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DIY Paint Protection Films


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What does everyone think of do-it-yourself paint protection? Is it a job you would consider doing yourself or do you think it is something best left to the professionals? In terms of PPF, would you consider using thinner films like Rshield (at 4mil) which offer the UV protection and prevent light damage from scuffing but won't prevent rock chip damage at high speeds or would you bite the bullet and go for 3M or similar?


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I personally believe in the Protection 3M offers to keep your auto's looking new. My 2006 Escalade Platinum ESV has 120,000 miles on it as I use it for long distance road trips. My wife and I love road trips, seeing america. Not a single scratch or dent and the front nose looks like the day I took it off the show room floor. Litterly it was the last one the dealership had, fully loaded and they had to remove it from the showroom so I could test drive it.

I have had the 3M protection put on all my auto's and they all look like new still. My service manager at Cadillac keeps asking to buy my Escalade for himself as he loves that the interior and exterior are like new, still has that new Leather smell.

I know I am probably an exception as I garage all my autos and keep them clean and detailed. But then they are a bad investment, so might as well make them last as long as possible.

So I strongly support people using the Paint Protection kits, not everyone has a steady hand and if you do not have the patience to smooth it out and work out the bubbles, then pay to have it installed.

4mil versus thicker 3M products, I understand the need to fill the request for cheaper products, but I will always tell people to spend the few extra bucks for the thicker product as you want the protection from rock chips also.

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