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New Toyota Commercials.


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(Mods feel free to move this to where it may be but i thought in the lounge since its just a personal opinion.)

so for the past week or so i have been seeing this really, really annoying toyota commercial that states "80% of toyotas sold are still on the road today"... how in the world do they get that number?

one would think that with the rust problems of late, wrecks, salvage, fires, and apathetically parking it and never moving it again would amount to more than just 20% of total production. i just felt like i needed to vent cause it comes on twice an hour on some of the programs i watch and annoys the t total piss out of me. even worse they follow it up with that stupid "breath easy" cause toyo has the most hybrids by any auto maker commercial.

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The commercials say one thing, but people are starting to open their eyes toward Toyota. I post at a City discussion board and Toyota is brought up a lot in the automotive help section. One guy's neighbor had a Toyota that experienced unintended acceleration when she hit the Cancel button on the cruise control. The posts there about Toyota are generally about how quality seems to have fallen from current or ex-owners.

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