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Toyota Recalls 246,592 Vehicles

Guest Josh

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TOKYO - Japan's top automaker, Toyota Motor Corp., said Tuesday it will recall 246,592 vehicles in Japan, including Crown sedan and Hiace van models produced between 1998 and 2005, due to possible corrosion of parts in the engine. Toyota spokesman Hideki Fujii said the company is considering whether to recall about 1.05 million vehicles of the same models exported to overseas markets, including Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, India and European countries. None of the models involved were exported to the United States and Canada, Fujii said. The surface of a bolt in the engine will erode due to the remaining cleansing liquid, breaking the bolt and causing the vehicle to halt, according to Toyota's Web site. Fujii said the company is now looking into safety standards of importing countries of the Toyota models affected because of different recall systems by country. Toyota reported 169 complaints from Japanese users, including vehicles stopping, unusual noise and vibration. There were no reports of accidents related to the defect, according to Transport Ministry spokesman Naoto Takano. Fujii said the company did not disclose repair estimates. Last month, Toyota announced its largest recall ever, totaling 1.27 million vehicles from 17 car models, to repair an electrical defect that could cause the headlights to fail. Models in the recall included Toyota's popular Crown, Mark II Chaser Cresta, Hilux van models and Dyna truck models.
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None of the models involved were exported to the United States and Canada, Fujii said.


Well, it looks like Toyota's conquests are catching up with them. Too bad this won't receive any major press, either through not effecting vehicles here or the press not wanting it to get out.

I'm sure the Japanese themselves are so snowed in their own glory that this sort of thing rolls off their backs like water to a duck.

causing the vehicle to halt,

Anybody see a recurring theme with stalling Toyotas lately? Hopefully the whole company will begin to stall soon (Yeah right... I can wish though)

Nice "Detroit style" recap at the end of the article.. TOO BAD, just too bad that no one will run the story here.
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I liken this to the problem McDonalds has faced. Once upon a time, McDonalds had only burgers, fries, shakes, etc.. Their food was hot, fast and cheap. NOw, they have pizza, chicken, tacos, desserts, breakfast. Their service is slow, prices are just as cheap at other burger places and their food is either not ready or cold. Parallels? GM has been juggling more than 80 models for decades. It ain't easy with that many balls in the air. Toyota had, for the most part, 5 or 6 models to keep an eye on. Now, as they invade more and more market niches, they are finding it ain't easy trying to be all things to all people. What goes around comes around, I say.
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I checked the history of Toyota recalls as far back as May 2005 when the big uptick began, and Toyota has recalled over 4 million vehicles in almost 20 countries since then. Nov 8 - 246,592 vehicles in Japan for bolt corrosion Oct. ?? - 1.27 million vehicles in Japan for headlight malfunction Oct. 20 - 70,000 Corollas, RAV4s, and Echos in Australia for electrical issues Oct. 19 - 71,000 Scion tCs for shattering wind deflector Oct. 13 - 75,000 Priuses for engine stalling issues Sept. 7 - 978,000 trucks for faulty steering mechanism July 20 - 345,000 Siennas for seatbelt issues (not a major problem though) July 20 - 2500 Tundras for air bag light cover May 31 - 173,000 vehicles in Asia for master cylinder brake issues May 25 - 8549 Landcruisers in China due to suspension defects May 23 - 4900 Avalons due to steering defect that can cause loss of control May 18 - 800,000 trucks due to ball joint issues =4,044,541 vehicles approximately since May 2005 Now I'm sure GM and Ford have more recalls, but for Toyota being the quality leader, 4 million vehicles is a lot for only 6 months.
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