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My 2007 Windy City Autoshow Comments w/Pics


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Okay first off this is not John, this is his son Chris. I browse around the boards sometimes, and because myself and my mother had the experince my dad said to post here and give you all the low down.

Lets start with the Asian compaines like Toyota they pushed the Toyota Truck thing with the Tundra waaaaaaay to far and then the Nascar thing with the Cat Camry. They even had a nice looking blue eyed blonde haired model in a racing suit by the Cat-Camry. They tried to be as American as the can but it didn't work for me. I also had the displeasure of sitting in a new Camry the interior was sub-par and wasn't all that it was cracked up to be, the Lucerne's was better in my book. Also I took a quick trip through Honda and was very impressed by the Fit and its price. The Accord Coupe Concept was disapointing it had tinted windows and NO INTERIOR a true no engine showcar! (Pissed me off so everything I liked about the Fit was a wash!) DCX had the test track tho I spent maybe 10 minutes over in that area. I also spent extensive time in Chevy, Pontiac (alot... G8 afterall), Buick (Enclave and Lucerne), Cadillac, Hummer and even Saab. The displays keep getting fanicer and the Rick Wagoner approved Enclave waterfall was back to tie in with its grille. All in all the GM portion of the show was just right and really fit them, they didn't push the trucks, although they had tons of Silverados (GMT-900's) with TOTY stickers in the windshields. The new pace car edition Vette was pretty sweet, and the car that stole the show and ATTRACTED huge crowds the G8... I heard many people say, "Thats a Pontiac?!" I couldn't have been happier one brave middle-aged man went as far to say that thing is better looking than a BMW, next time I get a new car instead of a Bimmer I will look at this. Another man said "It is all M3, look at the lines..." I couldn't agree more, many, many people were very impressed and one poor man thought it was another FWD V8 powered W-Body... Wrong, he did wonder tho how it could look so good! Erica the Pontiac spokesman for the G8 announced no formal pricing I was quick to point out pricing will be about 25 or 26 for a G8 V6 and 28-30 for a GT V8 (stripped), she gave me an evil stair... Then I told her that is what I heard and if it were to replace the Grand Prix/Bonneville it would slot right in-between for price too, made sense to me and other not her. I have no offical pricing she repeated! *(She was a lil ticked I think!)* I explained to alot of people where the car was really built and that Pontiac really didn't design that much of it, but most people had never heard of Holden except for a few and really didn't care that it was already out as a Holden and Chevy in other countries. I asked Erica if it was a true Pontiac design and she obviously said yes and that it was uniquley Pontiac with the lines and bold fenders. I laughed and said the funny thing is a car very similar to this made by Holden is sold in Aussie land and the G8 has a different front end and wheels. She really didn't care to here that either. Other people who heard my pointed comment couldn't believe it, it was to discredit the car but just to credit Holden/GM/Pontiac for coming out with such a wonderful car and making good use of Gobal resources. She agreed. Erica did okay she did piss me off some... Having said that the rep for the Buick Enclave was EXCELLENT she was very pretty (not that Erica wasn't) and had a nice way about her and really spoke to you it was a sales pitch but was enchanting almost! :thumbsup: Way to go! Funny how you can recall the lady that bothered me and the one that was good for the Enclave I can't! :rolleyes: I also spent lots of time looking at Ford Mustangs and Camaro Concept 'Vert. Then I showed my mom the Pontiac Torrent GXP what my dad is thinking about, all in all it was a good day! I will be uploading some photos tomorrow out of 350 pics I took! So tell me what you want that is GM or American... I will give you what I can and have!

Thanks Guys for reading I know it was long!


I hope to post here somemore.

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