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  1. I was a 1992, 1995, and 1998 Dakota buyer/owner, the first with the 3.9L V6, and those that followed having the 5.2L V8. I distinctly remember reading reports that the 3.9L's origin was a 5.2L (318ci) V8 block sans two cylinders. It's a bit amazing to learn that Dodge got so far behind Chevy and Ford with development of its own new mid-size pick-up. I believe that the new Ranger is going to be a solid seller in the truck class, so a 2022 debut of the new Dodge/Ram midsize is gonna leave it playing a big-time catch-up game, especially if the Colorado/Canyon gets a refresh in that time.
  2. As the proudly satisfied owner of a 2016 F-150 SuperCab with the 2.7L EcoBoost V-6, I totally understand the drifting away from V-8 engine optioning by Ford truck buyers. This smallest of engines in the F-150 line-up is always right there under one's right foot, with a turbo'ed 325hp and 350 lbs/torque offering plenty of acceleration and oomph. Perhaps more impressive, however, is the fuel economy. Every mixed-driving tankful nets me right around 22mpg, and on straight hwy driving I'll do 26mpg. Hard to complain, and hard to covet a V8 when getting this sort of performance from a V6....
  3. Must admit, I am not a fan of the C7's sharp-edges look. I tend towards being more traditionalist re: Vette's outer skin aesthetic, preferring the C6 2011-13's rounded/smoother looks as far as later model years go. That said, I like the looks of this ME C8. Have read reports that it will start at a base of $62,000, which IMO hardly makes the C8 unattainable for either entry-level or loyal Vette buyers. One can spend that amount on a full-powered/optioned-out Hellcat, Camaro or Mustang.
  4. IMO, it would have a ways to go to beat this for "one-with-the-road joyriding," even if the MX-5 did not meet the hp of the 86/BRZ. The 2019 MX-5 rates 181hp, 151 torque, and get 35mpg, and, when compared to the existing BRZ, weighs 300-400lbs less. Plus, it will likely start at a couple of thousand dollars less. https://www.mazdausa.com/vehicles/mx-5-miata
  5. Here's a link that mentions the vert. http://genesisowners.com/hyundai-genesis-f...thread.php?t=66 I'd be happy enough with the targa top model. I do not share your skepticism; I think Hyundai/Kia are very quick learners, and are now playing with the big dogs. The difference in their cars of 4-5 years ago vs. today is amazing.
  6. Early word is that the Coupe is slated for convertible format, maybe in 2011. If so, and as a repeated MX-5 owner, I would view the two cars as competitors, at the "fun, drop-top, performance car" level.
  7. The Hyundai Genesis Coupe could turn out to be a market beater, guys. 310 RWD hp, and 300 ft./lbs. via a naturally aspirated V-6 sounds terrific to me, especially starting at close to $25K. It's competitors will be the Solstice/Sky, 370Z, the 300 hp Stang, and perhaps a boosted MX-5. Just 2 years ago, I could never imagine myself buying a Hyundai/Kia. But I did just that last October, buying a 2007 Rondo. I have never been more impressed with a new car purchase (and I've had over 15 of those) in my life. Quiet, refined, 20-30 mph, roomy (7 seating!), comfy, excellent fit-and-finish. Hyundai/Kia have got something good going! I would buy the coupe without reservation, although I'd prefer a vert version. I also own a 2007 MX-5 and a 2002 Firehawk (http://community.webshots.com/user/ithacamike).

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