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    From the album: K.C.

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    From the album: K.C.

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    From the album: K.C.

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    From the album: K.C.

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    From the album: K.C.

  8. There is an omission in the Cheers section of this post Bobo. You forgot to Cheers yourself for your annual post of Cheers & Jeers. Never be afraid to pat yourself on the back when you deserve it.
  9. I had to laugh at the comments about the Insight. It's probably the most inaptly named vehicle on the market. The marketing people sure missed that one. My next question that I need to ask is who is Siegen blowing at Honda to suggest the Insight be COTY? The winner goes to the car that MT thinks is the bigger game changer of all the new cars. I agree with MT COTY winner this year. The new Fusion does move the bar, especially for hybrids. I was also impressed at what MT had to say about the LaCrosse, and was pleasantly surprised that it made it into the finalists.
  10. K.C.

    Future Buick Names

    The names are ok,but until there is confirmation I will wait and hear the final names. Encore has the same prefix as Enclave, and the Enclave has proven successful so I guess they are thinking naming it Encore will make the public believe that the second Buick crossover is an Enclave Jr. I dunno. As for Verano, well. It's okay. The product being high quality and in keeping with Buick is more important to me than the name of the vehicle. Example, I own a G8. Terrible name, great car.
  11. Sorry to hear this buddy. I hope that the hassle of it all doesn't ruin your holiday season.
  12. K.C.

    10 Lacross drive

    Friday I went to my local Buick dealer to buy a camo GMC cap as a Christmas present. In the showroom was a LaX CXS. I sat in it, felt the interior. Looked nice. Salesman came up to me, and to make a long story short I found myself behind the wheels of a black CXL LaCrosse. Outside, stunning styling. I like the sweepspear and the romantic organic shapes the designers stamped into the metal. LED taillamps are very cool. Inside, I hate to keep using the word stunning, but it is. Good quality looks and feel, comfortable seats. The only thing that concerned me as far as cheap was the look of the video screen at the upper part of the dash, also; the center stack is button happy. But overall, this is much more like it. Driving, drove great. I like how solid the car felt and it has plenty of power. This damn thing is amazingly quiet. Sum up, better executed than the ES, much better value. I loved it.
  13. I know I'm late to the party, but I'll put my thoughts in anyway. I really really like this car. . . alot. Interior looks great. I like the wheels. I think it looks decided in keeping with where Buick's design language is going. It fits right in with the new LaX and Enclave.
  14. Glad to see the coupe finally coming about. I hope it does well with buyers. I especially look forward to the Velocity variant. Despite loving the coupe, the wagon is still my favorite variant of the CTS family.
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    GXP inside 2.jpg

    From the album: K.C.

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    From the album: K.C.

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    From the album: K.C.

  18. I like wagons, especially all wheel drives ones with turbo engines. If indeed a wagon model is offered, and in GS trim with a turbo engine and AWD with a 6 speed. Well, I would seriously consider one.
  19. Thanks DF. Been building a new house. In the house now, so things are slowing down mostly.
  20. K.C.

    MT: 2010 Regal first drive

    Would be cool if it came here I guess. Just not sure how they would position it.
  21. Just two: 88 Monte Carlo SS Aerocoupe and a 96 Impala SS
  22. +1. I have bought my last car from GM as well. Something about the government taking over the company just does not sit right with me. I'm saddened by it, but I understand. For the next round, I will defect to Ford.

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