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Car dealer arrested for assaulting customer

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She was buying a Ridgeline, if I was the defense attorney I'd want to have her mental state estabished first.......

Although there is no excuse for physical violence, I have seen my fair share of arguments with service advisors, managers, even sales people escalate with customers into shouting matches where the customer has had to be physically ejected. It's not limited to just the auto business either. More than once, I've come to clerk's rescue at a cell phone kiosk or grocery store when a nasty customer was becoming abusive.

It all just boils down to the lack of respect/victimhood society we live in today. Who knows what the full story of this was. That is what the courts are for. I've seen dealers make mistakes and cancel deals because of an error, but you never hear the customer complain when the dealer lets them out of a deal that didn't favor them. So much can happen when computer screens are changed or when a customer changes their mind 5 times on make/model/equipment/lease/finance, then it is suddenly the dealer's fault when the error is caught later.

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There are no words for that car salesman, or that dealer's policy.

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Typical, spoiled, whiney assed Honda driver.

Sue happy, ignorant and 'offended' over something trivial.

Maybe he should've slapped some sense into the bitch.


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Yes, a Ridgeline is a crappy vehicle, but if she was told one thing, and the contract indicated another, she had every right to speak up.

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We're probably only a few years away from having most retail environments videotaped, just like many phone calls are now. I've worked in retail all my life and although there are a lot of scumbag salespeople/clerks out there, I have witnessed the severe decline of the level of honesty in customers. People only hear what they want to. One of the big challenges for many areas of our countries is the differences in culture. WASPs use words like 'could,' should,' 'perhaps' and 'maybe,' but various cultures don't recognize attempts at politeness.

A great manager/mentor of mine taught me the differences in dealing with various types of people, and there are some nationalities that do not respect politeness and will seize upon any form of hesitation as a doorway to what they want.

None of use were present during the transaction; therefore, we don't know what both sides said or did. I was raised with the philosophy 'never hit a lady,' but how many 'ladies' are out there anymore? When I had my video stores, I had to eject a young woman because she started using the F-word when things didn't go her way, then her mother (in her '40s) came storminng in from the parked car outside and immediately started using the F-word! People are lied to all the time, so the level of frustration has escalated.

I'll bet in this case we are discussing, both parties should sit in the corner for an hour and go without supper tonight!

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