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  1. It's the same around here. They're driving around with only the DRLs providing minimal forward lighting, and from the sides and rear, only the required reflectors provide any visual indication of their presence. Some manufacturers activate *only* the instrument panel lighting when it's dark, tricking many drivers into thinking their external lights are on. This is an extremely poor design decision, but I haven't come across any legal action yet.
  2. The 7000 lb V4P package was unique to the Fleetwood. The V92 B-cars were rated at 5000 lbs.
  3. KevinW

    Not sure if battery or....

    The battery should have a year/month of manufacture somewhere; it could be over 6 years old. The degree of sulphation would depend on how well the charge level has been maintained over the years. Some battery testers report an internal resistance. This gets higher as batteries age, and limits the amount of charge that can be absorbed over a short period of time (such as during a 5 mile trip). While the capacity may be improved by leaving it connected to a constant current 1 A charger for a few nights, given the age, replacement should be considered. AGM batteries have a lower self-discharge rate and are more suitable for special interest vehicles.
  4. In the case of a 2007 SRX V8 in Sport Mode, I seem to invoke Performance Algorithm Shifting quite frequently while merging on highways. The triggers are likely accelerator pedal movement characteristics and accelerometer data. Once PAS mode is engaged, it won't upshift even when the accelerator is released; this enables a quicker response when the driver gets back on the throttle to navigate around slower traffic or pull out of a sharp corner.
  5. The 2017 LaCrosse has a 114.4" wheelbase, which is 3" longer than the Regal's.
  6. KevinW

    Unusual Ninety-Eight

    Those rear side markers weren't an easy addition. I added a power driver's seat and the factory gauges to my '83 Delta 88 Royal Brougham sedan, but these were simple bolt-ons. Next on the list is a LH side mirror with thermometer (from a Ninety-Eight).
  7. KevinW

    Unusual Ninety-Eight

    - White-walls are about 1/8" wider than OEM - Missing bodyside rub-strip mouldings - Ninety-Eight grill, badges, rear quarter extensions/panels, side marker lamps and wheel covers retrofitted on a Delta 88?
  8. There's a degree of variability in how Cd figures are determined: http://gm-volt.com/2009/12/04/chevy-volts-coefficient-of-drag-is-0-28-beats-prius-and-insight/
  9. KevinW

    Tesla Unveils Their Second Master Plan

    Also, the statistics used to support "significantly safer" are misleading. There's not enough data to contrast with the number of fatalities per mile travelled for all other vehicles, plus the recommended use of "Autopilot" is for multi-lane, divided roadways, under ideal conditions, while the "fatality every 94 million miles" represents ALL driving conditions!
  10. KevinW

    Review: 2016 Chevrolet Volt Premier

    Hold Mode was introduced for the 2013 model year. I believe Mountain Mode is designed to maintain a higher average (around 40% for the first generation) battery state of charge (SOC) to deal with spirited driving up the longest and steepest inclines, so charging will only occur if this mode is engaged while the SOC is below the desired minimum. Mountain Mode may not be needed as much given the higher output of the range extender in the second generation model.
  11. KevinW

    7 Pontiacs that were never sold in America

    I guess the author isn't aware of the Pontiac Wave? Why would anyone wish to do that to a RWD hatchback with an available diesel engine and 5 speed manual transmission? It has all the makings of a luxury vehicle!
  12. Both the power electronics and the motor require cooling, which is usually in the form of a circulated liquid. One weakness of the Tesla drive unit is that the same coolant is used for both the motor and the electronics, which means that if the motor is operated under a high duty cycle, the electronics may be damaged if the output is not reduced. The Volt uses separate cooling loops since each system has a difference thermal tolerance and inertia.
  13. There was a tweet somewhere that it would be 8" longer than the CTS, which would place its length about a half inch shy of the Avenir's.
  14. KevinW

    Trivia Tuesday: March 3, 2015

    #1 - Factory A/C was a limited option for the 1941 Cadillac. It was once again available for the 1953 model year.
  15. KevinW

    1979 Cadillac Eldorado test drive video

    The Olds 350 with Cadillac-specific, port injection, analogue EFI was standard equipment. The Toronado/Riviera came with a QuadraJet; the only fuel injected option would be the diesel.

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