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2009 Pony Wars

Olds Guy

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Hot Wheels knows what's up... notice all four windows are down! :)

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Nope... I have not been to a store to buy car crap in quite a while.

I'll have to pick up about two dozen of those Camaros though.

Two or three just for Sofia. :P

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moltar, the first HW Camaro Concept car I bought was at a TARGET; however, they only had the one available.  The three K-marts I went to had tons of them.  So now you know where they all are if you can't find them at Wal-mart or TARGET!!!  :lol:  :P


Cool..I'll try and hit some of the local stores this weekend. Or snag 'em off ebay.

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*Played out joke of the day*

Say, is that the new Challenger or the 1970's model? :lol:



By the way, Hot Wheels also makes the '70 in orange as well..I've got the new one and the '70 together on my desk at home..

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Actually the '70 Challenger has been released in green, orange and purple so far.

Likewise the '69 Camaro convertible mentioned (and pictured) in another thread has been released in red, black and purple.


Yep..got all those..haven't seen the Camaro in purple though..it looks great in black, IMHO. I wonder if they will do a '69 coupe also. Their classic '68 coupe (kind of simplified, but it's one of the original Hot Wheels castings from '68) is back out now also, in black.

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