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  1. They could close the Mitsubishi brand and use the factory to build more Nissans. That would improve margins.
  2. Volvo News: Polestar 1 Might Not Be Subscription Only

    Polestar 1 has smaller exterior dimensions than the AMG GT, which is the smallest car Mercedes makes. Polestar 1 is 5 inches shorter than a Mercedes SL. I wouldn't say that interior room is going to be high on the pro's list for this car. As I said in this thread and the other, I really like the looks of the Polestar, I would sort of prefer all EV, since Volvo already has a plug-in hybrid, this is like an XC90 powertrain with the boost turned up. It is also a cut down Volvo S90 chassis with an S90 interior. So even though I like the car, $153,000 is not worth it for an S90 coupe plug in hybrid.
  3. Volvo News: Polestar 1 Might Not Be Subscription Only

    They should sell them. But at the same time, EV only I think would be better. I like this car, but the price is going to be the problem. Why would you buy this over an AMG GT, or a 911 Turbo or Aston Martin Vantage, Audi R8, S-class coupe, etc. Because this Polestar is still burning gas like they are. The Polestar has a lot of power, but I suspect much like a Tesla it is only good in a straight line, and doesn't have the handling and suspension of those other cars I mentioned. And I like the Volvo S90 interior, it is nice at the S90's price point, but not at $153,000.
  4. I suspect that sales of left hand drive Chryslers will end production in a couple years.
  5. The Pahntom would make a perfect EV. Range anxiety is gone because Rolls-Royce owners have a private jet, so long road trips are out. They also have a chauffeur so he can charge the car, the owner need not worry about it.
  6. Audi News: 2019 Audi A7 Retains the Swoopy Hatchback Look

    Doesn't look as good as a Mercedes, not as much horsepower as a Mercedes, not as good an interior as a Mercedes. Not surprised.
  7. This is where that 365 hp turbo 4 rumored for the Wrangler ended up.
  8. I really like it, but I don't like the subscription idea, and I don't like that it is a plug in. Volvo already has plug in hybrids, I thought the purpose of Polestar was to build electric cars?
  9. They have to build and EV and this is the Phantom is the most logical vehicle in the world to be an EV. Their #1 priority is quiet operation with huge torque, electric does that. The car is huge with lots of space for batteries and they don't care about weight. And lastly the new Phantom LWB is $530,000 before options, their buyers don't care about price either.
  10. That is my point a 2 seater is a bad idea for Hondaor anyone. If Honda wants to do a sports car it should have a back seat to broaden appeal.
  11. So where are GM and Ford with 2 seat roadsters? I don't see them making a Miata fighter and I assume it is because they know there is now money in it.
  12. The SLk/SLC is getting cancelled at the end of its life cycle. G6 coupe, Monte Carlo, Sebring/200, Solara, Altima coupe all dead. I forgot the Nissan 370 is 2 seater only. They have sold 3,265 YTD down 23.9%. Mazda is on pace to sell about 10,000 Miata's this year. But compare that to a Camaro or Mustang. If Honda is going to introduce a sports car, they are better off offering a back seat.
  13. The 911 has a back seat. The Miata is the only 2 seater left under $40k, there is probably a reason for that. And look at Miata sales vs Mustang, Camaro, Challenger, 370Z, BRZ/GT86, etc. Coupes are dying as it is, 2 seaters even more so.
  14. 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS is upon us

    The article is speculating 0-60 times on a car that hasn't been tested yet. The E43 does it in 4.2 without the e-turbo and 35 less hp. The S450 is 5.1 seconds 4.9 or 5.0 makes sense for a CLS carrying less weight. I think the interesting bit is the 300 hp, 295 lb-ft inline 4, that would be a big boost to the C300, GLC300, E300.
  15. 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS is upon us

    The AMG version will be fast, even though it is only a 43 level. The GLC43 does 0-60 in 4.3 seconds as an SUV, the E43 does it in 4.2 and this car will have more power than those two. There is supposedly to be no V8 on the next CLS. Yep, half the sedans on the market took that CLS shape.