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2006 Dodge Charger SRT8

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425 horses, 5.2 0-60 run, 35,000 grand base. Seems pretty nice. The Mustang GT get's 5.2 0-60 run at a base of 25 Grand, toping off 35,000. But then again, this is a four door sedan. But, then again, it's base price is 10,000 grand more. Hm, my dad will think about it(He's thinking about getting either a Mag-SRT or a Mustang GT.)

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Don't compare to a mustang??!!?? The Charger SRT-8 is more like a CTS-V than a Mustang - The only thing kind of close to the SRT-8 would be the new Impala SS but that can't really compete - OK so I don't have a good car to compare it to.... but not a Mustang...

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I think MPH Magazine sumed it up pretty good in an article comparing the Charger R/T to the Mustang GT and GTO. It's a pretty funny article too.

(granted, they did only have the Charger R/T)


The Charger is just out of its league against the Mustang and the GTO. Even with four doors, it's a fitting tribute to the two-door sedans than previously bore the name, but it's too refined to pass itself off as an American-style sports car. It is undoubtedly the most complete automobile here, but it also gets its ass handed to it by the GTO and Mustang, or at least it will until the Charger SRT-8 shows up. The Mustang is probably the most true to its muscle-car heritage, for better or worse. It's fast (as long as you're not racing a GTO), loud, and has populace-pleasing looks. The Mustang is also light-years better than its predecessor, but that's hardly the point. It's the best car to be seen in, but it's not the best car to drive.

That brings us to the GTO. It has almost no utility, is ugly enough to make the Charger look good, and is scary fast. But raw power, just like tacked-on aerodynamic styling bits, has always been the most important part of the muscle-car formula. And hey, wasn't the omigod 1970 Chevelle SS pretty damn dumpy looking? Twenty years from now we'll look back on the jellybean GTO's nostrils with the same cheesy nostalgia reserved for the giant flaming chicken decals on the Pontiac Trans-Am. It's not because of its looks, or because Ashton Kutcher will probably have one in 2025. It will be because the GTO kicks ass, American style.

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