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  1. Next vehicle purchase will be a cheap(5K or less) 4x4 that gets 18+mpg highway. I've been looking at a 1994 Ford Explorer
  2. It started snowing at 2am Wed. morning and didn't stop till Wed. night at about 11pm and left us over two feet of snow. Unlike most people I live on a dirt road that doesn't get get plowed and the nearest paved road that gets plowed is 1 mile away so it's not like you can dig the 30' driveway and drive off. At about noon after it melted a little I decided to dig a path to my suburban and dig it out and see how much snow I can plow down to see if I can at least get to the front gate. I didn't get more than ten feet and started sliding towards the house. So I say screw it an dig out behind it and lay chains out. and get all chained up. I get plowing and get to the front gate back up make a path back to the house and as I'm coming around to turn towards the house I get stuck. I try a few times and I can't get out I'm down digging in the dirt so now my truck is stuck out next to my house and is probably going to be there till I try again tomorrow. PICTURES! Looking from my front gate back towards the house. Looking from my front gate back towards the back of the property. P Looking towards the other side of my property. Where I got my truck stuck.
  3. Oh come on we would love to see you try to wrap a car.
  4. After taking the suburban out in the snow this morning I've now officially declared I hate all metros and their drivers. :angry2: Ok so I'm driving up a road that has a pretty steep grade and I'm doing fine going up the road with no more than a slip or two here and there until I almost get to the top where an idiot who thought their little piece of crap metro would be ok in the 4-6" deep snow and since this is only a two lane road and since traffic was coming the other way I had to stop. I know I should have just rammed the guy and went on my way. I tried to get some traction again but couldn't get more than a foot before we started going backwards down the road so I say screw it put her in neutral roll back a little while turning to the side of the road till I face east and west (road runs north and south) turn the wheels down hill and go the long way around. Oh the joy of trying to get a heavy truck up a slippery steep snow covered road. Since I live where it snows and there are idiots that can't drive in it and a lot of two lane mountain roads I think a 4x4 Suburban with the 5.7L engine will be my next truck for those times when I get behind idiots that stop going up hill and when chp decides to close the roads to people with 2wd vehicles.
  5. So the last two times I've fueled up my truck it will lag out for a second when accelerating after being stopped at a stoplight. The first time it did it it was about 15 miles after I had filled up and lagged at two stoplights one right after another then was fine until the next fill up. This last time it did it about 20 miles after filling up and lagged out at three stops one right after another then was fine. I just replaced the fuel filter about 2,000 miles ago. Anyone think it could already be clogged or do you think my fuel injectors or fuel pump is bad?
  6. The guy I bought it from said the ac didn't blow cold air because compressor didn't work. So I decided to put it in because it was starting to get hot (100°F+ hot) and couldn't afford to replace the compressor. Then one day I was doing something to the engine and noticed the wiring harness to the compressor wasn't plugged in so I plug it in and the clutch engaged and ran for a little then disengaged and kept doing it so I hook up my gauge to check the refrigerant pressure and sure enough the damn thing was low and a can of R134a fixed that and it has been blowing cold air since and hasn't lost any pressure.
  7. Hey I like my tailgate unless something has slid to the front behind the second row.
  8. I've had it for about 2 years now and I'm about 150 miles from 170,000 miles. What I've needed to replace so far: *Front brake pads *Master cylinder *Battery *Tensioner pulley What I've replaced for good measure: *Brake line hoses *Spark plugs *Spark plug wire set *Air filter *Fuel filter *Tires *All fluids I know I've replaced more things than this for good measure Ok so now on to the good stuff. Dropped the transmission oil pan and filter this morning: After that I was too damn oily to use the camera any more After I cleaned up I took a picture of the mess I made from changing the transmission fluid. Still need to take the molding off the right side and replace it like I did on the left side.
  9. $2.09 in SoCal. I like these $75 fill ups.
  10. Check out this topic before you do it again :wink: http://www.toyotatundraforum.com/shade-tre...e-register.html
  11. The tailgates suck. They will fold in half under any amount of weight. If you don't ever plan to use it as a truck or take it off road they are great trucks. Toyota should have advertised them as mall cruisers. I don't know what the f**k is up with Toyota trucks. My mom has an 05 taco double cab short bed 4x4 and it has about 110k miles on it and the thing is parked out front because the frame cracked on it by the left motor mount. The tailgate on it also folded with like 180lbs on the tailgate. It's sad my mom's 94 Camry out lived the truck.
  12. I've heard the Yokohama avid trz is a good all around tire. Take a look at them and see what you think but like the rest said the Goodyear assurance tripletreds are going to be a better tire. :wink: The only thing I can say about Michelin tires is I'm never putting another set on my truck.

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