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  1. smk4565

    Lexus News: The Uncertain Future of the Lexus GS and IS

    The CTS and Lincoln LS were the same size of a 2002 5-series or E-class. Yes that was a good size. The problem was the Cadillac and Lincoln weren't as luxurious or as well built, or as powerful as those 2. The M5 had a 500 hp V10 when the 400 hp CTS-V went on sale. The other problem was the Germans had small, medium and large cars, Lincoln and Cadillac just had a bunch of large cars and one mid-size. The Continental, STS, DTS, Town Car, Mark VII, Eldorado of that late 90s, early 2000s era were all over 200 inches long, those were 7-series/S-class sized cars and some people just don't want a big car and why would 1 brand build 3 large cars, 1 midsize and 0 small car, it makes no sense. Imagine today Chevy offering the Malibu, Impala, SS and Corvette and that is it for cars, and saying well if you want a Civic or Corolla, just cross shop a Malibu.
  2. smk4565

    BMW News: 2019 BMW 8-Series Returns From the Dead

    I looked up the size of this car, it is roughly E-class coupe size, the E-class has a 2 inch longer wheelbase but is 1 inch shorter in length, the 8-series is 3 inches wider and 3 inches lower in height, so I am guessing head room is tight. So we aren't talking S-class coupe size. This is similar in size to the original 8-series so that is a good thing, I like this size of car, but I wonder if BMW will make a bigger coupe. The 8-series is also close in size to a Bentley Continental GT, but if you want a big luxury coupe it seems like S-class and Rolls-Royce are the only options. Perhaps Cadillac should get into that space.
  3. smk4565

    Lexus News: The Uncertain Future of the Lexus GS and IS

    I would assume a lot of fleet sales, livery and rental sales will go to crossovers too in the future, just like what happened with police cars, you hardly see police cars anymore you see Police SUVs. And if this fleet sale market is so huge, why did Cadillac or Lexus never get in on it? Or Infiniti for that matter. Instead all 3 are just cutting their sedan line up down to 2 cars probably, and I could see Infiniti with 1 sedan and Lincoln with zero. These luxury brands are fleeing sedans like Ford and FCA have fled mid-size family sedans, they just can't compete anymore. But once you give up on sedans, you better have some great SUVs if you are going to survive on one product.
  4. smk4565

    Volvo News: Volvo Introduces Polestar Engineered for Next S60

    The GLS is bigger than an XC90 though, you are talking Escalade money for a GMC Acadia size vehicle there. And the Excellence trim I think is a 4 seater, if you want a luxury 4 seater I feel like there are better ways to spend $110,000. And imagine if Cadillac priced the new XT6 over $100k, people would lose their minds. Like I said Volvo has some good stuff going on product and design wise and I like the hybrid and environmental stuff, that is all good. I just think they charge too much for what you get. For example, they want $155,000 for a Polestar 1 or you could get a BMW 8-series for like $100k, or maybe $125k depending on how they price it, but look at the difference.
  5. smk4565

    Volvo News: Volvo Introduces Polestar Engineered for Next S60

    I know the Excelence is like their Maybach, it is a luxury trim, but still that is a lot of money for an XC90. I have sat in the S90 sedan and thought, this is a nice car, I like the Swedish contemporary design of it, but then when you look at the price and it is E-class money, you think, ok, this is no E-class. And there in lies the problem with the new Volvos. I think the XC40 looks good, all their new generation cars look good, the turbo charged, supercharged, plug-in combo is good. I like what they are doing, but an XC60 for example starts $1,000 more than a GLC. They want Mercedes-Benz money but don't have Mercedes-Benz level interiors, performance or badge cache, and that latter is the most important to most luxury buyers. I mean who wants to spend $60k on a Volvo and then have to explain why they bought it instead of any 3 of the German cars.
  6. smk4565

    Volvo News: Volvo Introduces Polestar Engineered for Next S60

    Who says the Polestar will be cheaper? These new Volvos are nice, but they are crazy expensive too. An XC90 Excellence trim is $105,000, I mean that is ridiculous. If you want to charge AMG or M money, you better bring it, and I don't think you can do enough to an S60 to compete with an AMG or M car.
  7. smk4565

