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  1. Sergio is set to retire in 2019, I thought I read somewhere and maybe it was on this site that he is in line for a pretty big bonus if he can sell FCA or parts of it. They spun off Ferrari into a $9 billion business so they aren't opposed to doing that. The problem with a single sale of Jeep is you are stuff with the rest of FCA. And Alfa/Maserati could never make it alone they are too small. I think Sergio is going to everything possible to find a buyer though.
  2. BMW News: 2018 BMW M5 Arrives with 600 Horsepower, AWD

    What is really impressive is this car weighs under 4100 lbs. It looks like the M division got some mojo back here. I think the interior looks the same as the previous generation though and even the generation before that. Thumbs up for the super car performance, thumbs down on that interior for $110k.
  3. To sell all of FCA, Sergio would first have to close Chrysler and Dodge. Ram trucks are useless in China or Europe, they probably make sense for a Chinese maker that wants US market sales. Problem with selling Jeep alone is the rest of FCA is worthless. If they sell Jeep now what do they do with the rest of the company? This is like when a baseball team trades a top prospect but makes the receiving team take a dead weight contract.
  4. Seems like a good idea to put it on sale, this could catch on again. Once autonomous cars get more common, a van makes the most sense. Because if you aren't driving and just lounging around or even sleeping until you get to your destination, a van has the space. And for autonomous ride sharing, a van could hold more people.
  5. Fiat News: Two More Chinese Automakers Denies Plans to Buy FCA

    Everyone ever looking to buy something, says they are not looking to buy it.
  6. BMW News: What Is In BMW's Future Product Pipeline?

    That was a W140 chassis car, they were still selling when the W221 S-class was on sale with the same V12 and the Maybach was double the price. I bet they had profit on the Maybach, but they had no reason to keep it going. It was a failed experiment, and over reaction to BMW having Rolls, and VW having Bentley. It made more sense to dump the Maybach brand rather than do another $400,000 sedan that won't sell and doesn't bring any cache to the Mercedes logo. It is better to focus on the S-class as their ultimate sedan and offer the Maybach trim to bolster the S-class and the 3 point star.
  7. Industry News: Nine Automakers Pass On Frankfurt

    Seems like most of FCA is skipping out. Mercedes has a lot planned for this show. I imagine BMW will push the 8-series and Z4, and maybe X7 concept or something. They should have some stuff.
  8. BMW News: BMW Z4 Concept Previews the Next Roadster

    Z8's now cost double what they did 15 years ago.
  9. BMW News: What Is In BMW's Future Product Pipeline?

    Not every car Mercedes makes has to be profitable though. They can build low volume one offs or loss leaders just for the sake of doing it. At most car companies the bean counters will kill off a 6 wheel drive SUV or a Laundelet limo or a hyper car well before it even gets off the sketch pad. And the hyper car might not even lose money, the powertrain development is already paid for and the $2 million price might cover the materials and production cost. If it doesn't, Mercedes obviously doesn't care.
  10. Hyundai News:Hyundai Hops Aboard the EV Train

    EV's for all. This band wagon will start to fill up fast, the technology is just coming to where it is affordable and scaleable.
  11. BMW News: What Is In BMW's Future Product Pipeline?

    Yes but they don't have to design something new, they already have most of that work done from the F1 car. Speeds up the R&D time. If they want to make an 800 hp AMG GT sedan, or an e-turbo C300 that is more efficient than the current car, it won't be that hard to do.
  12. BMW News: BMW Z4 Concept Previews the Next Roadster

    I thought Solstice right away from the rear, and there is some Corvette and Jaguar F-type vibe in it too. I think it looks good overall, but needs more BMW like headlights. It doesn't really scream BMW. Cool looking car though, and Mercedes is dropping the SLC so, the Z4 has that space more to itself.
  13. BMW News: What Is In BMW's Future Product Pipeline?

    275 already sold out, I don't know why they don't make 500, why stop when you have people in line to buy it. What does become a business model is taking that hybrid system, and applying it to a more conventional engine, or taking the electric turbo from that car and putting in the E53 that is supposed to replace the E43.
  14. BMW News: What Is In BMW's Future Product Pipeline?

    AMG has already released those specs on the hypercar that goes on sale in 2018. In almost any comparison test the C300 is near the top of the class, C63 has beaten ATS-V and M3 head on, the E43 just won a comparison test, I remember the E300 beating the CT6 in a Motor Trend compare last year. Those 2 cars regardless of trim level are class leading.