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  1. $42k for a CX-5 is pretty insane. They'll sell about 10 of these diesels
  2. I like the Kona more. But FTW, more crossovers!!! These guys have 7 crossovers basically spanning $20k to $50k. That is a new crossover every $4,000 just about.
  3. Yes please do the electric assist V8. The grab handles are probably for Nürburgring runs where this vehicle was tested.
  4. Fusion, Focus, Impala, Lacrosse, Taurus are all dying. Sedan buyers have to go somewhere, they might as well go here as this looks like a good sedan. The fuel economy is 2 mpg worse on the 1.6T. It makes zero sense.
  5. About half of Buick’s Chinese sales are from the Excelle which competes with the Jetta and Corolla. Buick’s China performance should be compared to VW as they operate in the same price tiers with similar products. Lexus and Acura outsell Cadillac in the USA too, do they benefit fro the German propaganda machine? As for what makes the Germans better vehicle to vehicle, first is performance, example Panamera vs CT6 or X5 M vs XT6. Next is build quality, and materials quality, next is suspension tuning, does the Escalade have active curve function that can lean the vehicle on hydraulics in a turn so it corners flat? The GLS does. Technology is next, the A8 is the only level 3 autonomous car on sale right now, Super Cruise is a level 2, what CT5 is getting next year is already behind Audi. Innovation is another, the SL and S-class have 30 laser drilled holes inside the wiper blades to dispense washer fluid so the windshield is never sprayed temporarily blinding the driver, or spraying fluid over the roof or wasting washer fluid. There is also engine refinement and interior noise level. It is a long list.
  6. So Chinese believe European imports are better than American too? And again, that is Cadillac’s problem to fix. Cadillac knows they are at an immediate disadvantage when it comes to image, yet they don’t do a whole lot with their product line or marketing to correct it. And this has been a 25 year problem.
  7. The Germans don’t overcharge, the top 3 selling luxury brands in the world are German, top 3 in China are German, top 3 in Europe are German and 3 of top 4 in USA are German. If they were so outrageously over priced the sales would not be that high.
  8. I think the interior looks fantastic other than the HVAC pod shape that looks like it came off a last gen Escape. I am not a fan of the push button shifter but that is on all Lincolns. Really pretty looking interior though and definitely among the best of the 20 or so small SUVs out there. Good power out of the engines too, I like that there are 2 engines and this should move well unless it is obese.
  9. How does the optional engine have less horsepower and fuel economy than the base engine? Other than that it looks great inside and out.
  10. If the theory that the CT6 was better than a 7-series is correct, then why can BMW get $130,000 for an M5, more than what any Cadillac costs and $175,000+ for a 760. Is Cadillac’s image that bad that they have to give that much in MSRP and profit mating to BMW?
  11. The GLB has the same torque as an XT4 or X1 and more than a Q3. There is nothing wrong with the power output of the base engine. I would argue the A220 is underpowered though. There is no power upgrade for XT4, Lexus NX, Q3, RDX, etc. GLB is going to have engine upgrades that the others don’t.
  12. I don't think the 4-cylinder 0-60 time matters too much on a CT5 or 5-series, as long as the car feels like it has enough power in regular driving. The people buying the 4-cylinder are not in any hurry to get anywhere. There is a 6-cylinder if they do want power, I'd be more concerned with V6 acceleration because that is what the enthusiasts and bigger spenders will compare. Interior quality, technology and refinement and ride quality are going to matter. Cadillac has to win those daily driver categories that it rarely wins vs the Germans. Here's and A6 interior, gotta beat that:
  13. It is 5-series size, but I was reading some rumors that it is 3-series price. Which I think is actually a good strategy, the first CTS was 5-series size for 3-series money and that was the only CTS that was a strong seller. The 5-series costs more than a CT6, so they can't price the CT5 like a 5-series. The new 330i, which I guess isn't the cheapest model but is a turbo 4 model does 0-60 in 5.2 seconds. The 340i adds another 130 hp, so I have to believe that is doing it in near 4 seconds. Which is crazy because that was M3 fast like 5-10 years ago.
  14. But the C-class and E-class have more horsepower in 4 and 6 cylinder spec than a CT5. Regardless of that, I don't see how V-series package that adds $20k to the price of any Cadillac crossover isn't easy profit, even if it is only a 10% take rate.

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