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A few days ago I posted a thread titled "Critical mass" during a point this week where things in my personal life had become very stressful to me and I needed to vent. I eventually deleted that thread not wishing to add further stagnation to the stormy climate here at Cheers and Gears.

In that thread I made mention that doctors were fairly certain that my uncle had cancer. This bit of news was the "breaking point" for me earlier this week, having witnessed two family members fall victim to the disease prior. I really didn't know how to handle that news. However, I recently received the good news that they are no longer certain that he has cancer. I am relieved to say the least, very relieved. It gives me added strength when it matters most.

I also made mention of a lesser problem with an ex-girlfriend. I believe that problem has been solved at least for a while now and the girl I am talking to (who is a big Chrysler fan I might mention) is going to try and spend some time with me tomorrow. So things have turned out considerably better there as well.

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YJ, today is a good day to just relax and focus on the stuff going right in your life. There's always something good going when there is crap going. Happy 4th to ya.

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Hey YJ,

I must've missed that thread...or you had deleted it before saw it.

Either way, glad things are looking up for you now. Thoughts/prayers coming your way....

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