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  1. Looks nice but I sure hope the cladding is just a trim level on the wagon and that there are going to be more than two interior colors available. Also there is no mention of a V6
  2. I agree on the Taurus not really being needed. It has poor interior space utilization, it's heavy and it's mileage trails some other full size cars. The Fusion is a great car in search of better revamped engines. The V6 Sport is a great addition to the lineup but heavy and has class trailing MPG. The base 2.5 is just adequate but has the lowest MPG of any competitor and is rather noisy. The 1.5T is only a little quicker and efficient but is it really worth 900.00? The 2.0T provides the power needed but is V6 thirsty and slower to 60 than most competition V6 engines from Honda, Toyota and Chrys
  3. Well anything is an improvement over the current LaCrosse but if they make it 4 cylinder only that will cheapen the new car and turn off luxury oriented buyers.
  4. OMG please no. Not another electronic think for you nanny. So what happens to this with the front end of your vehicle covered in ice or snow thus disabling some of the sensors? Speaking of ice what happens then? Does this system know enough to disable in temps below 34 degrees or so? If these manufacturers had a brain they would keep this as an option and not force it down everybodies throats.
  5. Bloated, bland and generic plain bar of soap as per usual. The front looks like somebody punched it hard and gave it a fat chrome lip. I wonder if it comes with a lisp
  6. The sad part is the soon we will be seeing these ugly toads all over the place.
  7. The point being made was that the way many go on and on how wonderful the VW 1.8T is that a mere 2.4 NA spanked it in a race from a Hyundai doesn't say much for VW's new mill. The kid was driving that VW like it was a race car. It was worth the look on his face to see a Sonata move right by him so yeah it was a fun evening on Saturday actually!
  8. I Had a rental 2014.5 Camry SE 2.5 and was shocked at the abysmal interior quality and the fact it died right in my driveway with a low battery that couldn't start the car the following morning. Apparently this very rental car was to Toyota before for this exact issue and they couldn't find the problem. Luckily I had a battery charger on hand to get the car going and back to the rental agency. Inside the passenger side A-pilar molding plastic piece was coming apart due to a broken plastic clip, the center dash vents popped out onto my drink going over a set of hearty railroad tracks, the cloth
  9. Not surprising considering how much more technology that is being stuffed into these cars. Tires are bigger and bigger. More and more std equipment. Subscriptions to things like Onstar and Satellite radio add to these monthly payments and now wifi is being offered. It's small wonder so many people are broke and filing for bankruptcy these days.
  10. The LaCrosse had better be available with a V6 in LGX 3.6 form or sales might be soft. The new 3.6 will probably get the same mileage as the current 2 liter turbo in the Regal/Malibu so there is no excuse not to offer it in this larger sized car. And speaking of the Regal the 2016 base 160 HP Malibu engine will be a joke in a more expensive car like the Regal. It should be starting out with at least a minimum with the 200 Hp 1.6T.
  11. Looks like it was left out in the sun too long. And those silly slit windows are getting out of hand.
  12. Boy these bring back memories. I especially liked the 1978 downsized Malibu. The elderly lady I worked for had a beautiful two tone light silver with dark gray Classic sedan with maroon interior with less than 30K miles, a 305 2bbl V8 and A/C and I always looked forward to getting a ride in that car. It was so much nicer than my 1979 Fairmont it wasn't even funny.
  13. Lexus owners must be a happy bunch. The reason why. There cars still looks basically the same 10 years in a row with changes so small and subtle most owners will never notice them. As is the case with this car. Pull off a little chrome, give is a semi predator grille and make it as plain boring and generic as ever and literally no one will ever notice. Ditto the beige exterior. That says it all!
  14. I wouldn't pay 10K for one let alone the insane price they came up with. People today have shunned 2 door coupes. A small cramped fashioned statement with a massive price tag just won't work in today's world.
  15. I'm impressed overall but will reserve final judgement when final prices and MPG are announced. I also hope Chevy avoids Ford's mistake of making the basic V6 model so restricted on options forcing you to upgrade to the 4 cylinder turbo.

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