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    • By William Maley
      If there is one thing we have learned with previous scandals in the automotive, it is that it will get worse before becoming better. Such is the case with Mitsubishi and their fuel economy scandal.
      According to Reuters, various Japanese outlets are reporting that the inflated fuel economy numbers extend much further than the four models originally announced. The Asahi newspaper says the Japanese automaker falsified fuel economy figures on three additional models, while the Yomiuri newspaper says there are more than ten models with inflated fuel economy numbers. It should be noted these vehicles aren't on sale anymore.
      When reached for comment, Mitsubishi declined, saying that its investigation is ongoing.
      Source: Reuters
    • By William Maley
      It seems a bit odd that Cadillac is doing a special edition model for Japan as they don't sell that many vehicles there. But trying to figure out why just seems like an exercise in futility. Let's just talk about the special edition vehicle in question.
      This is the Cadillac ATS Luxury Sport Edition which features a set of 19-inch V-spoke alloy wheels with a two-tone look. There is also a set of Brembo brakes and a sports suspension that comes as part of this special edition model. Other items of note include cashmere accents for the interior, and the choice of either crystal white or sable black paint. A turbocharged 2.0L four-cylinder with 272 horsepower and eight-speed automatic is your only powertrain choice.
      It is unknown how many of the ATS Luxury Sport Edition models will be built. We do know that it will cost ¥5,290,000 (about $49,911).
      Source: Motor1.com
    • By William Maley
      Ford will be pulling out of the Indonesian and Japanese markets as they cannot make any headway in terms of market share.
      Reuters got their hands on an email from Ford's Asia Pacific President Dave Schoch who told employees today that the company would exit all areas of the car business, including dealerships and the importing of Ford and Lincoln vehicles.
      "Unfortunately, this also means that our team members based in Japan and Indonesia will no longer work for Ford Japan or Ford Indonesia following the closures," Schoch said in the email.
      Ford began selling vehicles in Japan in 1974 and has 52 dealers in the country. Sales last year totaled around 5,000 vehicles, making up 1.5 percent of the import new car market. Ford has had a tough go in Japan as many buyers tend to go with the domestic brands. Not helping is the combination of a population getting older and younger people foregoing cars.
      Ford Indonesia was set up in 2002 and has a network of 44 dealers. Last year, the blue oval sold about 6,000 vehicles, making up a poor 0.6 percent of the market. Intense competition from Japanese automakers, a market struggling due to a slowdown, and the expense of importing vehicles to the country spelled doom for the automaker.
      "In Indonesia, without local manufacturing ... there's just really no way that automakers can compete in that market, and we do not have local manufacturing," said a Ford spokeswoman in Japan.
      Source: Reuters
    • By dfelt
      The video at the bottom of this story about the Honda Jet to go into productions in 2016 is a rough assessment about Honda and their product lines.
      Honda only earned 2.6% profit last year on their product lines especially their autos. It is worth watching as he really rips Honda.
    • By dfelt
      CNBC just posted this story that looks at facts gathered from quality studies and came to the conclusion that while Japan is not getting worse parse, they have fallen behind the competition in consumer surveys.
      Seems Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi and Subaru are not keeping pace with the industry and Korea has surpased them.
      According to the report, the average world wide is a 3% improvement in product quality. Japan has had a zero improvement rate for the last few years where as Korea had an 11% product quality improvement over last year leading the over all industry.
      Interesting is that Ford and Lincoln are mentioned for cutting the number of problems only and GM and Buick not only cut problems further but placed vehicles in the top 11 brands and for the past year showed fewer than 100 problems per 100 auto's built leading the industry.
      The story goes on to say this will have many ask if Japan has lost the considered GOLD standard of auto reliability.
      The final comment is that Japan is struggling in dealing with infotainment systems and voice recognition as 16 of the bottom 20 models are all from Japan and have their core problems rooted in the Infotainment / nav / voice recognition systems.
      Yahoo Posting of CNBC story
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