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Holden Plant Production Halted By Giant Yabbies

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A blast from the past! :smilewide:

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Weekend production at GM Holden’s Elizabeth plant in Adelaide came to a grinding halt this morning as hundreds of giant Yabbies took over the factory floor.

Bemused factory workers could do nothing but run as the fast moving horde overran the factory. The crustacean, known locally as ‘Chazwazzes’, are thought to have come from a dam near the plant that supplies Holden with water for it’s foundry works.

GM Holden Chairman Denny Mooney, who was visiting the plant at the time, said it was the strangest occurrence he has ever seen.

“Wild creatures shutting down an auto plant?! That's pretty strange, even by US standards, and I should know” said Mooney.

One worker was injured when a large group of the creature chased him down into a new Commodore that he had been working on. They ripped off his clothing before they attacked his genitals, an area they are known to attack first.

“My missus would have killed me if I lost my manhood" the worker later laughed. "I tried to tell them I was already circumcised but they wouldn't listen". The worker received only minor cut and bruises to the lower half of his body.

Link: http://www.afbforums.com/index.php?ind=new...gle&ide=73#

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I don't think they have "yabbies" in South Australia anyway. I think yabbies are strictly an eastern states crayfish, and probably the only one without a catch limit. They have some other kinds of freshwater crayfish in South Australia.

WRONG!!! I live near the murray and there are yabbies everywhere, especially the irrigation channels

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