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The Little Toyota Engine Light that Couldn't


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The world's number one super best automaker from the land of the rising sun issued two recalls today -- one here in the land of the free and home of the brave for around 60,700 four-cylinder Highlander SUV's from 2001 through 2003 and 159,100 RAV4's from 2001 and 2002. It seems the "check engine light" (also known as the Malfunction Indicator Light -- just one F away from MILF) may "inadvertantly light" due to faulty "program logic in the Engine Control Module (ECM)." Apparently it's faulty because it's telling you something's wrong. Hmm...well, while you some of us sit and attempt to decipher that particular logic loopety-loop, let's just sigh in relief we're not in South Aftrica. That's where the second recall was placed into effect today, for more than 29,000 Corolla and RunX cars built during the 2006 model year after a problem was found in the vehicles' rear axle beam. Apparently this could result in the "front bush mountings splitting open and the front section of the axle beam coming adrift." Hmm, yup, that sounds fairly -- well, why don't we let the official spokesperson from Toyota of South Africa finish that particular statement with the last line of the press release -- "It could be dangerous." Took the word right out of our mouths. – Ray Wert


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Hmmm... is that MIL error an attempt to get some

more $$$ out of clueless toyota owners? <_<

As far as the failing rear axle beam on So. African

Toyotas, it reminds me of the Ford Focus recall

where a few had their rear suispension fall off at

highway speeds.

Even MORE proof taht newer is NOT always better.

Have you ever heard of a 1920s-1980s solid rear

axle just falling off without waring leaving you with

50% of your wheels missing at highway speeds?

Neither have I.

Yeah taht's cause the old school $hit may not have

12% of MPG #s or "feel better" but it WORKS!

Can you imagine how the Press would ROAST and

slander GM if this kind of safety fu**up occured on

a GM vehicle? They'd be out for blood.

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NPR, one of the lovers of all imports, had someone on this morning who was not very kind to Toyota at all. He stressed the fact that Toyota recalled more cars last year than all of the cars they sold in the U.S. in 2006 and that GM's quality has now exceeded Toyota's.

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