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What goes around comes around...


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So I'm looking for photos on Google and I come upon one of my old signatures.

The one of a red '59 Electra-225 Riviera from the brochure, I had labeled the

corner of it in a very modern font (Geneva?) and so there was no mistaking it.

I went to the source site & it's in Hebrew, or it might be Arabic but since there

are stars of david for a rating system I'm guessing Hebew. Anyway I notice a

few other photos that turn out to be my old signatures and there's that very

unique photo I took of that 1966 Corvair that I photographed in Kingston, NH

when I was contemplating buying that car. It was the Corvair 4dr hardtop &

I opend up both doors and took a high angle shot of the greenhouse with the

pillarless doors and black interior.

So someone in a foreign country made a website of American cars that consists

mostly of four door hardtops and several of the 78 photos is actually stuff I

made using brochure art or actual photograps I have taken.

I guess I'm flattered. :P






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About 5 min after I posted this I realized that that entire

"American Classics" portion of thart website was made

up of photos borrowed off my Four Door Hardtop thread.

look at the first couple pages of my thread & then go to

the website and browse soe of the 78 photos on there.

Hilarious. :lol:






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This is the final straw on the camel's back.

I'm registering and making my own American classic car website.

While I'm at it I'm going to take Tight Whips to the next level.

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