen king’s “the stand.” (if it’s the “complete and uncut” edition, even better. you’ll get why soon.) making sure to act innocently as possible, proceed to drop mr. king’s magnum opus on the floor in time as you break wind. the noise of the 1,153 page novel hitting the floor should be loud enough to disguise the noise of even your worst boomer. as a bonus, if your flatulence should be the result of a bountiful meal
  14. this is the 2023 refresh. no one tell GM i hacked their files to get this. i remember what nasa did to that one dude from the uk who got that flying saucer .jpg
  15. rumor has it GM wanted to go with this design but was afraid of being seen as too conservative as with previous redesigns
  16. It could always be worse. Like, way worse. Like, he could have rented a Malibu.
  17. when you finally make a post that actually acknowledges the bigger picture, maybe it won’t get deleted. also, for the record, everyone who is anyone knows that, if you want a classic casual sit down experience and salad bar induced diarrhea, you sit your ass down at big boy. or shoney’s.
  18. This review is comparing a $40,000 quasi-crossover with an interior crafted out of recycled Cavalier parts bin pieces to a $70,000 luxury fastback sedan. I SHIGGY. THIS IS QUALITY JOURNALISM. GET THIS MAN A JOB WITH DOUG DEMURO ON AUTOTRADER DOT COM SLASH OVERSTEER.
  19. Lock the door? What if you want the whole world to see what you're capable of?

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