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  1. 15 years ago a V8 F150 had 231 hp and 293 lb-ft of torque. And they sold over 500,000 of them and they towed boats and trailers and got people around. Any turbo 4 of today can put out power like that. The 5.4 V8 made 300 hp back then, which any garden variety V6 can do now. Today's 2.7 Ecoboost is easily ore powerful than the big V8 2 generations back. the F150 2.7 has a 0-60 around 6 seconds, vs 9 seconds for the 2004 F150 with the 5.4 V8, the base engine had to be over 10 seconds 0-60. So that 2.7 is more than enough power for probably 90% of F150 buyer, in fact it is probably more than enough. The V8 in general is dying on all brands. I imagine most F150 are XL and XLT, and I would guess 2/3rd of F150 are the 3.3 and 2.7 engines, especially factoring in fleet sales. I think that 3.5 has outsold the 5.0 for years though.
  2. The 3.5 V6 makes more torque than the V8, so not surprised that more people are going for the V6. Plus there is cost too, I don't know the pricing of F150s that well, but I imagine the V8 is a good bit more money than the base V6 or the 2.7 Ecoboost. And for most people the 2.7 Ecoboost is enough power to get around and do what they need to do. This is that different than when 15 years ago maybe 50% of Accords and Camry were a V6, now it is like 10% V6 because the 4-cylinder meets the needs of most buyers. V8 demand industry wide is down.
  3. Not a mistake the the best 2 are from Stuttgart. And the answer to this question is Toyota Corolla. Because if you don't care about cars you might as well get a cheap one and the Corolla will get you from point A to B in the most boring way possible.
  4. Boxter/Cayman/718. Mercedes SL, although that will likely become a 2+2 like the 911, only with the engine in front, as a way to replace the loss of other coupe/convertible Mercedes. I think Audi will go electric in a pretty big way, they like to push themselves as being tech focused where as Bentley and Lamborghini are old school big gas engine focused. Obviously they will need gas Audi's in the A4, Q5 level stuff, but the A8 might as well go EV now, they don't sell a lot and the S-class has been out powering and out performing that car forever so they might as well try something new.
  5. Kill Fiat in the USA for sure. If they want to move their Miata clone to Alfa Romeo with a 280 hp turbo 4 that could work. And they have to do something like that if they contracted with Mazda to build the 124 for a certain number of years. I think they can kill Chrysler also and move the Pacifica to Dodge.
  6. Production started this month, they will produce 500 per week this year and increase to 1,000 per week in 2020. On sale in Germany in June so they will probably gobble up all the availability this year.
  7. So compare a larger Camry to a smaller Rav4, as I put in my original post. Same brand, same price spread over the model range. The Camry is larger and sells worse. Mercedes is mostly cutting coupes and convertibles, which is the stuff people don't want anymore. Mercedes added a new EQC this year and is adding GLB next year, because they need more crossovers. BMW has an X8 full size crossover coupe confirmed in development. I like sedans, but the car buying public has moved on from them.
  8. Diesel is going to be a rough go, and emissions will keep getting stricter and stricter so I wonder how long they can keep it going anyway.
  9. Well a 3-series costs the same as an Avalon and sells better if you prefer that comparison. There is no such thing as a high selling full size sedan. I remember when GM easily sold over 100,000 Lesabres a year, and now Buick is lucky to sell 25,000 Lacrosse and they are just giving up on it totally. Taurus, Impala, XTS, Lacrosse getting killed isn't by some mistake, rumor is the 300 is going away in a year to two. And how much longer do the Maxima and Avalon have, those are on borrowed time.
  10. Most of the FWD versions of crossovers tow less than the AWD which is solely because of needing traction on rear wheels. Where as some Rear drive versions of vehicles tow more than the 4wd counter part. But we still live in a world where full size SUVs like Traverse, Telluride, Pilot, etc tow a max weight less than a 90s Fleetwood.
  11. Apple should buy them but Elon isn’t going anywhere. He has too much stock, unless they way over pay him for his shares. Their brand equity is soo good they can ship a car with different color door trim and get away with it. If GM or Ford have a hood that is 2 mm off they get roasted. Side note, Doug Demuro says MBUX is better infotainment than Tesla’s.
  12. The RAV4 outsells the Avalon 10 to 1 and the Avalon is larger and has more space in it. Granted the Avalon costs more but not by that much. Camry is bigger than a RAV4 too and Rav outsells it for the same money. I don’t like Crossovers but Cadillac could price the CT5 at $25k and the Equinox would outsell it by a country mile solely because it is a crossover. Nor can most crossovers tow much. The FWD ones can’t pull more than 3,000 lbs in most cases because once you put weight in back it lifts the front wheels off the ground.
  13. Tesla would be a great buy for Apple if they want into cars. And Tesla’s electronics are far ahead of the rest. And the real value would be in the data. Apple would be able to take all that driving data, how often people stop at Starbucks, when they charge, what restaurants they go to etc. Just like Google is tracking Internet traffic, Apple could do that with a car because Tesla owns the data on the car. I am sure there are restrictions on how it can be used but insurance companies would love that data for writing premiums and in claims handling.
  14. Large sedan isn’t a growth segment, it is dying. But Cadillac could put some of those old school American luxury traits into a crossover, that is what Lincoln is doing.
