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  1. smk4565

    Ford News: Ford Baby Bronco Will Use Focus Underpinnings

    Premium price for Focus underpinnings sounds like an awesome deal. I bet the Focus chassis will appease hard core off roaders too.
  2. That is true, most of these small crossovers are in the 8-9 second range 0-60 so if the diesel CX-5 does it in 7 seconds it will seem fast compared to them. But when a Camry V6 can do 0-60 in 5.8 seconds anything over 6 seems slow to me.
  3. 310 lb-ft is a lot, especially in this segment, so it should be the performance vehicle of the class but what will it cost? It will probably have a 0-60 time in the high 6’s, we aren’t talking massive speed and I feel like that diesel will add $3,000 in cost. Could have got better mpg with a mild hybrid system. Keep in mind the Mercedes GLK diesel had 369 lb-ft and did 0-60 in 7.4 or 7.2 seconds, it wasn’t really fast despite all the torque.
  4. smk4565

    Elon Musk Proposes Taking Tesla Private

    Maybe he will do it, I don't know how much more money he has to increase his ownership stake, but I am sure he can also find some other firm to buy uptake shares and Elon can take even greater control doing what ever he wants. One day Elon will hide 5 Golden Tickets in Tesla cars to be sold over a 3 month period, and those 5 individuals will get a factory tour and tour of Elon's office, in which one of those five will inherit his fortune at the end.
  5. Audi for example could leave the US market and still sell 1.75 million cars a year and still make a lot of money. But that just takes away one choice for the American consumer and the fewer choices people have the lazier automakers can get or the more money they can charge. And what if a Chinese company bought GM? It would only cost like $50 billion and Disney just paid $71 billion to get 20th Century Fox and some tv networks. These corporations have massive money and can just buy things. Then do you say the Chinese make all the profits but we will tariff Subaru and kill American jobs.
  6. I agree with defelt, if you only had cars for sale in the US that were made in the US you would have a narrow selection of products. Each auto maker would cut half their line and just build 4 products and you’d just have to go with it, sort of how cars were in Comminist Russia. With all this import tariff talk, the Silverado quad cab is made in Mexico, how would GM like a $10,000 tax on top of the Silverado, seems like that would hurt sales and cost jobs at Chevy dealers. The whole industry will get screwed if these tariffs go into effect.
  7. Wait, Toyota still has the Yaris on sale? That list is littered with Cadillac and Buick’s because they over built and the sales were dismal. You don’t see any BMW, Audi or Mercedes or Acura or Lexus sedans on that list so it goes beyond “people just don’t buy sedans anymore.” The ATS all around isn’t a good enough product to drive demand, plus it doesn’t say BMW on it, so people don’t want it. Cadillac’s biggest problem is image. Take away the product and say “I drive a Cadillac” “I drive a BMW” or “I drive a Tesla” and which seems like the most envious statement? For the most part, people don’t want Cadillacs, they buy them because they “got a deal” and can feel some sense of victory in getting $10,000 off sticker.
  8. Uh, no. The Chinese auto industry is bigger than the American auto industry. Buick is here because of China and I think GM sold more cars in China than it did in the USA last year. GM would have gone bankrupt again if Obama took away their Chinese business.
  9. Happy birthday.  This made front page news on the C&G forum homepage today.

  10. smk4565

    Sales: Sales Figure Ticker: July 2018

    Amazon lost money in 2014, how are they doing today? The Model 3 is in the top 10 selling cars now, and Tesla is still a mess, they could make huge market gains. They could also go bust, but I seem to think they will start selling 250,000 Model 3's a year and once they get a crossover version they'll sell 250,000 of those too.
  11. smk4565

    Sales: Sales Figure Ticker: July 2018

    Tesla is probably not going to have profit until 2019. But if they can get production straightened out and the orders filled, the cash will follow. They have the product demand in place and loyal customer base.
  12. smk4565

    Sales: Sales Figure Ticker: July 2018

    I would still bet on Mercedes being the #1 selling luxury car maker in the USA and World at the end of 2018, and I think they will repeat that in 2019 with the new A-class line (A sedan, CLA, GLA, etc) and GLB because that will hit penetrate that $30-45k segment of the market. They also have new GLE and GLS hitting next year. The long term success depends on how quickly they can roll out electric cars at prices that are reasonable. The Tesla Model 3 outsold the Ford Fusion last month, it is sucking up huge market share in the $40-50k sedan space. That is where the treat to luxury makers is coming from.
  13. No, No, No. If there are 25% tariffs then it should punish GM just as much as it punishes Toyota or Honda. First off I believe there should be no tariffs on anything, but if there is a 25% tariff then everyone should get screwed.
  14. smk4565

    July 2018: Mercedes-Benz USA

    This is one bad month, if this is still going on 3 months from now they can worry, one bad month doesn’t make a year. They are winding down the GLE and GLS which have new versions next year plus the GLB next year and people like SUVs. The CLS isn’t at dealerships yet and they quit making E43 because the E53 is coming this fall so that explains the drop on the E lineup. BMW and Audi didn’t have big gains and most luxury brands were down so I don’t think this is Mercedes losing buyers to competition I think it is people waiting .
  15. If this does go through, which I doubt it will from previous court rulings, what is to stop California from imposing a 20% sales tax on all gas powered cars and giving EV’s a $5,000 credit with money from the “California Excellence Fund” assuming they get that thing going. They could crush gas car sales and those same car companies resisting EV’s will be screwed. I think sticking the current 2025 Target but not imposing fines until 2030 would be a more reasonable approach and maybe California will accept that.

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