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Anyone hear of this system?


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The target market is for trucks including armored vehicles and limousines but as this article states it was applied in a Corvette and featured in Corvette Magazine.



size=4]Green Interactive Hybrid Corvette to Be Featured in Corvette Magazine[/size]

* Press Release

* Source: Neohydro Technologies Corp.

* On Monday October 5, 2009, 9:00 am EDT

CALGARY, Alberta--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Neohydro Technologies Corp. (OTCBB:NHYT - News), a Company focused on “Green” technologies in the automotive, transportation, and power generation sectors, is pleased to announce that Corvette Magazine test-drove the Corvette upfitted with the company’s licensed Green Interactive Hybrid System (GIHS) earlier this month. The Corvette was provided by the company’s technology licensor, Genes Vettes of Lynden, Washington. The article is scheduled to run in the March issue that will be on the shelves in January.

Corvette Magazine is the ultimate resource for Corvette enthusiasts. The company is very pleased that Corvette Magazine chose to review the GIHS Corvette and put it through its paces. Neohydro Technologies President and CEO, Michael R. Kulcheski spoke with Eric Gustafson, the editor of Corvette Magazine and was pleased by his comment that the GIHS Corvette is “very fast” and “it is a very neat installation. It’s nice to get into an aftermarket modified car without the check engine light on.”

With 775 Horsepower and 691-foot pounds of torque, the GIHS Corvette is the ultimate Corvette enthusiast’s dream car.

Although the high performance sports car enthusiasts market segment is much smaller than the company’s major focus of light duty truck and van fleets, it is still a source of revenue that the company will target. With 775 HP and city fuel economy of 40 MPG, the Corvette enthusiast who normally would see a dramatic drop in fuel economy when they enhance their vehicles with aftermarket add-ons, will have the benefit of actually increasing fuel economy of up to 150% coupled with an increase in horsepower of up to 84%.

The company intends to continue its efforts in the performance car segment and will begin the engineering of the GIHS for the Chevrolet Camaro in the near future.

About Neohydro Technologies Corp

Neohydro Technologies Corp. (www.neohydrotechnology.com) is traded under the symbol NHYT on the OTCBB exchange and is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Neohydro is a Technology Company focused on “Green” technologies in the automotive, transportation, and power generation, focused initially on the light and heavy-duty trucking industry. Neohydro has licensed a unique patented turbo hybrid system. This revolutionary Green Interactive Hybrid System™ is proven to assist an engine to operate more efficiently, with less effort, less fuel consumption, and enhanced horsepower. Thus increasing engine life as well as adding obvious economic benefits, and enhanced horsepower to many significantly underpowered vehicles, such as limousines and fleet vehicles where incremental cost for larger engines may not be an economically viable option. Advanced tuning methods also significantly decrease harmful emissions. In the case of most technological enhancements with vehicles, there are significant concerns about negating existing factory warranty protection. At present the Company’s technology is only engineered for one automobile manufacture where it does not void the manufacturer’s warranty. However, plans are underway to engineer the technology to include other manufacturers as well.

Further information on the Company can be found at www.sec.gov and the company’s website at www.neohydrotechnology.com

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Had some time to check this out and the website has most the pertinent information except the price of course. Site has link to dyno run of the Vette.

It does sound impressive however has really nothing to do with "hybrid"


These are the claimed numbers for the Tahoe.

Now compare these numbers with the Green Interactive Hybrid System (GIHS) installed in the smaller 5.3 liter V8 available in the Tahoe, shows the GIHS achieving significantly better performance and fuel economy than the factory Tahoe Hybrid. The Tahoe Hybrid’s 6.0-liter V8 engine produces 332 horsepower (HP) and 367 foot pounds of torque while the GIHS Tahoe produces 500 HP and 450 foot pounds of torque. The two wheel drive GIHS Tahoe achieves 32 MPG city and 28 MPG highway representing an improvement of 52% City and 27% Highway. The 4-wheel drive GIHS Tahoe achieves 30-MPG city and 26MPG Highway representing an increase of 50% City and 30% highway over the Tahoe Hybrid.

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All for just six payments of $29.99!

LOL... Does sound too good and hard to find concrete info. According to website system in full compliance with manufacturers warranty. What complicates the matter more is the actual neohydro company is a water treatment facility and this fits in...how? If this is legit however than it just maybe it will be adopted perhaps not by GM but someone?

They claim a 36 hr install time and by virtue of that alone a 5k upgrade, but do the math. May be worth it. Maybe need to get on the old telly.

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It seems that Genes Vettes based in Washington State is at least a legitimate company. They have a Youtube channel with the Vettes and Silverados and this

link http://www.greenhybrid.com/hybrid-car-arti...bo-corvette.php shows a similar rear mounted twin turbo and the rest is evidently accomplished through specific tuning that can be done remotely from the internet once hooked to a Dyno.

The issue of Corvette Magazine will be out in a month or so. They say they drove it and perhaps can verify the story.

As for the company NeoHydro I looked through their SEC filings and while being less than impressed other than they actually filed, they apparently bought the license and are trying to make something of it and themselves.

They seem to be a "blank check" organization and are no longer involved with water treatment among other ventures.

If this system lives up to claims which are so far unsubstantiated then this is a potential game changer.

So I guess we wait.

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That about sums it up, for now.

This was a message left about cost :

Our web site is http://neohydrotechnology.com/index.html... We are currently upfitting the the GMC 5.3 Liter V8 available in the Silverado, Tahoe, etc. We only upfit brand new vehicles. The Silverado kit is $13,000 installed and tuned.

The twin turbo 775 HP Corvette installation is $45,000

Our target market is fleets of light duty trucks SUVs and Vans. i.e. Municipalities, Utilities, Cable TV companies etc. We have no plans to engineer the GIHS for foreign vehicles at the moment. Our next projects will be Ford and Chrysler light duty gas pickups then light duty diesel.

The system can be engineered to work with most Gasoline automotive power plants.. Our focus will be engineering the GIHS for mass production engines that will be used in volume by our marketplace.

We are seriously considering the GMC V6 for the base Camero and S10 and hope to engineer the GIHS as early as January.

We are the only ones who install our upfit at the moment. We are getting inquires from dealers across the country but it is premature for us to consider licensing dealers or other shops to install our product. When we do the hardware will be available to installers in kit form with installation instructions, the vehicle then has to be put on a chassis dynamometer and the ECU is hooked up to a computer and the internet and our master engine mapping tuners will tune the engine remotely from our head office.


Michael R. Kulcheski

Green Interactive Hybrid Technologies

84 Hawkhill Rd. NW

Calgary, AB T3G 3H8

403 992-887

I do not know it to be true or if any of it matters. Granted, it would take 2=120K miles to see a break even At that price but that cost may be moot in the near future, or even irrelevant now.

The press releases have been brilliant and really want to buy it but still more time is needed to figure if that's definitive.

You ever wonder what's in "Dr. Pepper" soft drink? I did. And in fact theres according to reliable sources there's no prunes or prune juices. Who knew, but there's this answer and funny enough theres someone who really knows what's in it. Please keep it to yourselves.

"The main ingredients in Dr. pepper

they are as follows; phemiphonia,astremea, high frutose corn surrup, lemotretha, and caffine and kirk and ochipanini. There are also many more that are known only by the highest members of the Dr. pepper staff."


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