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  1. More people are willing to spend $90k on an SUV than are on a sports car.
  2. Benz will have a strong response and the GLS is supposed to get a Maybach trim. And we know the GLS63 will have 603 hp, they trademarked GLS73 for something above that. So I imagine BMW will have to do an 600 hp X7 M. Horsepower wars are on!
  3. I have to say the interior of this looks top notch. I saw some photos of the beige and blue interior and that looked quite good. The pricing is quite good too, BMW came to play here, gauntlet thrown, we'll see how Mercedes responds with the 2020 GLS.
  4. Dynamic Handling Package indeed. This is a vehicle they need, they have to have a big 3 row SUV, especially for the American market.
  5. smk4565

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Nah, E-class, especially the E53.
  6. smk4565

    X-class overview from Esquire UK

    Technically it is a re-badged Nissan Navara, which is a new truck. The Frontier we have in the USA is the 2004-2014 Navara. And the X-class was never designed for the US market, it was made for Europe, Africa and Australia. If they wanted to do an American version, I imagine there would be interior upgrades, more sound deadening, different engines, and suspension changes. And you wouldn't need a G-class platform for any of that, but they could pull suspension and differential bits from it to put on the X-class. From a CNBC article a few days ago: Mercedes-Benz, a luxury car company founded in 1926, makes an average $339 profit every second. This amounts to an average $20,310 every minute, $1,218,656 every hour and $29,247,743 every 24 hours, according to Staveley Head, a U.K.-based car insurance provider.
  7. I was thinking more the rear of the car, with the shape of it. And we are talking about 45 years in between designs.
  8. smk4565

    X-class overview from Esquire UK

    Full size truck is too big for Europe, they are becoming too big for the USA. Canyon or Colorado could work in Europe, assuming they had the dealer network, but they don’t. FCA could sell a Wrangler pick up there I bet. As far as the X-class, I think that is putting their toe in the water. If it does well they can do a mid cycle refresh and give it a new interior and make it ready for the US market. The Mercedes turbo 4 has as much torque as the V6 Colorado or Tacoma and the in-line six blows away any mid-size truck on sale here. Americans love pick ups and the money spent on them is pretty high, it is a tempting play for Mercedes to go into that market. Daimler has a lot of truck parts in the empire to pull from if needed and I imagine an X-class with the G-wagon’s suspension, locking diffs and 4-wheel drive would make an awesome off roader.
  9. Maybe they should just shut it down and waive the white flag to Mercedes and BMW. But VW has crazy money and can survive about anything. On another note, the new A7 looks a bit like a Jensen Interceptor which is pretty bad ass. That is a good looking car.
  10. smk4565

    Jaguar News: Rumorpile: Jaguar Considers Going Fully Electric

    What do they have to lose? Jaguar sales are pretty low, and I am sure they don't have the money to develop EVs and gas cars and build them side by side, so they probably have to pick on or the other. They might as well go all in on EV and try to get ahead of the curve.
  11. 20 mpg city sounds decent, but 23 mpg highway rounds rather weak. You'd think a 4-cylinder engine would post better numbers. I also don't know why Toyota hasn't done a Tundra Hybrid with the Lexus LC500h powertrain, that is good for 26/35 mpg in a 4500 lb car, I imagine in a truck it would still be good for over 25 mpg.
  12. You can lease a Volvo XC40 T5 Momentum for $415 a month. Insurance is about $80 a month. So does Volvo believe that maintenance on a new car under warranty is $205 per month? Only way this service makes sense is it was unlimited milage and a person who travels for work or drive Uber full time and puts 40,000 miles a year on the car could abuse the heck out of the thing and hand it back after a year.
  13. smk4565

    BMW News: No V12 For You 8-Series Coupe!

    They have a 600 hp V8, problem solved.
  14. They should put a 3.5 Ecoboost with 450 hp in there. They could call it Lightning.
  15. smk4565

    BMW News: There Will Not Be A Next-Generation BMW 3-Series GT

    SUV coupes are the way of the future. Hatchback, wagon, whatever this GT is, are all non-starters. Those aren't body styles that work. Take the Kia Stringer for example, probably will die on the sales charts and be dead in 5 years, but if it was an SUV coupe they'd have a hit.

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