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  1. The Bolt is also smaller than a Trax. If the Bolt were Equinox sized it would sell better.
  2. Mercedes has an electric hatchback coming also, that is probably still bigger than a Bolt. But I am not sure small hatchback is what the market wants when the Tesla Model 3 outsells the Bolt by a wide margin.
  3. When we have autonomous vehicles with no steering wheel or pedals, people won't care about ride/handling or any of that. All they will care about is space, in which a box gives the most space and comfort. This is a commercial van now, but this application could be in wide use in 10 years.
  4. A van has about 100 uses, that is the benefit of a van. The EQ C is $70k and that is a 400 hp luxury SUV, I bet they can make an EV van for $50k starting price.
  5. The Bolt is small. You can’t really put 4 adults and luggage in a Bolt or 6 adults if really upping the ride share count.
  6. This is a step one for a really perfect ride sharing vehicle. If they can make an autonomous version then Uber’s and Lyft’s business model makes sense and you can have self driving electric vans shuttling people around for 6 hours, come in for a recharge and quick clean then it goes back out for 6 hours. Uber and Lyft won’t make money until they get rid of a driver and if you are getting driven in a robo taxi then a van is a lot better option than a compact sedan.
  7. A Metris is priced like an Odyssey, this won’t cost double. And it is more of a commercial unit than a family vehicle but of course it can do both. Also the Odyssey isn’t electric. So this wins in operating costs and if China bans ICE engines then the Odyssey isn’t even an option.
  8. This is good, too many crossovers out there, nice to see a performance wagon.
  9. This would be a great city delivery vehicle or even a family hauler. 250 miles of range (which is probably a Euro number and might be more like 200 miles in heat or winter) is plenty for daily use of hauling kids around. Lots of potential uses for this, and they could possibly build them in South Carolina at the Sprinter factory. I imagine the Chinese market will be huge as they crack down on ICE vehicles. Only thing is front drive 204 hp? Would be nice to see a dual motor 450 hp version to be the Tesla of mini-vans.
  10. These will sell less than Alfa Romeo. Alfa Romeo at least has brand name recognition, Polestar has none. I think they have a much better chance of being out of business in 5-7 years rather than selling 100k units in 5-7 years.
  11. Sure, they have 4 sedans to sell. I won’t miss the death of the GLC coupe or GLA if that happens.
  12. Oh good, not only will there be QX30, QX40, QX50, QX60, etc But now we can have QX45, QX55, QX65, etc. The car companies are desperate to get crossover coupes on the market. I can’t wait til this crossover craze blows up in all their faces.
  13. GM should have sold the first 1,000 Corvettes with a $40,000 “launch edition package” and made the car $99,995 so they can cash in on the first 1,000 sold. That would undercut the dealer ability to price gouge. I don’t think Porsche cares, because the 911 has Porsche build quality and the Corvette has Chevrolet build quality and Porsche owners know it. Really the Corvette is a 718/Boxster competitor so we’ll see if sales of those get hurt. They have a new 2020 911, that won’t get hurt at all.
  14. They should have XC10, XC20, XC30, XC40, XC50, XC60, XC70, XC80, XC90 and XC100. That way there are no gaps in the lineup.
  15. I still think $72k for a 2LT and performance package is a good price. Dealers may upcharge but if Chevy builds a ton and gets them on dealer lots, there won’t be a supply issue. And that will limit how long they can try to over charge.
  16. Maybe because those convertibles weren't crossovers. People want crossovers.
  17. I think the T-Roc looks good, I don't know how a convertible will sell, but why not, no one else makes cheap convertibles anymore, other than a Miata, maybe those Mustang and Camaro in there, but that is about it for convertibles under $40k.
  18. I predict 1,000,000 sales year 1, because Crossover Convertible!
  19. The slow down is coming. If China wants to get in an all out trade war and flood the market with some of the US treasury bonds they owe that can really throw gas on the fire.
  20. The Valkerie is Cosworth but all those Vantages they are selling are AMG powered, and rumor is their SUV is AMG powered too.
  21. I love how automakers solution to people moving from sedans to SUVs is to make sedans with sweeping roof lines and small trunks so you get less cargo space and less headroom, thus motivating people even more to look at an SUV rather than a sedan. This will be another turbo 4, front drive sedan, boring.
  22. They company that buys AMG engines and transmissions and Mercedes infotainment is laughing at Mercedes?
  23. They think they can beat the all time record by 90 seconds. Keep in mind an F1 car to a LaFerrari is like comparing a LaFerrari to a Golf GTI. Weight, active aero, grip and downforce will.

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