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  1. smk4565

    Land Rover News: Land Rover Debuts New Inline-6 Engine

    Riding Mercedes coat tails on this one. But a good move for them.
  2. Probably the German built ones will come to USA as anything Mercedes builds in China is sold in that region. They are currently expanding the Alabama plant and building a battery factory next to it so I would expect once that is done these EQC’s and others will be sourced from there. A slow ramp up in 2019 is fine to get quality right, after that they need to get it rolling. As I said they aren’t Tesla with one factory. The new S-class factory will open in 2020, they will make EV’s there also freeing up Sindelfingen for E-classes and the like.
  3. They better ramp up production big time in 2020, this is Mercedes-Benz not Tesla.
  4. GM has money now, they could build anything they want. It is a matter of choice now not limited resources.
  5. Probably got a big shipment out of the former Yugoslavia during the fall, much like Newman’s shower head dealer.
  6. I always liked the rear end styling of that car, I think the rear still looks good today. I thought the headlights were too rounded off and the front was a little off. I liked the interior of that car at the time. I test drove one that was 3 years old maybe and remember it being too floaty and I had an Aurora at the time , that was probably 6 years ago. I drove an STS, gen 2 CTS, XF, MKZ, Genesis 4.6 and then an E350 and the E350 was way better so I bought an E550 without driving it figuring it has to be better than a 350.
  7. Haven driven both those (540i) I do think the STS has better luxury, the BMW maybe a better grade of build quality and fit and finish. The difference was in driving, that E39 5-series could run circles around an STS or Gen 2 Aurora.
  8. That is the best looking BMW sedan ever made.
  9. Well, I mean the faster the van the faster the man with a van can make his deliveries and the more deliveries the more money. At least Jeremy Clarkson would see it that way.
  10. Alpina counts it is on BMW's website. You can't buy a Hennessey car are a Cadillac dealer. That is why I left off the Brabus S-class that does 227 mph, I don't care what an aftermarket tuner does that voids out a warranty and could blow the engine. For stock factory cars the BMW Alpina B7 is the fastest one, which actually pisses me off because I don't like BMW, that is the real enemy of my brand. The A8 doesn't sell here at all, in China they clean up though, so on a global basis the A8 does alright. 7-series was in a model change over at the end of the year, plus the CT6 is 5-series money. The 5-series easily outsells the CT6, and the top end 5-series costs more than the top CT6. If the CT6 was 7-series money, it would sell 200 a month like the A8 does. 2019 CT6 is $50,495 CT6-V $87,795 2019 5-series is $53,400 M5 $102,700 2019 7-series is $83,650 M760li $156,700 And those are base prices before options list for the lowest model and the base price of the top trim.
  11. This is the 2019 CT6 V-sport backseat: And a 760 And an S-class Maybach
  12. The 2005 BMW M5 could go 200 mph with the speed limiter removed but it did have that governor put on there. CTS-V can hit 200 mph, but we are talking about a car bigger than a CT6, with a lot more weight (4,820 lbs) to move in the Alpina B7. And this thread was about the CT6 rivaling the best German sedans, which you have to throw the Panamera and maybe AMG GT63 4-door in there too. I still see the CT6 as more of an E-class/5-series rival that is just bigger. Maybe Lexus LS level when you have the V8 model added in there, it can offer the muscle the Lexus can't, even if it doesn't have Lexus reliability/quality. We can call that an even match up. But neither the CT6 or LS are "ready for prime time" of that $100-200k segment, they just aren't that level.
  13. This has a top speed of 205 mph, making it the fastest sedan in the world (factory produced). Gauntlet thrown, are the Lexus LS or Cadillac CT6 going to beat it? I hope AMG steps up to the challenge.
  14. Don’t hate on me, hate on Cadillac for not building a better car. A maxed out CT6 is cheaper than a base model S560. The S560 can go over $150,000 with options and that is before you get into AMG or Maybach. 7-series can go over $190k for a 760. Cadillac isn’t alone, the Lexus interiors trail behind any of the Germans too and the GS F is slow and the LS has no engine upgrade. They are just as bad and uncompetitive. I seem to remember a Motor Trend comparison of a CT6 and an E-class and they knocked the CT6 interior, if it can’t beat an E-class it is no S or 7. Plus there are people for who a 400 hp V6 isn’t enough, CT6 stops at a level some won’t even consider, they fixed that with the V8 for the 2019, but even still you can’t get a refrigerator in a CT6, you can’t get Level 3 Autonomy like an A8 has, 7-series has hand gesture controls, etc.
  15. If the CT6 interior was as good as a German car, and it costs $30k less, why do the 7-series and S-class outsell it here and even by wider margin in China? I have sat in a CT6 it was at the auto show probably a mid grade one, but it is not as nice as a 5-series let alone a 7. CT6 interior should be what Cadillac has in mind for the CT4 and work up from there.

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