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    Kia Chooses onsemi Silicon Carbide Power Module Traction Inverters for High Performance Electric Vehicles

      Kia starts production on performance EVs using industry leading Traction Inverters by onsemi for improved electrical handling.

    This announcement by onsemi and Kia will clearly make some say "Who cares?" and "What is a Traction Inverter?" Why should this be so exciting or important for EV performance auto owners?


    The purpose of power module-based traction inverter is to convert the DC current from the electric vehicle’s battery to AC current to be used in the electric motor to drive the vehicle’s propulsion system. It also plays a significant role in capturing energy from regenerative braking and feeding it back to the battery. 

    onsemi EliteSiC family of silicon carbide power modules has been selected by Kia Corporation to go first into the EV6 GT model that is going into production. This will allow the EV6 GT to go from zero to 60 in 3.4 seconds with a top speed of 161 mph.

    Per onsemi and Kia Corporation, quote: 

    The traction inverter of a high-performance EV, the EliteSiC power module enables high-efficiency power conversion from the DC 800 V of the battery to the AC drive for the rear axle. onsemi continues to collaborate with Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Corporation (HMC/KIA) to use the EliteSiC technology for the upcoming high performance EVs based on HMC/KIA’s Electric – Global Module Platform (E-GMP).

    onsemi’s high-power density SiC power module delivers the most innovative package technology to minimize parasitics and thermal resistance and offers robust package reliability using innovative interconnects. This leads to reduced power losses associated with DC to AC conversion along with reduced size and weight of the traction inverter, increasing performance and EV range by 5%.

    Kia believes that the multiple decades of leadership by onsemi in superior packaging that allows for reduced weight and high-density power handling will allow Kia to lead the EV market. This partnership allows Kia to scale high-volume production of EVs with superior handling of parts supply.

    For those interested in reading more about the 5 versions of the Power Modules by onsemi, you can go here Power Modules (onsemi.com)


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