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First Solstice seen on the road


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My workplace held a little “car show” for employees to drive their cars into the campus and show them off. While some of the cars were in no means a “show car” including a Prius, Insight, a bright green Hyundai Accent and a new Sebring convertible (huh?). Some of the well-paid employees brought in their Diablos and 911s but the most interesting rides were an XLR and a 1970 BOSS Mustang. That was until, as I was walking towards the entrance a silver Solstice was driving in. This was the first Solstice that I have seen on the road and it looked incredible. The guy driving it had a huge smile on his face and I asked him if he was one of the first 1000. Sure enough it had the dash plaque and he had just picked it up that morning and drove it into work. The guy I was walking with asked if the Solstice was slotted in the Corvette category and when I told him it started at $20,000 he said it looked like it was a lot more money. The guy parked it next to a Boxster (made the Porsche look silly) and it had as many people looking at it as the two Diablos did. It was a $22,500 car with air, power, ABS, etc and he said that he placed money down on it a year and a half ago (traded a 1985 Firebird on it for his down payment… how much could that be worth?) and was able to get a certificate from The Apprentice. He said he paid invoice for it, so some dealers aren’t fleecing buyers. I can’t wait to see more on the road because this car is definitely a winner.
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God I wish I could afford one of these.....

This is truly the MIRACLE car GM needed and the historical comeback car we'll be talking about for years to come.


hmmm... I could do something stupid and drop all my savings on a Solstice, then put the SS in storage... :blink:

or not!

Anyway, still haven't seen one in So Cal! I wonder if they are in hiding, which would be nuts considering the awesome weather we've been having these past couple weeks.
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I wonder if they are in hiding, which would be nuts considering the awesome weather we've been having these past couple weeks.


I hereby reserve the right to beetch-slap any and all Solstice buyers who put less than 9,000 miles a year on them- that's a grand a month for the 9 non-snowy months in the northern states. Drive that car, dammit, it's the hottest thing on 4 wheels since the last time Jennifer Garner went rollerblading. :bowdown:
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