    BMW News: 2019 BMW 8-Series Returns From the Dead

    It's been 20 years since the last BMW 8-series and 20 years since BMW made a really good looking car. This is the best looking BMW since the last 8-series (which still looks good today, and looks totally badass) and this is a really outstanding looking car. They got this right, it has that shape reminiscent of the last Jaguar XK or an Aston Martins DB9, the tail end might be a little busy, but overall a great looking car. And nice job bringing the power, they brought the big boy V8, not some wimpy six cylinder.
  8. smk4565

    Lexus News: The Uncertain Future of the Lexus GS and IS

    Which are all good attributes and in profile view the CT6 has good presence and looks good. There are plenty of reasons to buy it. The E63 can do 0-60 in 3.0 seconds, that is the exact same time Car and Driver got for the Corvette ZR1. Performances win for the E-class over the CT6. But besides that the E-class has plenty of attributes to sell on too, that is why it has been the best selling mid-size luxury car for decades. Plus the E-class has 4 body styles and 5 if you count the CLS, so that works in its favor too. More choices for the customer = more sales. Lexus, Infiniti and Cadillac sedans aren’t bad cars, it is just to have a successful sedan now you need to be lights out good otherwise the sheeple will just buy a crossover.
  9. smk4565

    Lexus News: The Uncertain Future of the Lexus GS and IS

    Except the S-class is the most aerodynamic Mercedes and it has 3 box design so 4-door coupe must not do anything. I do think SUV coupes are ugly but Mercedes and BMW have so Audi and Porsche want it. And if the Germans do it then every other luxury brand will copy it. And I have said before that I think the CT6 is more an e-class competitor than S-class competitor. The E-class still has a better interior and more performance than the CT6, the CT6 has a larger back seat. Customer can pick what matters most to them. But then what is the CTS become, other than irrelevant? From 60k sales a year to 12k sales a year, it is in the same boat as the Lexus GS.
  10. smk4565

    Lexus News: The Uncertain Future of the Lexus GS and IS

    Well I bought a 5 year old Benz, 5 years ago. But nevertheless, you are right about the copy cat industry. But that is the followers problem for copying the leader, not creating the next trend. Mercedes built the first luxury SUV, then everyone else jumps in, BMW had the 3-series, Lexus and Cadillac had to copy, Lincoln even tried copying the 5–series with the LS, now every sedan is a 4-door coupe because the Mercedes CLS did that in 04. People laughed at BMW and Mercedes for crossover coupes, and he come Audi and Porsche with them and you know Lexus and Cadillac will follow. Lexus has a dated lineup because there is no imagination or creativity in it and because the Lexus LX570 and GX460 latterly haven’t had an update since 2007.
  11. smk4565

    Lexus News: The Uncertain Future of the Lexus GS and IS

    Dropping cars isn’t how you get more sales. There is no rule that says Alexus can’t keep every sedan and build 10 crossovers. The real issue here is the GS is ugly, has a poor interior and dated powertrain sand the same can be said for the IS. These cars just aren’t good. I hope they drop them, more market share for Mercedes who continually invests in their sedans.
  12. smk4565

    Volvo News: Volvo Introduces Polestar Engineered for Next S60

    Price. Absolutely it matters but when the car has a 60/40 weight split or whatever the S60 has and puts most of the torque to the front wheels then the torque is useless. Different class of car but the M5 and E63 can send 100% of torque to the rear wheels. A 494 lb-ft Volvo is about as useful as a 494 lb-ft Acura TLX or Lexus ES.
  13. smk4565

    Volvo News: Volvo Introduces Polestar Engineered for Next S60

    So still less power than a C63 or M3 and this Volvo is wrong wheel drive. Unless they make it rear drive, it doesn't matter how much power they put in the S60 or S90.
  14. VW has crazy cash, so this isn't even going to hurt them all that much, but I think no car maker will make diesel anymore because of stuff like this. It isn't worth it.
  15. Losing 1-2 million sales is not a way to create jobs or strengthen the middle class, it is just bad and outdated thinking to tariff things. If they did put a 25% tariff on Chinese made cars, then the Buick Envision would cost more than th Enclave and XT5, which would make that vehicle dead in the water. The whole idea is just stupid.

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