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Autoweek article: The Roadmasters of Europe

Robert Hall

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The Roadmasters of Europe

Great article about an interesting man and his collection....the idea of Buick Roadmaster wagons in Rome is mind-blowing... though I did see a Tahoe across the street from the Colloseum when I was in Rome.

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Europe has had a long affection for vintage American iron, some countries (such as Sweden) approach ravenous enthusiasm. On other boards I've encountered many members from abroad with American steel. That this is a recent Buick doesn't surprise me- it still represents the 'old school' American car, and that's what they appreciate. Lot to appreciate in a Roadmaster Estate.

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Very good article. If the American public would have the same appreciation, it would be nice. There was a guy from Europe who used to be on this site. He only liked the big American cars and always hoped GM would build new ones. If GM would realize what they have and build it, the public might catch on too.

It seems American cars are appreciate more abroad than they are here sometimes..

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I'm in love with my Roadmaster Estate even though I may be replacing the trans. shortly.

I have the utmost respect for this gentleman, he's famous for his Buick obsession.

Buicks are such cool, eclectic, addictive cars to collect... although same can be

said for Pontiac & Cadillac I suppose. I'd have a dozen Buicks in a heartbeat if I

had the money. At leaat half of them owuld be pre-war too.

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Hey Sixty8, How much did you but that 76 Lesabre? I am looking around for later this year to get another Lesabre but older. So far, I went to our local show & shine and an older guy had a fully original and mint condition 84 Lesabre Limited Coupe with the 305 V8. He mentioned he was going to sell it sometime this year but I don't know how much. It has 60,000 kms or 37,500 miles. I am curious to waht the price range for a good 70s Lesabre would be.

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I'm starting to get the old-school RWD BOF V8 American land yacht itch myself lately...I'm thinking an '03-04 Mercury Marauder, P71 Crown Vic Interceptor, or late model Town Car would be fun to have..

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