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Ford throws support behind aid for GM Europe

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Despite the fact that Ford has yet to request any special funding from either the federal governments in the United States or abroad, the automaker has repeatedly said that it supports its competitors as they seek financial aid. According to Ford of Europe CEO John Fleming, "We have no objections to competitors asking governments for support in these very difficult times."

While some might think that Ford would stand to benefit if its largest competitor went the way of the Dodo, in reality, it's much more complicated than that. Says Fleming, "I would rather take sales from competitors by having better products rather than them going out of business." Plus, there's the sticky supplier situation – the loss of an automaker or two could have a drastic impact on the already weak auto supplier industry.

In lieu of propping up individual automakers on a country-by-country basis, Fleming suggests that the European Union as a whole should introduce its own aid package that would affect all automakers equally.


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Ford and GM NEED to work together. I've said this for years.

We can no longer afford the luxury of a cross-town rivalry... It's US against thee world and we're losing.

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Ford is fast becoming GM's best friend.

...and earning points with me as well.

Same here I even considered buying an 09 F-150 when I was looking at buying. I like ALOT of Fords new product designs they are very sharp and clean looking. If GM would go out and I was looking to buy a new vehicle Ford would be where I would go. As for now I am a truck guy and I have no problems with owning a GM truck. They make them just how I like them and as long as they are around thats what I will own.

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Well, I started out w/ Fords, was raised in a Ford family, so I'll probably buy Fords again...and GMs, and (hopefully) Chryslers. I refuse to follow the crowd, succomb to peer pressure, etc and take the easy way out and buy a Toyota and live a happy, shiny life.

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