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  1. fightingbee

    Bad Move

    When gas was cheap, a Saturn of some sort was my primary vehicle. A year ago as it started climbing again I pulled the trigger on an '04 SWB Sierra 5.3 with only 49K, and put a Flowmaster on it as well. Stupid, but man do I love it.
  2. Old body style S-10s/Blazers. First learned to drive on an '85 S-10. I remember visiting often down here in FL as a kid admiring sporty (IMO) looking 2WD 2dr S-10 Blazers, a rare sight in the midwest, being everywhere. They are all but gone anymore.
  3. Henry Ford Museum also if going to Detroit.
  4. IIRC the manuals used to say to warm the trans fluid for a few minutes, to something like 105-110° then remove the check plug. It should just begin to run out when filled correctly. I don't know about an '05 but a number of late 90's-early '00s 4T40Es used to have issues with the pressure control solenoid causing poor shift quality.
  5. Under the dash on the pass. side. Remove the trim panel under there and it will be right next to the motor with a short wire harness coming out of it.
  6. The new bolts likely just have that pre-applied threadlocker stuff on to them. I think I would just clean them well and apply some new red grade threadlocker if you're real concerned about them.
  7. So, they want to basically take the Denali, whose raison d'être was to have exclusive product over at GMC, and apply a former mid-grade C/K trim level name to it. Mabye they'll bring back the "Electronic Spark Control" badges for the tailgate as well just for the heck of it.
  8. The Aisin was a 5-speed auto. used in 4dr. IONs and 3.0L VUEs The VTi was IIRC called a VT25 and was built by an Opel plant in Hungary. It came in ION coupes and some 2.2L VUEs. As mentioned a total piece of garbage.
  9. I think becuase GM is a bit more conservative w/ their pickups, which is good in a way IMO. They may lack some of the whiz-bang features (in lower trims such as these) and standout styling of their competitors, but as this test confirms they remain solid performers and tend to seem less dated as they age.
  10. I was suprised that didn't happen as soon as the '07 800s were cleared out, but i'm sure a 4.3L cost much less to build.
  11. FWIW, the new AC plugs for both my 3800 Camaro and my mother's Regal were actually NGK-made Iridium plugs, just with different box/labeling on the insulator. There were NGK markings on the metal shank of the plugs. IIRC, the AC plugs on my 2.2 Ecotec Saturn were the same way when I bought them. I think the actual AC Spark Plug plant in Flint was shut down awhile back.
  12. For Pep Boys, suddenly remembering they are supposed to sell auto parts and not the crappiest go-karts, dirtbikes, etc. didn't hurt either.
  13. Haven't seen a fairly unmolested CRX like that in years. Nice!
  14. +1 Instead all these companies just assume the other guy will provide the jobs that actually allow people to buy their stuff.
  15. As long as they do it right next time. The VTi trans some Saturn VUEs and IONs for a while probably has the shortest typical lifespan of any ATX out there. GM is lucky they didn't put that thing into any better selling models or it would have been a fiasco.

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