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Speaking of the Hallowed Night

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My Jack-O-Lantern for 2008. I carved it last week,

that way it should survive until Halloween. I even

made a special tool by grinding down a baby-screw

driver and filing it down into a saw.


This year I gave Sofia an orange Sharpie marker and

had her sketch out her own design on a pumpkin,

after which I carved it with her pointing out the lines

and giving me "artistic direction" the whole time.

Kids are so much fun. Some days she makes me want

to pull my hair out but overall she's a great little girl.


Also, we went apple picking two weeks ago, including

a hayride, petting zoo and all that fun stuff.


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LOL : :cheers:

That's our cat, well... technically my wife Julie's cat "Baby".

She's an ALL white, long haired cat with one green eye and

one blue one. She's a very affectionate cat, & quite bossy

too. as my Julie puts it, "she thinks she's people"


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Thanks KF....

anyone else enjoy the "art" of carving gourds?

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I do Sixty8. We went pumkin patch picking the first weekend of October - got me a heavy sucker (13 pounds I think?). The wife's been bugging me to carve it, and my step-son is doing his second one this year (he did good for his first attempt last year; he just needed to spend a little more time detailing it). My little guy painted his pumpkin last Sunday night and it's proudly on display in our front entryway. I'm planning on doing it tonight (if I have the energy) or tomorrow night (more likely, as the wife is off and can be the one responsible for watching Justin!). I'll post a picture of it here when I'm done.

BTW, don't expect anything too grand... I'm just a guy that likes to carve a pumkin (jack o'lantern) for Halloween!!!

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Not doing much for Halloween, going to miss out on the HW party I've gone to every year for the last 10 years in Denver..but I'm going to phone in for a while to say hi to my inebriated friends in suburbia...

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Any pics of your creation? Anyone else? Jack-O-Lantern pics....?

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Wow... that's NOT cool no matter what time of year.

I hope they're STILL rotting in jail.

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Awesome. I love the Caddy-Chevy-Poncho-Pumpkin! :smilewide:

68: did you get the idea for the first jack-o-lantern (big one eating the small one) from the Food Network's pumpkin carving challenge?

No I was quite proud of coming up with something

100% original (or so I thought) but carvable, but

oddly enough my Wife is obsessed with the food

network, and I remember her mentioning to me

that they made some killer pumpkins.

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