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    Magna's EtelligentForce gives HD Truck Capabilities While Simplifying Electrification

      Magna announces at CES 2022 that a new EV center will open in Michigan and their EtelligentForce Powertrain system that preserves strength and functionality of pickups and light commercial vehicles as an Advanced BEV solution will go into production starting 2025.

    Magna EtelligentForce PowerTrain system is an electric 4WD system for pickups and light duty commercial vehicles paired with Magna eBeam technology gives full capabilities without compromising payload or towing capacities and is targeted for full production from 2025.

    Pickup trucks and full-size SUVs are at their height of popularity and comes at a pivotal time where legacy OEM auto builders are looking for ways to eliminate emissions and yet maintain full capabilities. Created to benefit the 3/4-ton and 1-ton truck class.

    Magna EteliigentForce Truck.jpg

    EtelligentForce features Magna's eDrive technology at the front and its eBeam electrified beam axle at the rear. This allows the following capabilities:

    • Towing up to 14,500 pounds
    • Total peak power of 430 kW (577 HP) with Peak Torque of 13,770 Nm (10,156 lb-ft)
      • 250 kW (335 HP) / 10,000 Nm (7,376 lb-ft of Torque) rear eBeam
      • 180 kW (242 HP) / 3,770 Nm (2,780 lb-ft of torque) front eDrive.
    • Omits need for architectural changes
    • Totally customizable allowing to prioritize key performance attributes.

    Magna EtelligentForce.jpeg

    Magna's eBeam replaces traditional beam axles, accommodating existing suspension and brake systems, and avoiding the need for expensive redesign of existing truck platforms. This could if Magna so chooses to be an excellent way to convert existing ICE full size trucks and SUVs to electric.

    Fewer moving parts in comparison to traditional ICE powertrain, the EtelligentForce powertrain requires less maintenance - a direct benefit to truck / SUV owners over the life of the vehicle.


    Magna is setting up a dedicated EV center at its U.S. headquarters in Troy, Michigan. This team will be dedicated to preparing and launching the EtelligentForce Solution in the North American EV Market from 2025 forward in addition to other EV products.

    Magna has the EtelligentForce powertrain solution joining their two existing powertrain solutions the EtelligentEco focused on PHEV production and the EtelligentReach Bev Powertrain solution.

    Magna had a booth at CES 2022, and allows a in depth virtual attendance of their booth here: Magna at CES 2022 | Magna International


    This technology has already been put into production as Magna provides the EtelligentReach as the RWD/AWD powertrain for the Jaguar I-Pace built by Magna's Austria division for Jaguar. 

    Magna is also to build the Fisker Ocean BEV for Fisker Auto Group using their BEV tech for the Crossover.


    News Release - Magna’s EtelligentForce Simplifies Electrification of Truck Segment

    Magna at CES 2022 | Magna International

    Product Storyboards EtelligentForce (magna.com)

    EtelligentForce (magna.com)

    EtelligentEco (magna.com)

    EtelligentReach (magna.com)

    Fisker Ocean | Fisker Inc.


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    I have to say, I can wait till this goes into production. I think this is an awesome solution to convert my 1994 GMC Suburban from ICE to BEV. I could dig AWD with 577 HP and 10,156 lb-ft of torque.

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