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  1. Poison to enthusiasts maybe, but not to shareholders who only care about GM's bottom line and the dividend payout.
  2. Well it makes more financial sense for Chevy to introduce a crossover in between the Equinox and Blazer than to do a new Camaro, because then they can do a GMC clone of it too. Sadly the people just want more crossovers. I think this crossover craze sucks, but the tribe has spoken.
  3. And yet Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley and AMG have them, and Ferrari is coming. No one buys the Alfa Romeo or Maserati crossovers, but no one buys from those brands anyway. Ford wouldn't do Edge ST and Explorer ST if they didn't think they could sell them.
  4. They should build something like this. They need a halo sports car product to compete with Porsche, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini and all those guys. Plus they need to push their EV cars.
  5. The Camaro got too expensive, plus gen 6 doesn’t look as good as gen 5 and you can’t see out of them. People also want crossovers not coupes, so they better get performance crossovers ready.
  6. JLR better hope Fiat stays in business in the USA so there is someone worse than they are.
  7. JD power IQS is very subjective. They are just asking customers if they have a complaint or problem with their vehicle in the first 90 days, not being able to figure out how to pair your phone to blue tooth could be a problem. That survey has nothing to do with overall reliability or cost of ownership. I don’t think JLR will survive on their own. Not enough volume, too expensive to develop electric powertrain and autonomous vehicles. JLR could be gone with one recession without a partner.
  8. I think they will sell a lot of these. I suspect the Hyundai Palisade will sell well also. They both look good, they both are packed with content and both cost less than most of the rivals. The Atlas and Ascent I think are mostly just to appeal to existing VW and Subaru owners that need a 3rd row, they don't really make any breakthroughs. The Hyundai/Kia cousins I think came to conquest sales.
  9. If the GT500 runs 0-60 in 2.5 seconds like a less powerful 911 Turbo does then I will give Ford a pass for no awd.
  10. The AMG GT R Pro is the fastest front engine, rear drive car around the Nurburgring and that is with 577 hp. More power would not be usable or make it get around a track faster. And that car in a straight line is not faster than an AWD E63 with the same engine and more weight. And the Corvette should have an all wheel drive option, I have said that in the past. If Corvette is going to be that high powered. Now if they make the Corvette a 400 hp base, and 500 hp optional engine and that's it to keep price down to be more like a Supra, then rear drive only is fine. But with the power a Vette has it should have all wheel drive.
  11. The M5 is a rocket too, that can run with a ZR1 and an M5 or AMG GT sedan are like 1,000 lbs heavier because they have back seats and they give up 100 hp to the ZR1. That all comes down to grip.
  12. That is why the E63 accelerates faster than a CTS-V or Charger Hellcat. And an AMG GT 4-door has the same 10.8 second 1/4 mile time as a Corvette ZR1.
  13. Actually AMG offered rear and all wheel drive at the same time and the all wheel drive was chosen more by customers. Customer demand drove their decision to move toward all wheel drive in all AMG’s. Combined with the fact that they know they are near the limits with rear drive and have send power to all 4 wheels.
  14. They never let an engine go that long or be underpowered for the time. But it isn't 4.6 liters to get 255 hp. Cadillac should just kill the XT6 now, no way they can compete with the GX460. And the Lincoln Aviator is DOA, that 400+ hp hybrid deal they got going on is no match for the Lexus V8.
  15. The consumer public will not be satisfied until there are 1,000 crossovers available for under $30,000. And 1,000 more for above $30,000.

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