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  1. Small crossover is the biggest segment of the American auto industry. That is where you want EV’s.
  2. If it drops to $3 billion that is still more than Tesla makes and stockholders love Tesla. What matters is how much is going into EV's and autonomous driving tech, especially for Daimler who makes so many semi-trucks, self driving is going to be huge for long haul trucks.
  3. Mercedes needs their own battery factories to open. Those are under construction now, but their issue is they can’t get enough batteries from suppliers like LG. And they have to sell more EV’s in Europe to get their CO2 numbers down or they face up to a billion dollars in fines. And it isn’t just them it is everyone. So these car companies are going to push EV’s to avoid fines. They still made over $6 billion in profit last year. They’ll be fine. And there will be some lean years because they have to pour money into EV development. But once it is all EG and gas/diesel is gone they will be more profitable because vehicle design and manufacturing will be easier.
  4. I don't see Ford offering free gas, so I don't know why people expect Tesla to offer free electricity.
  5. I always assumed automatic, same way a phone can wireless charge.
  6. Subaru might be an appliance, but Tesla's aren't. The Model S can win a drag race against an Aventador. And we are in the infancy stages of electric cars and 125 years into evolution of gas cars. I think when the next gen battery tech gets here, EV's will smash gas cars. Take the Cybertruck for example, it is faster than a Porsche 911, and it tows more than an F150. And that is their first effort, they will improve upon that.
  7. It also takes time to drive to the gas station, and exit the gas station. And in winter you stand in the cold pumping gas.
  8. Maybe 5 minutes just to fill a tank, but you still have to pull in, park, pay inside if you don't at the pump, maybe that gas station is not on your exact route that day so you to go a bit out of the way to get to the gas station. I just figured 10 minutes is a good average amount of time out of the day if you had to go to a gas station.
  9. I good idea and I think others will be on the same path. I think ICE cars will be a rare breed by 2040.
  10. The thing with EV charging is you do it at home every night, so you don't spend 10 minutes per week at a gas station. An EV saves you 520 minutes per year not standing at a gas station. Then it saves you more time for needing less maintenance, fewer oil changes, less brake pad changes, etc. If the trade off for that is having to spend an hour at a super charger the one time a year you decide to drive 500-600 miles in a day, then so be it.
  11. The Ram 3.6 V6 is rated a combined 4 mpg higher than the Chevy 4.3 V6. The Ram V6 is also rated 1 mpg higher than the Chevy turbo 4. So there must be some benefit, the Ram gets better gas mileage.
  12. They have a 2.7L in a pickup. I actually applaud the 310 hp from that engine and it makes more torque than the 3.6 V6. They need more of that, but that engine should be hooked up to a mild hybrid system like how Ram has e-torque.
  13. GM and engine downsizing don't really go hand in hand. I think Daimler and VW (outside of Tesla) are best equipped to meet the MPG standards, CO2 emission regulations, etc that all these countries put out and the fuel economy and power that customers demand. They both see the future and have the resources and engineering to do it. AMG is still going to have the V8 at the top end until they go pure EV sometime in the 2030s, but they can easily replace 3 liter V6s with 2 liter 4's, replace some V8s with 3 liter inline sixes and they already said the next C63 and S63 are plug-in hybrids, so they can take care of emissions and fuel economy and not lose any performance.
  14. Considering it takes Chevrolet 6.2 liters to make 490 hp, I don't think they could make 500 hp from 2 liters. GM will ride the V8 in North America until an EV mandate kicks in. GM doesn't sell performance products or full size SUVs in China, so they can use 2 liter and less engines and hybrids there. GM has no European business so they don't have to worry about that. So the only question in the USA is how long gas is cheap and how long consumer demand is there for 6 liter engines whether that be Corvettes or pick up trucks.
  15. They'll probably be the last performance maker left. Imagine GM telling engineers that the C9 Corvette has to use a sub 2-liter engine but have equal or better performance to the C8. They would just shut down the whole program. BMW thought the i8 was a performance car, please. The Japanese don't do performance now unless they buy the car off BMW. I like AMG's chances against that crowd.
  16. I always liked the 90s Mark VIII, especially the 1997 restyle. I thought that was a good looking car. Slow by today's standards with the 4 speed auto but at the time I thought they looked good.
  17. AMG will become compliant with batteries and electricity.
  18. I feel like companies like this and all the other EV start ups are basically on a mission to just get bought out but a bigger manufacturer so the original investors can cash out. This company probably doesn't want to sell cars, they want to get bought by Honda or Toyota or someone.
  19. Yeah, I prefer the higher screen to the HVAC vents above the screen.
  20. The AT4 dash is a more cohesive design with a better layout. Although I would prefer that design in more than just all black.
  21. It looks good and I think the inside looks better than the Aviator. The MDX and XT6 look like yesterday’s news compared to this and forget about Infiniti.
  22. More room is good. Seems like they have a lot of updates to a formula that works well. Really big grille, I am not a fan of the super size grilles that Audi and Lexus started, and now BMW and others are moving to.
  23. They will sell a ton of them because look at how the RAV4 and Highlander well. They need another vehicle in between.

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