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    • I don't see Ford offering free gas, so I don't know why people expect Tesla to offer free electricity.
    • Quebec lost ground in EV infrastructure to British Columbia, California and Washington. Due to the PQ (Parti Quebecois) Government  that was elected as a minority government in 2012.   The PQ cut all subsidies and EV investments in infrastructure  and distanced themselves with the idea of a better economy with EVs. But in 2014...there was another election and the Liberals won and the government invested its energy (*pun intended) back  in informing the citizens that EVs might be good for the Quebec people.  But...not enough monies were invested for the infrastructure.  Subsidies for EV purchases only.   A new government was elected in 2018 (the CAQ...50% separatist values  (kinda like the PQ party, but less radical),  25 % liberal values and 25%conservative values... but these guys actually do listen to the voice of the people...the pur sang Quebec people...the true blue Frenchies...and maybe not the English voices LOL) but where the Liberals left off with EVs, the CAQ goes even further.  They actually inform the people of Quebec on how EVs benefit our economy. Monies are given to local businesses, homes, to establish an infrastructure.   The CAQ government is working with Hydro-Quebec to not raise its prices, to give discounts to those who actually charge their EVs at home...to also encourage people to not be wasteful of electricity and so forth.  Subsidies for the purchase of EVs has also been prolonged, and the rebates increased all for the purpose to get more EVs on Quebec roads.  For green purposes but for Quebec's economy also.  The people of Quebec are starting to see the benefits of EV ownership versus ICE on multiple levels....  We have discussed these benefits ad nauseam @ Cheersandgears...no need for me to revisit this. The Model 3 is everywhere in Montreal.  The Model S too.  The Model X not so much... But...the Kia Kona EV is also a very popular EV in Montreal.   Tons of hybrids. From the Fusion Hybrid to the Chevy Volt to the different Toyotas that have the Toyota Hybrid Drive.  The Nissan Leaf and the Chevy Bolt were once dominant in Montreal, but since the Model 3 has arrived and now wait times are no longer an issue for the Model 3, the Leaf and Bolt are not as popular. The Model 3 is just steamrolling along.  The Federal government is offering up to 5000 and the Quebec government is offering another 8000.   That figure was for EVs costing less than 75 000. But now, as of April 1st 2020,  that 8000 max is for EVs costing less than 60 000 MSRP.   A Model 3, with an MSRP of less than 60 000 (which was the standard price) could be potentially had for 47 000...   And now...I think the standard price for the Model 3 in Canada IS 47 000... Well...we know that Elon likes to overcharge for some stuff...OK...but with rebates like in Quebec and in Canada...the Quebec rebate pays for the AWD and the Canada rebate pays for the mundane shyte that Elon charges for but other OEMs gives us for free...(yeah...its not as if GM or Ford or Honda dont force you into higher trim packages for the mundane shyte you want but are stuck in upgrading trim packages just to get that mundae shyte but now are forced to have other mundane shyte you really dont care for...)  https://vehiculeselectriques.gouv.qc.ca/english/rabais/ve-neuf/programme-rabais-vehicule-neuf.asp      
    • I totally agree with you and the west coast is very much the same as your area of Canada with state, county, city govs in sync with residents on EV's / Hybrids. Most want full size truck/SUV BEVs. As such, I think once these come to market we will see a dramatic move to EV's at least here on the west coast. I still think the Governments drive to have a cleaner climate is what will drive the change from ICE to EV. China especially will drive this.
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