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What if... My second rant...

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It was a night like any-other an uneventful stroll around town and I saw it my first Turd up close. It was sitting in a driveway next to a Buick LaX... Intresting I thought. Anyways as I am snopping the owner walks out the front door and says so you like my truck. I say well I am in the market (lie) and just wanted to see one up close. The guy then being a 30 something macho man goes on to say that it'll out tow a Ford SD or Silverado HD. I soon find myself at a loss for words... I said oh really, he said yeah on youtube you see Tundra's (Turds) all the time strapped to a Chevy and each truck trys to pull the other damaging the drive-shaft and so on. I said sir could it really beat a new Ford F450 *having just seen my neighbor got a white King Ranch with tan trim and 19.5's on 'er. Actually the only Ford I would own aside of the new Taurus or 'Stang. It was a pretty sweet F450. I said you know the F450 has a 350hp turbo V8 ah he says my new Tundra is making 381, oh really I say thats alot. How is the fuel economy I said he gave me a blank stare. I said so attached to a new F450 your Turd would tow it away hitched back to back? Uh yeah man it has more horsepower. I laughed and said you must know your kidding. I said you don't realize it but your macho Turd can at the max tow like 10,000 lbs and an F450 can tow at least 16,000 *ball hitch* and 20K-24.5K with a goose-neck. Still think its a good idea? He said I'd kick his ass, I said well he will have 650lbft. of torque too. He still thought his Turd would out-tow the most beastly rig out there... :rolleyes: Do owners really believe what they see on TV? I think so...

What I was wondering Ford should do what Chevy did with the spinning tires except... Take a Turd with the big bad 5.7 chain it to the rear a F450 King Ranch and say go... Then watch the Tundra get pulled helplessly backward behind the F450 and the drive shaft snap. Then the ad to say yeah we know Toyota likes demonstrations but what they forget is that they don't build a heavy duty truck at any price. Even the top level Tundra is no match for a Super Duty. Sometimes it is better not to open your mouth. The leason watch what you say because there will always be something bigger and better in town. Ford Bold Moves. Then GM should do the same thing with a 3500 DRW 6.6L D-Max. I would love to see the Turd get owned. What is it called when two trucks are hitched together the oppisite way and try to pull the other truck? Maybe trucka-war? The ad would have to be something like a home-made simple somewhat redneck ad/commercial that would be cool wouldn't it or am I nuts?

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not an issue because the turd's cams would give out trying to tow that weight.

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:rotflmao: That is true but wouldn't it be funny to see an HD truck tear the powerful Turd up? I would pay top dollar to see that! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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What is it with all the Tundra hate?

Even the Toyota faithful are beginning to dump on this beached whale.

What this bloated monstrostity needs is a nickname, a fitting, proper nickname..........


Four Stars is almost safe enough.

Camshafts Exploding Everywhere!

Thirty Five Hundred on the hood and counting.

Mandrel bent sheetmetal makes great suspension parts.

The truck for people with severe pyschosis. If you don't have it now, you will shortly.

Captain, I can't give her any more cheap plastic.

Five lug nuts are plenty - Now shuddup.

We does so love the fake plastic hood scoop, my precious.

And the most likely exchange between a Tundra owner and a sane person ????.......

Are you laughing at me or my fake<censored>-truck????? (um..........both).

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Although I am enjoying all this Tundra bashing, it really is silly comparing the Tundra, which is a passenger pick up FIRST, to either the Chevy 2500 or Ford F-250. The point of the "half ton" pick ups is that they have a smoother, nicer ride and are really meant for the weekend warrior type, occasional towing or towing lighter (sub 5,000 lb is best) items. For those who are serious about towing or hauling, of course the Ford and GM versions are superior to the Tundra. That is without question. However, the real point is that the weekend warrior, the posers, would be horrified at the ride/handling of the heavier duty vehicles.

How many of the people out there on C&G have ever driven the Ford F450? A lawn tractor is quieter and has a nicer ride. The Silverado 3500 with the dualies is not much better. I have driven both, and would not want to own either. Both vehicles are rude and crude when empty, because their real duty is to be hauling a 10,000 lb trailer or a ton of manure in the back - that is what they are designed for. If you try that with a "half ton" truck (which is what the Tundra really is), of course the frame is going to bend and twist.

Trust me, I love this Toyota bashing, but the Tundra is still NOT a real truck. As always, Toyota is cutting the middle and, despite their billions in American/Canadian profits being freighted in shiploads of cash back to Japan, they still did not commit the money to make a truck that can be equipped for the dozens of different uses. They made one truck, which will appeal to the weekend warriors who read CR, but to nobody else. Ford, GM and to a lesser extent, Dodge have done their home work and know what real truck people need and want. They have been doing that for 80 years, back when trucks were real trucks. You know, before they were "gentrified" with power windows and visor mirrors.

You can compromise on a mid-sized sedan because those people don't know what they want anyway, unless they are told. However, the contractors, farmers, lumber jacks, whatever - they seek no compromises. They know what they need - and the Tundra aint' it.

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