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Guest YellowJacket894

1. What was the last car to be sold in the United States with a carburetor?

2. What car inspired Chrysler's cab-forward design revolution of the 1990s?

3. What was the first vehicle from Chrysler to wear the Pacifica name?

4. The headlights used on the 1994 Lumina APV are from what other GM car?

5. The styling of the 1970 Monte Carlo was designed to compete with what car, which car was it's styling based on, and what parts were shared with it's Chevelle sibling?

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I asked #1 a while back, it was the Subaru Justy, although apparently the Mitsubishi Mad Max was on the market after that, it wasn't a car per se.

Edit: Mighty Max, Mad Max, either way Mitsu sucks.

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Guest YellowJacket894

Nope. :wink:

Chevelle, you did get number four and five, right, though. So, whoever tries the other three, consider those your freebies. :P

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#5 has not been answered completely.

-I'd say it was designed to compete with the Thunderbird.

-not sure what the styling was based on, maybe Caddy.

-The M/C shares much, much, more with Chevelle than its frame. They share engines,transmissions,widsheild,cowl,dash, even some interior and exterior trim parts. Essentially, the M/C is a Chevelle with different sheetmetal. It even shares turn signal lamps and front bumper with the El Camino.

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