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    Trivia Tuesday: March 3, 2015

      What option disappeared from Cadillacs from 1942 till 1951? Can you answer that and others in our March 3rd Trivia Tuesday?

    In the last Trivia Tuesday we had a Thunderbird with a giant hole in the side. This week we have Flying Goddesses and Hatchbacks. Can you answer our Trivia Tuesday challenge?

    1. What was available on a 1941 Cadillac that you could not get again until 1952?
    2. For many years, Cadillac featured various 'Flying Goddess' hood ornaments, especially grandiose in the 1930s. When did the last Flying Goddess appear on a Cadillac (from the factory)?
    3. Name the earliest American production hatchback car.
    4. Name an American car where the vehicle, it's tires and it's battery all had the same brand name.
    5. Name two American vehicles that featured the model year prominently displayed on the exterior of the car.
    6. Ford & Chevy have long battled on numerous fronts. Chevy eclipsed Ford in V8 displacement, building a 496 CI unit vs. Ford’s 460 CI. But Ford eclipsed Chevy by building a smaller RPO V8 than Chevy’s 262 CI job. What was the displacement of Ford’s smallest RPO V8?

    Answers to last week's Trivia Tuesday:

    1. Crosley
    2. Oldsmobile; 1968 455 CI
    3. Fireball
    4. 1950s; Mercury 1950: 110 HP, 1958: 400
    5. 1958 and 1975
    6. Ford-built gas turbine testing.

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    430 CI Super Marauder, 3x2, available on all series :





    Thanks I feel better now I looked it up. around 100 made and 10 still around not an easy one to know.

    I will get to the other questions when I have time.

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    Does anybody know what happened to Thunderbird? Did they merge or where they bought out or did they just go bankrupt.

    uh, what?  Thunderbird was a model of Ford.


    Absolutely correct. My bad,  I should have known that. American cars are really not my forté

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