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Whining sound coming from my Atlas I-6...

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Within the last week, the wife and I noticed that the Atlas I-6 engine in our 2005 GMC Envoy is creating a whining sound when the engine is running and gets louder when you press down on the gas pedal. Anyone familiar with this issue? I plan to take it to the dealership today or tomorrow for them to hear it and schedule an appointment to get it fixed. I have not heard this sound on any other Envoy (my sister has an '05 XL with the I-6, and several of my coworkers have Envoys too). I appreciate any assistance with this, so I don't look like a loser at the dealership's Service Department!!!

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have you run over any Honda drivers lately? They tend to make that sort of noise....

Since the wife and I share it during the week, and knowing how she drives on I-295 North & Route 1 North to Princeton, anything is possible! :lol:

serp belt?

That's what I was thinking...

Water pump? My friend just replaced his and the sound it was making was like what you were describing - and there was no visible anti-freeze leaks.

I will mention this to the service writer too.

I couldn't get over to the dealership today, but I can't delay any longer so I'll be taking this info to the dealer tomorrow. Thanks guys!!!

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I went to the dealer yesterday and not only had the problem diagnosed, but fixed on the spot too! Talk about service :thumbsup:

The culprit? It was a bad idler pulley. As soon as the service writer opened the hood and had me start it, he said "yeah, that doesn't sound right." He checked the power steering fluid first to make sure it wasn't low and that the noise was coming from the power steering pump. Plenty of fluid in there, so he called a mechanic over. He poked around and said "I think it's the idler pulley", and hey went to see if they had any in-stock. 10 minutes later, the service writer comes out, says they have the part and will take it right back. Now here it is, 3:55 PM and the service dept closes at 4:30 and they're taking my truck in. Another mechanic comes to pull it in the shop, says he wants to hear the noise to make sure it's what was diagnosed and upon hearing the noise, says "yup, it's the idler pulley - won't take me long and we'll have you back on the road in no time." Joe, the service writer, says that if the pulley exploded, you'd be stuck whereever you were at and this is not the time of the yea to be stranded somewhere. What treatment! 25 minutes later the work was done, I was on my way home and the noise was gone.

Now this is the local Pontiac-Buick-GMC dealership where I live and didn't lease the truck from (although I've been using them for regular service for a while now). While the dealership is a small-time place (I noticed on the sales board in the manager's office that they've delivered 20 new vehicles and 11 used to date), the treatment I've received from both the service and sales departments will definitely bring me in there when the time comes for a new GM vehicle. GM will definitely get this positive feedback when I get my warranty evaluation/survey in the next couple of weeks.

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Yeah, the idler pulley wouldn't be hard at all to replace, just hit the belt tensioner to release the belt, then unbolt the pulley and slap it back in there, ten minute job, tops. Only part that might have been screwy is that the idler pulley bolt was probably left-handed thread.

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