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How I would structure GM

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This section is meant to provide an illustration of the stair step effect, size and price relationship of each channel. It’s simple brainstorming and nothing technical. So don’t harass me too much if it’s way off.

Chevrolet channel:


1) Beat & Groove

2) Cruze, HHR & Orlando

3) Malibu & Camaro

4) Corvette, Impala & Volt (Up here because of price and status)

Chevy Trucks

1) Colorado & El Camino

2) Equinox

3) Traverse

4) Silverado & Silverado HD

5) Suburban

Pontiac, Buick & GMC Channel:

Pontiac & Buick

1) G4

2) G5 & Vibe

3) G6, GTO & Delta Buick

4) Lacrosse, Invicta & Riviera

5) Lucerne & Solstice (The top two cars in price, maybe)

Buick & GMC

1) Terrain

2) Acadia & Buick Theta

3) Canyon

4) Sierra, Sierra HD & Savanna

5) Yukon & Enclave

Cadillac & Saab Channel:

Cadillac & Saab

1) 9-1

2) 9-3

3) 9-4X & SRX

4) 9-5 & BTS

5) CTS

6) DTS & Escalade

7) Cien & Sixteen

Saturn Channel


1) Corsa

2) Astra & Van

3) Aura & Sky

4) Vue & Ridgeline Competitor

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Overall, I'm not happy with the Pontiac plan.

The Caddy plan is spot on.

Chevy is a bit light on models (cars)

Buick is close to perfect. ( I'd change a few things).

Saturn needs some tweaking ( I'd Change the SKY quite a bit)

Saab I just don't really care about.

GMC is really good, but needs a bit more focus. ( I have always had trouble with the mix of "professional grade" and "upscale" trucks being part of one image).

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But where I live there is a Buick-Subaru dealership and a Pontiac-GMC-Hummer-Saab dealership. Cadillac-Saab or B-P-G is basically impossible as rival companies own them. The Saab dealership used to have it's own building, but closed down, and they are in the Pontiac showroom now.

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