  15. Cadillac should be building stuff with the spirit of this car in that is roomy and comfortable with ride quality. People hardly buy 200 inch long sedans now, let alone 225 inch, so they couldn't build vehicles this big. But they could make stuff like CT4 or CT5 focus on room and ride comfort and a more pampering experience rather than razor edge handling, because the wanna be Nurburgringers are going to buy a German car anyway. Not only should the CT6 turn into the Fleetwood with more luxury, but they should make an Eldorado coupe that is about CT5 in size but more luxurious and throw some tail fins on there if they want to. The current Cadillac line up is passionless.
  16. Time for Apple to buy them up.
  17. Just make more crossovers, problem solved,
  18. I am seeing those crossover coupes more and more, I could see cutting GLC coupe that seems to sell worse than the GLE. SLC is dead, And some of the coupes and convertibles will die because people don’t buy those anymore. They sold 2200 S-class coupe and convertible last year, that is a lot for a $150k vehicle so cutting that is curious but the new SL can replace those. They are also adding GLB, EQC, EQA, EQS and more so they don’t seem to be shrinking just rearranging the lineup.
  19. My statement what you have in bold states my belief that Cadillac is currently losing sales to Mercedes and others that have high performance SUVs. They easily lose 500 units just by not offering the product and I think Cadillac can get 500 people that were going to buy an Escalade anyway to pay an extra $60,000 for a V-series. They could sell 1,000 Escalde-V a year I think, 100 a month on average for a vehicle that has about 2,000 units a month volume I think is doable.
  20. Mercedes could lose sales if there was a 700 hp Escalade. That could eat into GLS63 or G63 sales. The performance SUV market is growing thankfully, I am sure Mercedes has lost sales the the Bentayga and Urus because the AMG SUVs, Cayenne Turbo and X5 M weren't the only game in town anymore. But there is more and more demand for this sort of thing. My point before was Cadillac is losing out on sales opportunity by not offering an Escalade-V or a CT6-V based crossover because all these other guys have ultra SUVs now. For some odd reason there is demand for sub 4 second 0-60 SUVs that can do 190 mph and get around the Nurburgring in under 8 minutes all while offering top end luxury.
  21. 500 a year which at a $60k premium for an engine swap, and beefed up brakes and suspension seems like a way to get an extra $40k profit per unit which is $20 million in extra profit. And they might be able to move 1,000 per year. But also the 500 they sell are not 500 sales lost to Mercedes or Bentley or someone else.
  22. Right, Cadillac doesn't really have any unique attribute or clear mission and that has been going on for 25-30 years. Even with the CT6 they talked about how shedding weight in every way possible was the focus, and yet their most successful product is a an overweight, 6,000 lb truck with a big V8. Then they did this big push how CTS and ATS are going to beat the 5-series and 3-series in performance and no one cared, because Cadillac buyers wants space and comfort, like in an Escalade. No focus, no clear mission.
  23. Corvette should be Chevy's ultimate sports car, not GM's. But sports cars are a dying breed so I get GM not wanting to pump R&D money into a Cadillac sports car when they can sell re-worked Acadias and Equinoxes instead. The 911 has never been in any danger of going anywhere, and there is rumor that the 928 is coming back as a front engine V8 coupe. Agreed on needing all wheel driver over 500 hp, otherwise you are just spinning tire and 800 hp does nothing different that 500 hp does at that point. Or you need mid-engine and loads of downforce when you get into big power numbers. I think Corvette should stay true to its roots. Like you won't ever see a mid-engine Mercedes SL or Porsche 911 because they are sticking with what they are. They did other models for mid-engine when that was called upon (AMG One, Carrera GT, 918) Agreed Cadillac needs a convertible, I don't know how a luxury brand doesn't have a convertible. If Cadillac clientele are not asking for a Tesla competitor, it is because their customers already left for Tesla. Tesla is the hot brand, Cadillac should be looking at going after them.
  24. A Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley or Rolls-Royce doesn't have the cache of an Escalade? Oh Please. Believe me, if Cadillac could sell the Escalade at $300,000 they would price it that way. Bentley is now selling a book about their 100 year history for $255,000. A freaking Bentley book is over a quarter million and some rich bastard will buy that just to say they own it and to rub it in the face of their neighbor who doesn't have the Bentley history book on his private jet. I do think Mercedes is smart to try use Maybach to fill the space in between where Lexus and Audi stop and Rolls and Bentley begin, there is like $100k of gap there. If Cadillac wants to build big luxo barges and be the American Rolls-Royce that is fine with me. But they have to pick a mission and stick to it. XT4 isn't moving the needle, CT5 is a down-market CTS, so I expect CT4 to be a down-market ATS. Americans are getting bigger and older, maybe going back to luxe barges in sedan and SUV form is a play for them. Problem is they never execute these plans well.
  25. I am a believer that the Corvette should be turbo v6 base and V8 optional and live in a $50-90k price range like a Boxster or base Corvette vs a Supra because it is a Chevy and should have value sports car as the equation somewhere. Which it what it was from 1953 to 2006 before they starting to get into high dollar ZR-1's and now going mid-engine. But even if Corvette is to stay how it is, and their numbers show the current car is profitable and doing what they want I am fine with that. But what if someone wants more performance than the Corvette offers? Or what if they want Corvette performance and Escalade Platinum luxury and Super Cruise? I know Cadillac can't build all things for all people, but they need some sort of sports car. The sports car isn't just for it's own volume it is to build image for the brand. And what if Cadillac engineers want to build a rival to the Tesla Roadster, do they just get told no, because they aren't allowed to make something faster than a CHEVROLET? That makes no sense. 100%. Drop a ZR1 engine in an Escalade and charge $160,000 for it. It would be pointless but people would buy it anyway. There are idiots with money out there.

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