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  1. and yet none of them you listed was based off of a car platform. It had a truck latter frame body that I think was derived from the Chevy S10. The Rav4 was based on a Corolla with suspension tuning from the Celica. And the same goes for the RX300. Now you have every luxo make with their interpretation of a luxury car based SUV.
  2. Man, I thought yall were car enthusiasts. They started the entry level cute utes with the Rav4. They also started the car-based SUV with the RX300. The Landcruiser was one of the first SUV's but I think the Range Rover and Jeeps where b4 it, not exactly sure though. But they basically started or jump started(the Range Roverwas out then, but not a must have back then) the luxury SUV craze with the first LX450. The Pruis is the first hybrid. Its been on the market in Japan for years before it came stateside. The Insight was the first hybrid introduced in the US. Most influential....I guess that would have to be the Corolla and Camry. And the LS400.
  3. The LFA is more than likely going to happen. Its just a matter of when. It will use a V10 derived from its F1 ventures and might have a convertible version to along with it as spy shots have proven. That black one I has bee rumored as the IS350 Coupe. Time will tell. not really keeping my hopes up on the SUpra though. We have heard nothing official from Toyota about it. Just a bunch of horrible CGI's that all look incredibly differnt.
  4. My Dad got his '03 Camry LE below MSRP. Is that what you meant?? Or you mean that Toyota doesnt allocate base model cars on the lot?? Majority of Camry's sold are LE's.(but I could still be mistaken with waht you wrote) Its not like Lexus where you will be hard pressed to even special order a cloth IS250 or one without a moonroof.
  5. I believe Toyota has been working on Fuel cell vehicles for sometime now. Not exactly sure but I think they curently have a model in Japan as well with Fuel Cell. Lets not forget they had a model here as well for fleet use only. Currently they are working on Hybrid Fuel Cells. Electric motor and fuel cell. Dont think they arent working on fuel cells. They are definitely looking at the future, while most STILL cant even mass produce a regular hybrid model.
  6. Its just a concept. More than likely not going to happen. You might see one or two around that certain townships might want to use it, but it wont be mass produced like the CV. A few other cars that I have seen are M3's, which my town uses, Ive seen an RSX in PA, Alero when it was out, even an Accord in NJ. I believe Aspen or somewhere out there use Saabs. With that said, this Avalon Concept is hot to death. I like it.
  7. They are going to keep it. The V-10 engine is more sportier, and so is the suspension and many other things. The W-12 is more luxury and smoother. Same thing Mercedes does with the S55 AMG and the S600. Both put out similar hp, cost around the same, except one is dedicated to sport and the other to luxury. Or you can jump both and wait in line for the S65 AMG.
  8. heh...I guess I'm one of the few her that like the truck. Out of the ordinary and jsut downright cool. Nothing on the road will look like it.
  9. The GS450h shown here is a preproduction model. I expect preprodcution models to have flaws in it.
  10. Its defintely not my cup of tea, however its VERY futuristic looking. It reminds me of the cars from the Demolition Man movie featuring Sly Stallone. I like the Si Coupe a lot more. But, the best compact to me still is the Mazda3. Add to that features that the competition still doesnt hve.

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