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  1. Acura News: Acura Announces Return of Type S, New Twin-Turbo V6

    I can't wait for a twin-turbo V6 in a front wheel drive sedan, that will be exiting, they will put the Lincoln MKZ on notice! Because nothing screams performance more than front wheel drive. Here is how sad Acura is at performance, the fastest version of the TLX, has the same 0-60 time as the slowest Mercedes GLS.
  2. But an electric XJ is probably 3 years away, the Porsche Mission E will be on sale before that and the other guys will probably have one in 3 years also.
  3. This all comes down to Jaguar building a better mouse trap. Because the German trio are all making electric sedans too. Tesla is doing well because they are the only game in town right now. When there are 5 full size EV sedans on market, then it gets back to who does it best.
  4. Diesel is the past, electricity is the future.
  5. "Electrified" is a loose term, when a mild hybrid could count as electrified. I imagine 100% of cars sold by 2025 will have some sort of electrification.
  6. Here's Why the Chevy SS Was a Total Failure

    Valid points, although I do find him entertaining. We all knew the SS wouldn't sell because the G8 and GTO didn't sell. GM wanted those to sell but both were flawed and neither really geared to the American market. The SS wasn't really marketed, had bland styling, and had the same formula that doomed the GTO and G8. The SS had low volume expectations because GM knew it wouldn't sell after the last 2 Holdens flopped.
  7. It is all new platform, and yes it should have way more space since it is basically like what Tesla has with the flat floor and all that. Rumor is 400ish hp and 500ish lb-ft of torque. What is interesting is I read the EQ C crossover is the size of a GLE which looks to be the case based on the size of the vehicle in the spy photo but then wouldn't it be an EQ E? or EQ GLE? A lot of speculation still on this thing. At some point these model lines will have to merge, because every Mercedes will be electric one day, not til the 2030s I imagine, but eventually.
  8. I believe the C3 and C5 Aircross would sell well here, the rest of their merry band of hatchbacks I don't think so, but these 2 would sell for sure.
  9. I thought Fiat had a pickup, good work on uncovering it. The Fiat Fullback: So they already make one, I don't see how Sergio can claim they can't find resources to do it.
  10. I would skip a midsize pick up and do a small pickup of which there are none on market. And couldn’t the Promaster city or some Fiat platform work for a pick up? Or use the Pacifica platform for a pick up like Honda does with Ridgeline.
  11. I think Citroen could do well. They focus on ride quality rather than Nurburgring cornering which makes them different than Germans and should appeal to the aging baby boomer population we have. Opel could do okay but I don’t know if they would have anything better or different than GM or Ford already sell here. And if you want to break into a new market you have to have something much better than what is already there.
  12. To boost sales every car should come with a free Sweater from Sergio’s Sweater Shack, offering the finest Italian made sweaters that are made in Italy.
  13. The base Mazda 3 has 150 lb-ft with a 184 lb-ft option and the base Jetta has 184 lb-ft. They might cost a little more but they are the same segment of car. Maybe they will put an optional engine in still.
  14. But it still has 132 lb-ft when others in the segment have 155-175.
  15. Why is the V6 here? The Turbo 4 has the same HP and more torque and better gas mileage.

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