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If Anyone Is Bored......

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If anyone out there is really bored and want something to look at check out the link in my sig, its just some videos, some having to do with cars and other not but I am in (or am behind the camera) in all of them. the first 10 i think are the ones I posted, they are the ones that say "north county crew"

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Potato Gun Video: :lol:

Target: "Thanks for telling my @$$hole!"

Shooter: "If I told you I thought you'd move..."

Prediction between fliping ATVs and Land Surfing you guys are going to end up wiht a great video... on the 5-o'clock news after one of you ends up dead. :stupid:

But hey, youth is wasted on the young, right!? :pbjtime:

Most of the Burnouts are downright tame compared to the $h! I pull but extra credit for the fact that Dad not only was there but pulled one of himself. I wish my dad was into cars like I am.

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haha yea i was the shooter in that potato gun video. i only wish we had purchased that video camera sooner because there are so many moments that went un documented that will be lost forever (mayb thats a good thing) lol

oh and about 5 minutes after being pulled out of the pond and flipping that 4 wheeler the driver of it went straight into the river and sunk it (he was dumb enough to go down with it) his only reply when we asked him why he did it was

"i didnt think it was that deep" <famous last words eh?

if those camaros were mine the burnouts would be a lot less "tame" all of the burnouts i do i have to keep top secret because i would hung if my parental unit found out

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