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Malaysian Airlines Plane Shot Down over Ukraine

Drew Dowdell

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What will come out in the news in a widespread way, if it hasn't already, is that a warning was issued to airlines and air traffic control about 4 hours prior to this flight taking off not to cross this part of Ukraine airspace.   But apparently a ML Airbus A380 passed on this same flight-path just a few minutes before.... that would have about doubled the loss of life if they hit that one.

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WOW, with all the technology in the world we have today and we still do stupid things like this. This smells of a poor process of making pilots aware of airspace they should avoid. It also tells me that someone is using far higher tech missles than was expected by both side to use.

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Seems like this missle launcher came from Russia and Putin, he is a scumbag.  Bad luck for Malaysian Airlines, I feel bad for the people that work there and rely on their jobs, because you have to wonder if that airline is going to fold.  I know most don't want to get involved with stuff half way around the world when we have plenty of issues here in the USA to fix, but how long do we let Al-Assad kill his own people or Putin supply weapons to terrorists, or Iran or Syria harbor terrorists, etc.  I think at some point you have to teach these people a lesson and I don't know if economic sanctions are enough.

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On the other hand we cannot fix everything in the world and we cannot be the wolds policeman.

My thoughts exactly, Muslims are in their crusade mode much like the christians were during their great crusade period.


We have spent trillions over the last 40 years trying to bring peace to the middle east especially isreal / palastine. Total waste of money and failure.


The bigger problem is the Defense military companies who want to keep conflict going to continue to drive their profits. Stop the flow of weapons and you greatly reduce the conflict if not stop many of them.


Let them kill each other dead and leave the plant for those of us that want to enjoy it and live in peace.


We CANNOT AFFORD to be the world police.

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